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Dancing With Water: The New Science Of Water

Dancing with Water teaches the reader how to return water to its natural, liquid crystalline state where it behaves more like a crystal than a liquid. The authors, MJ Pangman and Melanie Evans, refer to this type of water as "full-spectrum, living water." The New Science of water acknowledges sublte energy and the connection between matter and spirit. The book addresses the science (in layman's terms) and it brings credibility to many practices that have been used for centuries to restore water's energetic quality.In Part I, the reader learns the importance of movement (spirals and vortices), electromagnetic forces, salts, vibration, crystalline geometry, hydrogen, and the refining nature of egg-shaped vessels.Part II, discusses how to use the above elements to create full-spectrum, living water; to program that water and to make hydrogen-rich water and ORMUS.As your partner in life, water must be understood on a new and deeper level if you are to be able to consciously engage in the dance of life. Doing so will bring new levels of awareness and it will allow you to discover your full potential.Water is waiting. She asks, "May I have this Dance?"

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I used to teach science. I understand the skepticism of the structured water. I visited two friends and heard them tell me of many wonderful benefits of their structured water system. Generally, I listened cautiously. They told me that they had not put chemicals into their Jacuzzi for months and I had to wonder. I took a gallon home in a bottle. I tasted it and compared. The taste and texture is significantly better, smoother, just like this book describes. Do I trust my own taste buds, or the lack of scientific data? I trust my senses. I asked, "Why?" I then looked for more information. This book has much information, solid, good, romanticized and also some shaky.The world of science and peer review has an extremely limiting characteristic to it's nature and there are many who cradle themselves within it. I recommend trying some NEW science, by reading this book. I recommend checking out the fun lectures of Dr. Emoto, too. Try a light reading of The Biology of Belief, by Lipton to begin to understand the cellular body. I recommend trying out some personal blind experiments.I recommend knowing more about Love and gratitude by experiment.

This book is completely wonderful and has deeply transformed my appreciation for what water really is on so many levels. As a practitioner of 5-elements theory of health, this window into water's function and behavior has also begun to expand my perception of what the other elemental principals are about. This book is a treasure trove of highly enjoyable and practical insights and information, written like a well structured story, extensively footnoted with relevant references. Practical because you can begin to experiment immediately as you read along, applying structure and intelligence to enrich lifeforce and support conscious evolution. I can't say enough good things about it, just that it is a must read for anyone interested in nature, physics, holistic well-being, personal development, and spiritual consciousness. The writing style is intelligent yet not overly technical, unapologetic in the holistic worldview presented. Thank you, Authors!Namaste'Richard

This book is everything you ever wanted to know about structured water. Explains in detail what makes structured water and how you can make your own structured water using various methods, including sacred geometry. This is a very thorough and well researched book. I give it 5 stars for a well written easy to understand book.

I really dig this jam-packed full of information, I had to read it a few times to digest everything MJ Pangman was saying. A beautiful invitation for us to each discover our own unique dance with water.

Great information. Technical info I had not seem before. Great do it yourself info in detail and suggested products by brand names, which I really liked having info on. Purchased recommend brand and it does make a difference. Glad I got this book and recommend it to others that want to drink healthy water.

Very informative book on the structure of water and how we have changed the property's of water to suit our needs but have lost the vital energy of the water in the process. Who knew water was so complicated! The book is filled with information and you will never think of water in the same way again. It also has instructions on how to create full-spectrum living water that will enhance your health. There is also a Resource section where I found the ANCHI crystals that have improved my sleep!

Here's a change your life principle that will restore health and keep one OUT of the current SYSTEM..... a winner!!!!!!!!!

Insightful explanation of the evolving frontier of water studies! Helps the reader understand his/her relationship with the earth as well as the need to be aware of qualitative differences in the water we drink. I have read this book four or five times and always come away with additional insights and avenues to be explored to enhance my own knowledge of the key role water plays in the evolution of mankind!

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