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Vegetables, Herbs And Fruit: An Illustrated Encyclopedia

The demand for locally sourced organic foods continues to rise. This resource is a prime reference for the many who are growing or wanting to grow their own vegetables, herbs and fruits. The book features superb full-color photographs and illustrations and an easy-to-use A-Z directory. Comprehensive growing, harvesting and preserving tips and a wealth of recipes are a boon to gardeners and cooks alike. Practical aspects of gardening are explained in detail, with in-depth sections on creating a garden, pollination, soil fertility and greenhouse growing. Some of the topics covered are: Nutritional values The most useful and most recommended varieties Plant hardiness, propagation and growing guidelines Cropping, harvesting and storing Weed, pest and disease control Ornamental and wildlife value Pruning and training Companion planting Container growing. A yearly maintenance calendar, glossary, further reading section, seed sources list and detailed index round out this outstanding book.

Hardcover: 640 pages

Publisher: Firefly Books (January 1, 2009)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1554071267

ISBN-13: 978-1554071265

Product Dimensions: 8 x 1.6 x 10.5 inches

Shipping Weight: 4.8 pounds

Average Customer Review: 4.8 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (40 customer reviews)

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This book is wonderful! Every section gives you a in-depth overview of the vegetable, herb or fruit; detailing different varieties and how they rank in terms of taste and/or hardiness, how to propagate, grow, maintain, harvest and store. Plus gives tips of typical pests/diseases and how to avoid them. Very helpful are the "companion planting" paragraphs, explaining which plants do best next to each other. And to top it all off, each section includes a "culinary" and "medicinal" section, informing you of the best ways to use your crops once harvested. The pictures are beautiful and the wording is easy to understand and to the point. This is a great book for any gardener's reference shelf. Fun to read cover-to-cover, but set up so that you can dip in and out as you choose.

This book has the most readable practicle information on every vegetable, herb or fruit I would ever grow plus many others. It covers some history of origin, varieties, cultivation, propagation, container and garden growing, harvesting & storage as well as uses both medicinal and culinary and also some recipies. I have not come across a more extensive book. My son & daughter both in their early 20's and just starting vege gardening use this as their bible. Well worth owning.

PRO - Extensive coverage of fruit, vegetable and herbs.The book says it covers 100 fruits, 70 vegetables and 100 herbs.Each subject has Cultivation, Companion planting, and Culinary sections. If it's a herb, it also has Medicinal section.One day I bought a bag of Macadamias nuts from my local grocery store. The label said they were grown in Australia, Hawaii and Africa. I wanted to know more about them. I opened this book to page 555 and voila! I found all the interesting information about them. There were 3 beautiful photos of the nuts, the tree and the dish made from the nuts. It's informative and mouth watering. - Very well illustrated.Each fruit, tree, or vegetable has at least 3 pictures. They're beautiful. The Culianry section always has a picture of the dish made with the fruit, herb or vegetable. It's so colorful and lively that it makes me hungry! - It's hard covered. So, it will last a long time.CONS - It uses the term "Long", "Short", "Medium" to describe the life span of the trees without giving a range in years. This is frustrating because I am not sure approximate how long they live. But I can easily find this information from somewhere else. No book is perfect.In short, it's definitely worth buying. I use it almost daily for cooking recipes and for general information. Together with Gernot Katzer's Spice Pages [...] it makes a complete reference. You can find any information on these subject with these 2 resources.

Book combines gardening knowledge with a little herbology and provides culinary recipes to bring garden to table. I found the gardening info to be interesting and informative- and I have been gardening for 2 decades! Beautiful pictures were a definite bonus! My copy is now dogeared and well worn from much use.

This book is awesome ! The first night I had it I already tagged dozens of pages to go back to read more in depth and for future reference. The information is great and the pictures are amazing. The only thing I think it is missing is pruning chart diagrams. That would have made it THE all inclusive book and I would not now be searching for a book with said diagrams. Bottom line is I will be using this book A LOT and am pleased with my purchase.

This is a totally comprehensive guide for how you can grow, how you can fix problems you find, what good companion plantings are, and what you can do with the finished product. I LOVE this. I'm a fairly new gardener and I can't wait to use the insights in this book to help me decide what I'm growing in my garden this year and help it flourish.

For any gardener or chef wanting to learn more about the food we bring to our tables! This has a beautiful plethora of photos, tidbits of information, landscaping ideas, and tons of information about different vegetables, herbs and fruit. This is the bible that every food lover/gardener should have.

If a gardener is looking for just one book to own, this is the one. It has a great variety of over 70 vegetables and 100 fruits and a great addition of 100 herbs. I love that every item in the book has a very detailed variety of information pertaining to it. It starts of course with the name and short description/history of the variety. It goes into the different varieties, cultivation, companion planting, pest/disease, medical uses, and culinary tips which includes a recipe for many. It will also give container gardening tips if applicable. The practical gardening section is great as well. It has over 60 pages of information ranging from garden layouts, preparation, and maintenance and harvesting. A great section I haven’t seen in my other books was a crop rotation section; this is something many may have missed starting out. So whether you are a beginner or experience gardener, it is a great reference for all.

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