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SHRIMP AQUARIUM: The All In One Guide To A Successful Fresh Water Shrimp Aquarium.

Follow a few quick simple steps to setup and maintain your very own fresh water shrimp aquarium.***Get this Best Seller now for the special promotion price of $2.99! Regularly priced at $3.99 ***SHRIMP AQUARIUM: The All In One Guide to a Successful Fresh Water Shrimp Aquarium.If you have kept fish before then it would be very easy for you to setup your very own fresh water shrimp aquarium. It only take a few simple steps to setup. Once setup properly, the shrimp tank is so low maintenance it basically can be left alone for months. If you love keeping aquatic animals as pets, you might want to give this hobby a try.Things you will learn in this book:* Why keep freshwater shrimps as pets.* What kind of freshwater shrimps are there to choose from.* How to properly setup your shrimp aquarium.* How to maintain your shrimp aquarium.* Feeding your shrimps.* Other potential tank mates for your new crustacean friends.* How to breed your shrimps to create a thriving colony.DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY TODAY!Comments from other readers..."This book taught me everything about keeping shrimps as pets, I love coming home from work and look at the little guys just do their thing. I especially love how every now and then there would be baby shrimps." - Gloria Castillo (Seattle, USA)"A very comprehensive guide to everything I needed to know about my shrimp tank, saves me countless hours of researching on Google!" - Stephen Brooks (BC, Canada)"I never knew that keeping shrimps could be this much fun, I now have a dedicated shrimp tank setup beside my fish tank." - Timothy Mitchell (Chicago, USA)Tags: aquarium, cherry, ghost, crystal, bee, albino, almino, shrimp, freshwater, salt water, brackish water, black, red, blue, orange, yellow, white, green, purple, clear, grading, A, AA, AAA, S, SS, SSS, AS, pH, alkaline, acidic, nitrate, nitrite, ammonia, acidity, plants, tank, moss, fern, food, pet, fish, snail, lobster, crayfish, crustacean, substrate, rocks, pebbles, filter, sponge, decorations, driftwood, betta, light, lighting, air pump, air rock, air tubing, gravel, plastic, glass, fluval, edge, chi, water, 5G, 10G, 15G, 20G, 25G, 30G, shrimplets, shrimp fry, aqua, marina, aquascape, babies, mating, breeding, algae, eggs, wood, fan, cleaning, maintenance, sand, coral, shells, pond, general hardness, carbonate hardness, NO2, NO3, bio film, bacteria, healthy, vitality, fengshui

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I have never been interested in keeping aquariums, I find it too messy, but I have friends who are seriously interested in it and I have understood that it can be quite addictive. When I came across this book, to say the least I was surprised because I never knew there was something called a shrimp aquarium. And what started off as a curiosity thing and taking a peep into a book was only brought to rest when the book was finished.It was very interesting to read the book and I found it quite detailed with complete information as to how a novice could set up a fresh water shrimp aquarium. There was information about researching and what to research for before taking the step, it also gave information about online websites that deal with this. That was a nice touch; it meant that a lot of researching was already done for the reader.

I loved reading this book and it truly is helpful. The book lists different types of shrimp for you to consider. You can see pictures of the shrimp and many of them are exotic looking such as the Bumblebee Shrimp.When reading this book I did not find myself wandering off and I was learning something. The book gives you things to think about such as what size aquarium you need and more.The book also walks you through potential problems you may encounter, what to do if you want to breed shrimp, and how to choose the perfect tank companions for shrimp.The book is helpful and perfect for anyone who is looking to own shrimp or have an aquarium full of them. This is a must read book.

This is an excellent resource for anyone interested in keeping freshwater shrimp (Neocaridina, Caridina, etc.). Yes, there are other, more extensive -- and more expensive -- books available but if you just want the quick, concise know-how then this is it.

I've been thinking about getting fish for a while but I had no idea what to get or how to care for them. This book is extremely informative and tells you everything you need to know about caring for fresh water shrimp. Fresh water shrimp are easier and cheaper to take care of than any kind of salt water fish so it’s a big plus. It even tells you the types of fish that a shrimp will get along with so they can have friends with them! It’s a very short book and it’s easy to find everything you need so you can read it as you get what you need. Setting up any kind of fish tank can be difficult, especially if it’s your first time taking care of a fish, so this book is amazing for anyone who’s looking for a simple aquarium.

This is a great guide for beginners or hobbyist who want to step up a tank for Shrimp. Shrimp aquariums don't seem common and that, perhaps, is because it appears more difficult that it actually is. Gordon Monock demystifies how hard it is to step up a shrimp aquarium in this easy to follow guide. He covers why to consider shrimp as pets, to feeding them and how to breed them. It's a pretty informative, while being concise guide. I recommend this to anyone looking to start a shrimp aquarium.

Keeping an aquarium is a beautiful hobby, but it is also time consuming and requires lots of hard work. There are regular water changes needed, cleaning and maintaining but the visual pleasure it affords at the end of it and its soothing and relaxing nature make it worth the effort. So if you are up for it, here is another wonderful option that you could do – keeping a shrimp aquarium.From my little knowledge about aquariums I know that shrimps are often kept in the aquarium to keep it clean from algae and other growths.If keeping a shrimp aquarium is what you want to do then you have chosen the right book. This book gives you all the details that you may need to start one and maintain one. From choosing the tank mates to breeding them and even setting up the aquarium in the first place, you have everything you would want to know in this one.

Monock has written an outstanding guidebook in how to raise fresh water shrimp. Anything you would ever need to know about raising shrimp can be found here in this unique and concise book with only forty-five pages but extremely informative, with the detail so clear and precise that the reader will be anxious to get started. With chapters covering everything from selecting the shrimp, setting up and maintaining the aquarium, to feeding, tank mates and more. Equally outstanding are photographs that clearly show the necessary detail in showing the different types of shrimp making it easy to choose the best type to raise for each person’s situation. Within its pages is an excellent not to be missed opportunity as a class project or an excellent way for families to spend time together. Adults and even children will enjoy learning about the various types of shrimp and the fun that will be enjoyed in raising them.

This book is a how-to guide for starting your first shrimp aquarium. There are tips on how to set up the aquarium, how to clean the tank, varieties of shrimp that would be beneficial to keep in the tank, where to purchase shrimp, and what other creatures that can be placed in the tank. There are tips on every aspect of owning your own shrimp aquarium, including troubleshooting many different situations that may come up. This would be a great book to read if you are a beginner and want to know how to start a shrimp aquarium.

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