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Practical Antenna Handbook 5/e

THE DEFINITIVE ANTENNA REFERENCE--FULLY REVISED AND EXPANDED! Design and build your own antennas with the help of this unique guide. Updated and revised to provide clear answers to questions frequently asked by hobbyists and electronics technicians, Practical Antenna Handbook, Fifth Edition blends theoretical concepts with hands-on experience--requiring only high school mathematics Reorganized to flow logically from broad physical principles to specific antenna design and construction techniques, the book begins by covering the fundamentals. Then the half-wave dipole is discussed both as an excellent antenna in its own right and as a conceptual tool for predicting the performance of other designs. Transmission line impedance matching techniques--and a companion Smith chart tutorial--lead into "must have" accessories for tuning, monitoring, and troubleshooting antenna system performance. Other tools, such as antenna modeling software and network analyzer add-ons for PCs and Macs, are addressed, and concluding chapters offer fresh insights into support structures and installation techniques. NEW TOPICS COVERED INCLUDE: Characteristics of all-driven and parasitic arrays Beverages and small MF/HF receiving loops Top-loaded shunt-fed towers and other verticals Theory and design of Yagi beams Effect of real ground on propagation and antenna patterns, impedance, and efficiency Lightning protection and four kinds of ground systems Zoning and restrictive covenants COVERS A WIDE VARIETY OF ANTENNAS: Dipoles and inverted-Vs Quads, delta, and NVIS loops Wire arrays (bobtail curtain, half-square, rhombic) Verticals and shunt-fed towers Rotatable Yagi beams MF/HF receiving antennas (flag, pennant, K9AY, Beverage) Mobile and portable antennas VHF/UHF/microwave antennas And many more GO TO WWW.MHPROFESSIONAL.COM/CARR5 FOR: * Tables of worldwide geographic coordinates and antenna dimensions vs. frequency * Supplier updates * Author's blog * Additional photographs and schematics * Links to tutorials and specialized calculators

Series: Practical Antenna Handbook

Paperback: 784 pages

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education TAB; 5 edition (November 15, 2011)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0071639586

ISBN-13: 978-0071639583

Product Dimensions: 7.4 x 1 x 9.3 inches

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This is BY FAR the best antenna book I've come across. I'm a Director of a university library and an Extra Class licensed amateur radio operator and, unfortunately, came across this book after purchasing a number of ARRL antenna books, including the 21st edition of the "The Antenna Handbook." I'm a member of the ARRL, like QST, and like the service they perform but... most of their books tend to be previous QST articles "stitched" together. Or at least they read that way. Ironically, they sometimes leave out the really practical information. Anyway, this book has it all -- theory AND really practical stuff. So it's all here. Great illustrations. The "Mechanical Construction and Installation Techniques" section is not to be beat. I HIGHLY recommend this book. I personally selected it for our university (an engineering school) library. Now I'm going to buy my own personal copy. 73, Bob - W2TAC

This is a book that I am happy to call a member of my collection of antenna books. The book first of all is *readable* not being either a compendium of example antennas others have created that may or may not work, nor is it a book full of old antenna information the foundation for which might date back 80 years and be suspect. It is an up to date treatment of different types of antennas, some theory justifying them, and is exquisitely well-illustrated. Included as well are sections on modern antenna modeling as well as modern means of troubleshooting antenna systems. The book's author is a renowned expert in amateur radio operating and antenna systems. He has always been willing to help others achieve a better understanding of their stations and operation. In short the author's background is perfect to write a Practical Antenna Handbook - someone who knows the theory, practices it avidly and uses his antenna system in frequent operation. I recommend this book to anyone with an interest in antennas, regardless of prior background.

Carr's books were classics, butr I had outgrown them. I have many antenna boojs from ARRL and RSGB, so I ordered this expecting this to be a bit elementary. When I flipped through it on arrival, it seems to confirm my expectations. But I kept it by the throne, and as I read various sections, I started to appreciate the book for several significant features. First the update reorganizes the material so the flow is from basic to advanced. Second, the writing is very good; this means that technical points are much easier to understand. Third, as I read through sections, it made me excited by new projects. I am now planning to create a simple dipole to listen to Jupiter on 19 Mhz - I never imagined it might be feasible to create a radio telescope so easily.I continue to find fascinating ideas, now look forward to my daily ablutions, which have become signficiant input sessions. Very highly recommended.

Everything you need to know about any antenna, matching network or any other topic associated with antennas is directly located in the chapter you are reading. You do not have to search for is there! Filled with proven, workable antenna examples, it is a joy to read. Enthusiastically written, it is extremely concise, and accurate on every topic imaginable. The actual examples presented in this book will make you want to try them all. Finally a reference manual on the “how to”, and why the antenna you are planning to design will be incredible! It is the best Antenna Handbook ever!

I have a number of Joe Carr's books, including the previous edition of Practical Antenna Handbook. The current edition is the best antenna book, period. It far outshines the ARRL Antenna Book. Unlike the 4th edition, this newest edition does not have a CD/DVD with files and programs that relate to the text. That is not a big loss, as I never liked the ANTLERS software, anyway. EZ-NEC (available on the Web) does the same job and is easier to learn. If you are new to antenna design or are an old timer, this book will serve you well.

I have other books on antennas, but they focus too much on theory. I wanted a PRACTICAL, simple, easy-to-understand resource on ham antennas, and this one fit the bill. Nicely written. It answered the many questions I had - about ground radials, antenna tuners, and wire sizes. Nice job - Thanks!

My co-worker has an earlier edition. I have used his book for years with great satisfaction. Decided to get my own. New edition is even better!This book is a good intermediate level book for people who have a working knowledge of RF and antennas. As the title indicates, it is a "Practial" handbook. I recommend it as such.

Practical Antenna Handbook has been very useful for me. It's a bit more technical that some of the other books out there, but still fairly easy to understand. It's far more in-depth than something like the ARRL's Basic Antennas books, which is exactly what I was looking for. It dabbles with propagation theory (essential for understanding how radio and antennas work), and covers a wide range of different antenna types, dealing with how and why they work.Be warned, however, that this book can get a bit dense at times. It is definitely not a quick read, especially if you're new to the subject as I am. But it has been very useful and was money well spent.

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