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The Everything Pressure Cooker Cookbook (Everything®)

Pressure cookers will boost flavor and cut cooking time a whopping 70 percent - but only if you know how to use them. In this cookbook, author Pamela Rice Hahn teaches you about the joys of cooking with a pressure cooker. No longer the dangers they once were, these time-saving devices are godsends to busy cooks everywhere. In no time, you can whip up: Roasted Red Bell Pepper Pesto Cranberry-Braised Turkey Breast Balsamic Pork Chops with Figs Halibut in Black Olive Sauce Peanut Butter and Fudge Cheesecake For that slow-cooked taste in far less time, a pressure cooker is the perfect solution. Veteran cookbook author Hahn has been conjuring up recipes using her pressure cooker for years. With a full spectrum of pressure cooker recipes at your fingertips, you can create delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert dishes in no time flat!

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I recently purchased my first pressure cooker and was looking for a good cookbook for it. I ordered this book and another by Cinda Chavich. This book easily could have been a five star but for a couple of issues.1. The author uses an electric pressure cooker which has 3 settings for pressure (low, medium & high) I have a stove top cooker with no variable setting. If it included cooking times or some sort of directions for cooking in a stove top cooker it would have been extremely helpful. If you have an electric cooker or variable psi settings this book would work very well for you.2. The index in the book is so useless it really would have been better if they omitted it altogether. If you're looking for a chicken recipes it simply says chicken and list page numbers. There is no place in the book that you can go to for a full list of recipes.3. The tables of cooking times would be more helpful if they included the amount of water. The other cookbook I purchased had much better cooking charts.Overall the recipes I have tried have all been very good and easy to follow. They are very basic recipes without a lot of fussy ingredients, perfect for everyday meals. I like that it includes a good variety of recipes including breakfast as well. Overall I really do enjoy the cookbook a great deal.

I've tried two recipes so far--Old South Chicken Stew (Brunswick) and Stuffed Green Peppers. Both were excellent. I've read other recipes and they seem as if they'll be good, too. Don't be misled by the publisher's list of example recipes on(pork with figs, and so on). The book has few weirdo recipes with "twists." They're mostly normal comfort food. But the book is organized in a very bizarre fashion. The editor should have caught this problem. For example, there's a section for Chicken. But two thirds of the chicken recipes are not in the chicken section! Chicken recipes are scattered throughout different sections such as Stews, International Flavors, and so on. Sometimes a recipe is put in the wrong category. "Grandmother's Chicken Casserole" for instance, is mysteriously put in the International section. She says it's "French-inspired" but .... And probably as a result of both the book's inherent disorganization, combined with no indexing skills, the book's Index is the worst I've seen in many years. For example, look up Chicken and you just see 30 page numbers, not a list of the names of the recipes. Big help. So, I'd say buy the book for the good eats and tolerate the poor editing. If indeed anyone edited the book. One final note: the publishers have apparently copyrighted the word "Everything." Well, that's one less word I can use in a title of one of my own books. Rats! I think I'll try to copyright the word "The."

My neighbor and I bought ourselves new pressure cookers and along with the cookbooks that come with the cookers we purchased this cookbook. I love this book because it has some great recipes. I hate this book because the index "sucks", you have to go the beginning of each chapter to find the page references for the recipes. Remember to add salt because often, following the recipe results in undersalted dishes. (This is certainly not the biggest offense). The editor for the book didn't catch the fact that several recipes are repeated. And finally be careful with the directions, I have found ingredients referred to in the instructions which are not in the ingredient lists and always remember to saute your onions before sealing your cooker up - raw onions can mess up the flavor! But despite all these caveats I really do enjoy this cookbook - it an my new pressure cooker have been my latest culinary inspiration!

This book would be a lot more useful if they had put in a proper index. When you look up beef in the index there are 43 beef pages listed with no indication what is on them. It would be impossible to tell the roast beef with veggies from the beef and potato soup or the Swedish meatballs. There are 36 potato page listings, etc. Also, the book would be much more appealing with some pictures. The recipes are good but other books with proper indexes would be easier to use.

So far, I have only tried one recipe in this book, the Beef Roast Dinner. It turned out okay, but I had three problems with the dish. First of all, the dish was so incredibly bland! The only seasonings the recipe called for were salt and pepper and optional dijon mustard, all of which I used. At the end of cooking, I had to season it a lot - which I hate to do at the end. Next time I use this cookbook, I will go with my gourmet instincts regarding seasoning!Secondly, I am wondering if the author or anyone else tested these recipes. She says to put the vegies in with the meat and cook for an hour. As a result although the meat was cooked, the vegetables were way too soft and mushy. The carrots were almost inedible. (Roast recipes I found in another book suggested putting veggies in at the end so they don't overcook which I think would have been a better instruction.)Thirdly, the amount of liquid also seemed like too much. It covered the roast entirely making it more like a pot roast than a regular roast. However, unlike a pot roast, the meat was not really as tender as I was expecting. (I wonder if, I cooked the meat for an hour, put in the veggies and cooked for another 10 minutes, this would take care of a couple of the problems?)I am hoping the desserts, jams and chutneys in this book (the real reason I bought it) are better.

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