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The New Reef Aquarium: Setup, Care And Compatibility

One of s' Best Selling Aquarium BooksNote Kindle Download is in full color. Paperback book is black and white. Do You Want To Know The Secrets To Setting Up And Keeping A Beautiful Coral Reef Aquarium? There are few things more relaxing than watching a living reef aquarium filled with bright, exotic, colorful fish. Your eyes are soon transfixed on the breath-taking corals with their mind-blowing colors and endless shapes. Imagine... having your own living reef, it is the ultimate hobby and a spectacular achievement. Expert TeacherTo create a thriving living reef takes the right equipment, knowledge, compatible livestock and routine care. Over 25 years of working with reefs Laurren Schmoyer has discovered many hidden secrets and has finally created a blue print to help you build your own amazing living reef aquarium! His book is packed with pictures to guide you through each step in creating, stocking and caring for your reef. To get you started, you will learn what essential equipment is needed. The Secret to Stacking Live Rock You will learn that the foundation of a reef aquarium is live rock, just like is found in the ocean reefs. We stack live rock in aquarium reefs to create caves and crevices as well as shelves are to place corals upon. You will soon learn the hidden techniques to creating your own rockwork masterpiece. The Success Principles Are Revealed This book shows a step-by-step process for assembling a reef aquarium. Follow these steps to expertly set up your reef. Once it is assembled and water is added, the aquarium will go through a biological process called "The Nitrogen Cycle" which is thoroughly explained, along with more essential information on water quality. Selecting Compatible Fish There are hundreds of species of beautiful saltwater fish available to hobbyists. But, how do you know which are safe to add to a reef aquarium? In this book you will find lists of brightly-colored fish which are safe to use in a reef. The Crowning Jewels The addition of live corals can transform an ordinary saltwater fish aquarium into a beautiful, vibrant underwater world. Corals are available in nearly every color imaginable and in a huge variety of shapes and sizes. Choosing compatible corals takes knowledge which this book delivers.This book follows through by telling you the best techniques to acclimate your livestock, foods and feeding strategies, how to care for your reef, and much more. You Too Can Get Expert ResultsYou are about to start an amazing adventure. Mixing corals, invertebrates and fish from all over the world is both a skill and an art. This book will give YOU the confidence and knowledge to create your own underwater masterpiece. To ensure your success you'll receive Valuable Bonuses >>> Inside this book are links to 2 Free Bonuses

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I am not new to aquariums, but I am new to the saltwater/ reef aquarium hobby. Like many others, I have read several books on the topic over the past few months. But I have referred to none of the others as often and as successfully as to this one. Laurren Schmoyer writes simply, clearly and concisely. He explains the reasons behind everything that you need to do and gives you step by step instructions on how to do it. He explains the various options and choices that are out there for things like filtration, lighting, protein skimmers, etc. He gives photos and descriptions of the corals that would make good choices for beginners, and also the invertebrates and fish that will be compatible with them and with each other. His checklists are extremely valuable for a beginner.Because of this book I have been able to go into aquarium stores and ask intelligent questions and have some confidence that I know what I am talking about. Since it's an electronic book it's in my pocket all the time, and I often pull it out when I am in stores. I have learned another trick too. If you want more detail on a topic, try googling "Laurren Schmoyer" AND "whatever that other aquarium topic is." He's written lots of articles on the internet which have also been very helpful, and which have led me in my quest for the right vendors that I want to use.The other books I read probably would not have convinced me that I actually could build a reef aquarium and be successful. This book did because it is simple and straightforward and not overwhelming. As proof, I now have a flourishing 29 gallon fish and live rock aquarium with one soft coral that was given to me as a gift. Fish, invertebrates and coral are all doing great! This is my practice tank--the future quarantine tank. The reel reef will be 175 gallons and will take a few months to build. I plan to come back and share my thoughts again when that aquarium is built and stabilized!

The information in this book is very good. A thorough discussion of common reef animals--their behavior and requirements--is especially useful to beginners. The book's major downfall is the extremely low-quality grayscale photos that are used. Frustratingly, the book references these images as if they were in color saying things like, "note the blue and red stripes" or "the pump is outlined in lime green." If you do read this book, have a computer nearby so you can Google images of each animal as you go along. The book is also riddled with poor grammar and typos, adding to an already amateurish feel that is incongruent with the $20 price tag. These criticisms aside, I do not regret my purchase, because the information is quality, and this will be a valuable reference for me in the near future as I build my first reef tank. In summary, then, the content is excellent, the presentation is poor, the overall value is fair.

Potentially a good beginners read, but a bit sparse in information otherwise. It does a decent job of walking you through the process of building your first reef tank, but i was hoping for more in depth information

Background: I've done a little research online and read a few other books and I'm in the process of starting a saltwater aquarium.I thought the pictures the information in this book were excellent. The reason I gave it four stars was because it could have contained a compatibility chart that I could quickly reference what fish could go co-exist and what fish would work with what corals. Although the book has this information, it is contained over a large area of text.The information contained in the book seemed to be accurate (with my little to no experience with saltwater aquariums), but a reference chart would have been helpful as well. A chart that contained important values that I could briefly look at - like PH levels, salinity, etc.These are only minor complaints. I felt this book was very useful for its price.

This book gets 1 star. It's very repetitive and has black and white pages and pictures but describes what's the colors and what to look for as if it was in color. How do you explain the true colors of fish or corals in a black and white pictures. The only color is the front cover and the back cover.

This book clearly explains how to set up and maintain a reef tank. It provides a great deal of essential information which is extremely helpful to new hobbyists as well as useful reminders for the veteran reef keeper. The information seems up-to-date and well structured. There are a lot of fish and corals available and the author shares his experience by listing quite a few that are hardy and safe for a reef tank. I highly recommend this book.

I gave this book a 5 star rating because it covered everything you need to know to setup a reef aquarium.The information is presented in steps that are informative but easy enough for a beginner to follow.I would recommend this book to anyone interested in the reef aquarium hobby.

Good basic book on reef aquariums. I was hoping to find a book with the newest techniques in reef tank science, but it really doesn't go there, but instead focuses on the basics. Honestly, my ten year old reef tank books say the same things. I don't understand why some of the review say the book's pictures are in black and white, mine are all color and my book is digital.

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