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Unleash Your Inner Diabetes Dominator: How To Use Your Powers Of Choice, Self-Love, And Community To Completely Change Your Relationship With Diabetes For The Better

“If every single person living with diabetes could read this book and apply Daniele’s life-changing wisdom, millions of lives would be improved, billions of dollars would be saved, and the face of health in America would be entirely transformed.” — Dr. Jody Stanislaw, PWD, Naturopathic Doctor, and Author, Hunger What is a Diabetes Dominator? Diabetes Dominator is a state of mind: Instead of diabetes being perceived as a weakness or a curse, diabetes can actually be a great source of strength if we choose to let it. We all have the power to turn adversity into advantage. Diabetes can be a catalyst for improving our lives, paying closer attention to what matters most in life, and for being of service to others. I didn’t always feel this way, and that’s why I wrote this book. BONUS: Get my online health and wellness training program for FREE ($47 Value) when you purchase. See for details. This is the book I wish my mom and dad had when times looked darkest. This is the book that I wish I could go back and give to my younger self, to tell myself that it’s going to be okay. To show myself that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and that instead of feeling weak, hopeless, defeated, and unworthy for the rest of my life, that instead I will end up being stronger than I ever imagined possible. Since I can’t go back and tell myself that, the best thing I can do now is give you the message. "Daniele has a passion for helping people see the potential opportunities in the wake of their challenges. From her own compelling personal story, to the way she has risen to become an effective advocate for people with diabetes in the diabetes online community through her engaging interviews and constructive outlook, Daniele proves to the community that all of us who live with chronic disease can be the dynamic change-makers of our own stories." — Melissa Lee, PWD, Patient Advocate and Interim Executive Director, Diabetes Hands Foundation “I believe in the power of peer support and sharing our positive stories. Daniele inspires and uplifts all of us through her tireless dedication to share and transform the way we look at diabetes.” — Christel Marchand Aprigliano, PWD, Patient Advocate, CEO of The Diabetes Collective, Founder, The Diabetes UnConference “To paraphrase the late great Yogi Berra, "50% of diabetes is 90% mental." Daniele never lets us forget that we're People first, With Diabetes second.” —Gary Scheiner MS, CDE, PWD Owner Integrated Diabetes Services, Author, Think Like a Pancreas "Daniele has a real, genuine passion for the diabetes community. She has made a visible effort to reach out to other diabetics and constantly strives to make all of our stories known. Together we are stronger, and Daniele exemplifies that perfectly!" —Diabetic Danica, RN, PWD, Popular YouTube Video Blogger “Daniele is a consistent source of positivity, ambition, and inspiration. She knows type 1 diabetes firsthand, she's experienced struggle and she's worked her way towards success. She's shared her journey and wisdom on achieving success in many ways, and her book is the official cherry on top! If you're looking for the motivation to create change in your own life with diabetes, I highly recommend this book--and anything else Daniele chooses to share with all of us!” —Ginger Vieira, PWD, Author, Dealing with Diabetes Burnout "Daniele owns her D! She's what Sugar Surfing is all about: the empowered person with diabetes capable of making the tough choices, learning from the results, then taking control to a new level. Let her show you a new path to living well with diabetes. Her book is a must read" Stephen Ponder MD, CDE, PWD Author, Sugar Surfing

Paperback: 348 pages

Publisher: Epic Journeys Entertainment, LLC (October 24, 2015)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0692562117

ISBN-13: 978-0692562116

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"Daniele Hargenrader’s new book “Unleash your Diabetes Dominator” is destined to be a best seller. Full of personal insights and non stop inspiration you can’t help but want to take concrete action steps to meet new goals in managing your diabetes. Daniele’s personal reflections serve as the perfect guide to making real and lasting changes to your health and wellbeing. The book takes up where standard coaching leaves off. It’s not just about getting healthy, it’s about knowing WHY you want to improve your relationship to your health. And it's about getting real with yourself. The book doesn’t shy away from the very real and disturbing issues that accompany diabetes burnout. As the book progresses so does Daniel’s story- I found myself routing FOR her and alongside her. This is definitely a how to book with a difference, heart warming, challenging in a good way and full of easy to implement strategies. Plus Daniele is obviously such a people person and her love for helping others is totally contagious. If you’re feeling like its all too hard, and you’re not sure what you can do to get back in total control of your life and your health then this book is an absolute must! Thank you Daniele for telling your story and for all you do to help others."Rachel Zinman- Yoga Teacher and Type 1 LADA Diabetic

I'm only a couple of pages into this so far, and I love it!!! I can't wait to recommend it to many others I know who will enjoy it just as much! So many wonderful topics and information covered in this publication.. so happy this dream of publication came to fruition for her, and others can benefit from her dedication and passion and knowledge!

As a mother, this book makes it clear that there is nothing standing in the way of my son living a happy, healthy life. It really helps to read Daniele's story and know that even though there will be tough times, the possibilities for my son and whatever he decides to do in life are not limited by diabetes.

Whether you're diabetic or not this book is a MUST HAVE. After reading this book, you will not only have a better understanding of what you need to do to be more health conscious but also why. The personal story of Daniele's struggle is something that any diabetic can relate to and will give you real honest feelings about what it is like struggling with diabetes and how to gain control of this disease. This is a great read and even if you are not diabetic, it can help you understand the disease more and maybe even understand diabetics more that you know in your life. Great advice and not just for diabetics this can help any individual enhance their relationship with their health.

Daniele's approach is straight forward and a wonderful, concise record of how she has tamed that which many type Is wrestle with. The six pillars - Mindset, Nuttition, Exercise, Support, Body Systems and Mindfulness really nail the issues that haunt those of us on the same path. The book is written is such a way that during my reading of it, I could say "I'll try that". and the anecdotes are funny, and examples of real life. Thank you, Daniele!

Thank you so much for sharing your story. I have enjoyed the sample of the book and can't wait to read the book in it's entirety. It has so much helpful information and am looking forward to putting your Diabetes Dominator System in play. I am also looking forward to reading other peoples Diabetes Story and how it compares to my 30 years of Diabetes. I feel the release of the book on my Dia-versary (25th Oct 1985) is a sign for me to take more control over my Diabetes.

So glad the author shared her personal story as a way to relate to those of us struggling to figure out this disease firsthand or for people we love. Her passion for educating and helping the masses is obvious after reading just the first few pages. There is a lot of information available out there on diabetes, but this book packs a mean and straightforward punch. Can't wait to see what else this author has coming in the future. Highly recommended and well worth the read.

1. I love that there is a clear system to follow with steps to take right away that help me understand exactly where to start. It takes away any confusion about what needs to get done to start improving my health and diabetes management skills. Looking forward to seeing how following the Diabetes Dominator system works out for me!

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