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Brain Games For Dogs: Training, Tricks And Activities For Your Dog's Physical And Mental Wellness( Dog Training, Puppy Training,Pet Training Books, Puppy ... Games For Dogs, How To Train A Dog Book 1)

Do you Want to Know How to train the Smartest dog ever? Read this book for FREE on Kindle Unlimited ~ Do you have trouble controlling your dog? Are you sick and tired of the frustration that comes from living with an undisciplined dog? Do you want your dog to become smarter and do what you say?When you download Brain Games for Dogs: Training, Tricks, and Activities for your Dog’s Physical and Mental wellness, you will learn proven methods and some of the best technique for your dog mental health. You will discover everything you need to know to keep your dog in shape for years to come. It is a fact that when it comes to your brain, it’s a "use it or lose it". On average, humans engage in brain exercises every day. We work crossword puzzles, play challenging video games, and solve problems at work and so on. But what about our dog? Dogs need brain stimulation just as humans do. There are several brain games for dogs which are excellent ways to exercise his mind while bonding with him at the same time. Many games provide physical work-outs into the mix. Not only are these games effective in enhancing brain function in your dog, they are rewarding for both your dog and you and best of all…they are fun! Whether your dog is an average adult, a young puppy, a senior or even handicapped, this book has brain training games for all. No dog is left behind. In this book you will not only learn tricks to teach your dog but also his brain and how it correlates with the humans. You will be amazed at the similarities and just what he is capable of learning. Learn interactive games to teach your dog, on his own turf where he is most likely to be comfortable. Having a Ball: The Muffin Tin Game is a great indoors game that helps your dog exercise his memory. For the backyard, Brainy Tug of War is a favorite that encourages him to follow various commands while getting physical exercise and having fun as well. Word Games for dogs are excellent to help your pooch stretch his vocabulary which is very important because the verbal auditory part of the brain is one that you and your dog both share so keeping it in tip-top shape helps ensure a strong bond between the two of you. These dog tricks can be done in very small spaces like tiny apartments or in the garden. Bowling Fetch is an especially fun game as well as Garden Brain Games. Both train your dog in order to exercise his listening skills and following instructions. Scent games give your dog the upper hand since that is a prime part of his brain. The games detailed in this book will incorporate his excellent sense of smell with problem-solving exercises, memory, and other learning skills. Take the lessons to the water if your dog loves the lake or pond. You can even do them on the beach. Water Logged Tricks and Water Fetch add an extra twist to brain games in that they are done within the water, adding an extra sensory effect in the mix. With this fun dog activity book, you will learn to challenge your dog in order to use more of his brain so he will actually become more intelligent. In this way, you will also encourage him to keep his brain active because, just as humans, it's "use it or lose it". So, read on and get ready to have the smartest pooch on the block because a dog whose owner spends time teaching him is not only brilliant but enormously happy, too!Download Brain Games for Dogs: Training, Tricks, and Activities for your Dog’s Physical and Mental wellness now, and start training a healthy, well behaved and obedient dog!Hurry!!! Scroll to the top and select the "BUY" button for instant download.You’ll be happy you did and your dog too!==>Download your Copy Now!!

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These short training tips and games are wonderful! My dog has a short attention span and is very active. I needed something to help me teach him, help me lengthen his attention span, and help him to learn. The games in this book stimulate your dog's brain and build confidence. Your dog needs mental stimulation and variety to truly enjoy playtime, and this book provides some great examples for how to do just that.

This book brought up an idea which I have never heard of before, brain training for dogs. I know that brain training and brain games are useful ways to become sharper and smarter but I never thought that the same tips could be adapted for my dog! This book has probably 30 different games you can play with your dogs which will make them understand that they are loved and challenge their mental faculties to make sure that they stay sharp as they age. Good book, highly reccomended

This book is for the time challenged dog owner. Teach your best friend a cute trick so you continue a great relationship and exercise your dog's brain. Exercising the brain is as exhausting as a run around the neighborhood! Try it! This book gives you all the tools you'll need even if you've never trained a trick or trained your dog to do anything! FUN! I was able to do a few of the tricks with just the stuff around my house but generally speaking most of the tricks done i am with my dog.

I have several of Carrie Nichole's puppy & dog training books - she is a fantastic trainer. The books are already very easy to understand and use. Some of the games in this book do require materials that you will need to find/improvise. But there's plenty of games you can do immediately.

I have long been wondering how there are smart dogs and there are lazy dogs. My dog Mc Steamy falls for the latter category. Knowing that dogs need brain stimulation just as humans do, that’s when this book comes in!There’s several good ideas for games that I can apply to my lovely lazy cutie dog. The part where it made me like the book is the notion that applies to all kinds of dogs. As the book points out, “No dog is left behind.”While, the author guarantees that these tips and tricks make dogs smarter, I have doubts with my Mc Steamy’s capabilities. LOLI realized that these games are effective in enhancing brain function of dogs. They are also rewarding for both your dog and the owner. It is full of fun. I am taking them down now. I will surely apply them as soon as I have the play time with my Mc Steamy again.

You can have a disciplined and well trained dog you ever had with the right direction and devoting some time to your dog at right time and in right way. This is very fun thing to do. We can teach our dogs by playing games. This brain game has many advantages. They are great way to bond with our pets. Research shows that these game are very helpful to enhance learning skills and memory power.Word games were very helpful for reminding things to my dog. I enjoyed hide and seek games. Playing game in water will make your dog not to be afraid of bathing. There are both indoor and outdoor games so you can choose which ever you want. Pets are family so it’s better to have well trained.

Mens sana in corpore sano. A famous Latin phrase, which for many is a fundamental rule of life. And if it is for us why it should not also for our 4-legged friends. In this book you will find a number of exercises for your faithful friend who will hold his mind and his body fit. Small and simple games that do well in addition to create a strong bond that dog and owner as well as in some respects and helps education of your puppy. Remains a fundamental rule ... as for children even with dogs it takes patience. Everyone must learn no one is born teacher

I love our pups and my kids always have a great time playing with them. I decide to train them so that they’ll develop a more stable behavior once they grow up. As per this book by Carrier Nicole, I find it very helpful and straightforward. It’s very enlightening to know that there are tricks (that I don’t know of that I could teach my pups! My kids love watching the pups do some tricks and I think it’s also a nice bonding time for us too!

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