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Fresh Water

With the eye of a professional scientist and the passion of a dedicated amateur, E. C. Pielou conducts a guided tour of fresh water on its course through the natural world. As the world's supply of clean, fresh water continues to dwindle, it becomes increasingly important to understand the close connection between water and all forms of life. Pielou's fascination with fresh water gives us a "natural history" that is remarkable and surprising."[A] keen and detailed look at the life and history of fresh water. . . . Dip into Fresh Water. It will both stimulate and satisfy as only good natural history can."—Toronto Globe and Mail"Pielou's ease with her subject and her no-nonsense style of writing will satisfy and inspire the poet as well as the naturalist."—Denize Springer, Express Books"[Pielou's] writing is didactic and definitive, in places even charming, and is buttressed by clear illustrations. . . . A welcome addition to the genre of literature designed to bridge the gap between scientists . . . and the intelligent and concerned lay public."—Daniel Hillel, Nature"A wonderful natural history of one of life's necessities, a refreshing break from the grand theory and special pleading of many a science book. . . . Read it."—Fred Pearce, New Scientist

Paperback: 286 pages

Publisher: University Of Chicago Press (April 15, 2000)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0226668169

ISBN-13: 978-0226668161

Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.8 x 8 inches

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Best Sellers Rank: #458,011 in Books (See Top 100 in Books) #75 in Books > Engineering & Transportation > Engineering > Civil & Environmental > Hydrology #101 in Books > Science & Math > Nature & Ecology > Water Supply & Land Use #143 in Books > Engineering & Transportation > Engineering > Civil & Environmental > Environmental > Water Quality & Treatment

The author gives us a rare combination of the technical terms with thoroughly understandable explanations of water and what it does and what it means for us. The book seems comlete in its explanations of how water works whereever it occurs, which is all over our world. I thought, for example, I knew how water worked underground; now I really know, and that is important to efficient agriculture which will also preserve adjacent flora and fauna. Pielou tells both the good and the bad of human intervention with water no matter whether it is flowing in rivers and lakes or bound in permafrost or geological configurations. Even if you think you don't really care, this book will let you understand more about the arguments about dams and rivers and reservoirs and all that contentious stuff.

This is a good introduction to limnology. It isn't boring and not too technical. It is just an explaination of how freshwater behaves on earth. It explains groudwater, rivers, lakes, water cycle, and the functioning of aquifers. The focus of the book was on North America and in particular Canada and the North of the United States, that's okay but she spends several pages about bogs and fens and one small paragraph about the forested wetlands and mangrove wetlands. I think the lady is Canadian, so she writes aboput what is around her. That is fine, it liked that book and would recommend it to somebody who has an interest in the science of things around us. Many poeple think that water comes from the faucet and that is all. She provides an excellent explaination of where is goes from and where it goes.

As a professional whitewater guide this book caught my attention as I was looking to better understand my "office". While I found the early chapters on groundwater a bit dry, (no pun intended) I was unable to put down Fresh Water once it got above the vadose layer. I found it informative without being overly scientific, and now have an entirely different outlook on the water cycle. It is obvious this book was written by someone who truly enjoys the subject matter.

Fresh water is becoming more and more scarce as we continue poluting it. This book is so interesting and informative I had difficulty putting it down. E.C. Pielou has enlightened and entertained me all at once and has succeeded in writing one of the most fascinating books I've read.

This is an amazing book. I am trained as an economist and lawyer, but I am actually reading and understanding the material covered. This is because the author is a great writer. It is a pleasure to follow her logic as she explains the basics, in easy language, then goes deep, incorporating the language of her field. My interest in water is as one who drinks, bathes, kayaks, and fishes in it. But the author has opened my mind to myriad other interests I have heretofore taken for granted. If only all writers had the grasp of their topic and the skill to transmit a part of it to others ... Everyone should read this book both for its subject matter and as an example of excellent technical/instructional writing!

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