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Southwest Fruit & Vegetable Gardening: Plant, Grow, And Harvest The Best Edibles - Arizona, Nevada & New Mexico (Fruit & Vegetable Gardening Guides)

Master the art of edible gardening in the beautiful southwestern United States. Southwest Fruit & Vegetable Gardening is written exclusively for gardeners who want to grow edibles in Arizona, New Mexico, or Nevada. Author Jacqueline Soule shares her bountiful knowledge of edibles in general and the Southwest region in particular, equipping you with all the information you need to design your edible garden, tend the soil, maintain your plants throughout their life cycles, and--most importantly--harvest the delicious foods they produce. So whether you live in the Tucson suburbs, the New Mexico Bootheel, the Mojave Desert, or anywhere else in the southwestern tri-state area, you'll discover the best fruit and vegetable plants for your garden in this beautiful step-by-step how-to guide . . . and before you know it you'll have delicious fresh fruits and vegetables on your table.

Series: Fruit & Vegetable Gardening Guides

Paperback: 224 pages

Publisher: Cool Springs Press (July 15, 2014)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1591866146

ISBN-13: 978-1591866145

Product Dimensions: 7.1 x 0.5 x 10 inches

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Average Customer Review: 4.7 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (19 customer reviews)

Best Sellers Rank: #175,008 in Books (See Top 100 in Books) #14 in Books > Crafts, Hobbies & Home > Gardening & Landscape Design > By Region > Southwest #60 in Books > Crafts, Hobbies & Home > Gardening & Landscape Design > Fruit #153 in Books > Crafts, Hobbies & Home > Gardening & Landscape Design > Vegetables

I just moved to New Mexico and voraciously read this book as I put in my fall crops in a raised bed. It is well-organized, beautifully illustrated and has great instructions about the plants. I just wish it was a little longer to include even more about some of fruit crops that work only in specific places, but it has nice coverage of a number of fruit trees/shrubs, vegetables, herbs and general how-to-garden in the Southwest information. I highly recommend it for those learning how to garden in the Southwest. Note that the book is specifically designed for Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada.One minor complaint I had: she gives nice hardiness zone maps, but then talks about each plant in terms of low/middle/high desert or low and high mountains. I was not sure which zone I fit into (Las Cruces) without doing some searching on the web and looking at the high and low temperatures for the city. It would help if she told us how the zone maps fit in with the five areas she describes - or just gave a list of towns and cities for each of the areas. I also wish Las Cruces was on the table of highs and lows, and was surprised it was not.But, these are very minor issues I had with the book, and I found it a great help in getting started in a new climate and soil type!

This is a really great addition to my gardening library. Growing food in the desert is different than gardening in other parts of the country, and Jacqueline Soule's new guide is easy and pleasurable to read. I especially appreciate the variety recommendations separated by elevation - this will be a great help when visiting local nurseries.

The book is useful for the southwest and fulfills a niche I haven't found well covered elsewhere.. Living in the "cold mountains region" of NM, I found it to have some use but because the author lives in the AZ desert, the comments seem more focused on that area. It was however, really helpful to me to see some of my observations and experience corroborated (I have gardened in the NM cool highlands as well as the cold mountains since 1993). I would recommend this to any vegetable gardener new to the southwest states. I wish it had been available when I was starting out. But for us cool weather gardeners- don't give up on tomatoes. I didn't have any blossom rot until the last 3-4 years- but now that the weather is noticeably hotter, it may become a more consistent problem (calcium blossom rot sprays seem to help).

I bought this book about 2 weeks ago and could not put it down. It is well written and gives specifics for all areas of the southwest. For me, that's low desert. I immediately went out and fertilized my peach trees and have plans to put in another type that ripens later than the 2 I have now ripen. I also plan to add several other fruit trees. As for the vegetables, I think I finally have it though my thick head that I can't plant everything in the very early spring and expect it to flourish once it gets to 100+ a couple of months later. Planting in fall when it's 100+ seems so wrong, but it is what's necessary. Ms. Soule made me see the light and I can't wait to get more garden areas going. Thank you so much for a great well written book full of information!

I am just beginning to try to grow some of my own food. It has been fun, but it can be confusing what to grow and how. In the Southwest, gardening is even harder with two growing seasons so it is helpful to have information specific to our region. This book has been and will be a helpful resource to me for many years to come I am sure!

I bought this book when it first came out and use it extensively. Dr. Soule tells us what to do with various vegetables and fruit trees, and she also describes the why. Yes! Now I can figure out why gardening in the Southwest has been so tough for me. I greatly enjoy the recommendations for varieties to select - a big help. The "Resources" section is a gold mine! I also appreciate the fact that she splits out low, middle, and high desert. Makes the book very precise.

This is a very informative book for growing all sorts of things in the Southwest where I live. I am a big fan of tips like the one in the Warm-Season Herbs section that suggests using the straight branches of rosemary as shish kabob sticks. I will be using this as a great guide for new plants I try growing in my yard.

I'm planning to move to New Mexico and this book was a great resource as to the vegetables to be grown in that climate. Looking forward to a move and to gardening in the Southwest.

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