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Celebrate! ADHD

BOOK DESCRIPTION Society’s pessimistic view of ADHD is shattering the self-confidence of our brightest and most creative—leaving a legacy of aimless, dispirited children riddled with anxiety, self-doubt and depression. Celebrate! ADHD is an enthusiastic celebration of the unique, advantageous qualities children with ADHD possess. The authors clearly demonstrate powerful ways to work with your child’s nature—instead of against it—by cultivating your child’s natural gifts, talents and passions. This groundbreaking, common sense approach dramatically improves self-confidence, relationships and school performance…and dramatically decreases anxiety and medication. Purposefully concise and written in an ADHD-friendly format, Celebrate! ADHD is filled with practical tips and an invaluable Action Plan to help equip your child for extraordinary success in life. You and your child will learn how to turn negatives into positives, leverage competitive advantages, overcome obstacles and live with purpose to benefit others. Kirk and Anita Martin take you on a journey inside the head and heart of a child with ADHD that will leave you—and your child—transformed. Visit for more information. 5 BENEFITS OF CELEBRATING ADHD 1. Build Confidence—help your child like himself and develop a strong identity and sense of purpose. 2. Improve Relationships—discover the keys to forging and maintaining healthy relationships. 3. Eliminate Anxiety and Medication—learn the powerful methods that have lead to an 85% decrease in use of stimulant medication and anti-depressants. 4. Improve School Performance—10 Strategies to improve the school experience. 5. Prepare Your Child For Success in Life—harness the energy, creativity and passion that contribute to success in life beyond school. EDITORIAL REVIEW “This wonderful work of Kirk and Anita Martin will transform the deflating experiences children encounter at home and school into a celebration of their natural gifts, talents and passions. Such positive affirmation produces rousing levels of success. “I celebrate this organization's contribution to cultivating each child's inner wealth and self-worth. The powerful methods in Celebrate! ADHD help children feel a deep sense of self-confidence and acceptance. I implore you to Celebrate ADHD!” Dr. Howard Glasser, Bestselling Author Transforming the Difficult Child: The Nurtured Heart Approach CHARITABLE CONTRIBUTION A portion of this book’s proceeds will benefit The Children’s Success Foundation, which is transforming intense children by using their great energies in constructive, creative and successful ways.

Paperback: 176 pages

Publisher: Cantwell-Hamilton Press (September 20, 2005)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0971614539

ISBN-13: 978-0971614536

Product Dimensions: 8.4 x 5.4 x 0.6 inches

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Like most parents of ADHD children, I have spent hours researching on the Internet, reading books, talking with teachers and physicians, scheduling medical evaluations, etc. This is literally the first book that I have found that affirmed exactly what I feel in my heart. I sobbed through the first 30 pages, grateful to find that I am not alone in my perspective that my ADHD son is a great kid with a bright future! I am so exhausted by dire predictions of life-long struggles and failure associated with ADHD kids. This book outlines how ADHD kids are actually more aligned with the attributes necessary to achieve success in life than those without. They are creative, gifted in the arts, imaginative, risk-taking, and courageous. (Think Stephen Speilberg, Thomas Edison, Walt Disney.) Celebrate!ADHD encourages parents to focus on your child's strengths instead of their weaknesses. By labeling our kids as deficient and medicating them for the convenience of adults, we are destroying their natural self-worth and ambition. We don't expect ourselves to be compliant drones who excel in every field or subject, so why do we hold children to such unattainable standards? How would you feel going to work everyday in an uncomfortable work environment, where you are given incomprehensible tasks to complete, and being told that you are a failure or that "something is wrong with you"? I am actually going to send a copy of this book to my son's principal, in the hope she will remind teachers that all students are good at something and worthy of praise. BUY OR BORROW THIS will not regret it!

A few weeks ago, we emailed Kirk Martin because our home had spiraled into an explosive household--we were constantly yelling and fighting with our daughter. We read Celebrate!ADHD and then invited Mr. Martin to our home for an in-home consultation and coaching session.I can't begin to describe what a difference this has made in our lives. His insight into our daughter was amazing. He connected with her in a way no therapist or psychologist has been able to. And he gave us strategies that make sense. Our home is so different now. If you live in the VA/MD/DC area, take advantage of this incredible resource. And by all means, buy the book, too!

This is a good book to read to be reminded that our kids with ADHD are still great kids and it is affirming of them. However, I did not find many specific helpful hints on how to improve/modify difficult behaviors. If you are looking for a book about ADHD this is a good one to round out a library but if you want specifics on modifying your and your child's behavior I would not recommend it.

Watching my now 7 year old struggle to learn to read has not been a celebration. Maybe her path will be one of creativity, but if she can't focus her attention on the page long enough to learn this basic skill, she's going to have a hard time in this society. I got very little out of this book.

Finally a positive, encouraging perspective on ADD. I'm so tired of the negativity so what a refreshing book this is! I've seen so many wonderful qualities in my son, but get too bogged down trying to fix all his weaknesses. If you are looking for a positive plan that will help you take charge of your child's education and life, by all means read this book. It's the best book on ADD I've ever read. And I've read them all :)

For the past couple years, we've suffered from the so-called "explosive household." If you have a child with ADHD, you may know what I mean. All the doctors tell us is to increase medication after medication. Nothing has worked.Then I took advantage of a phone consultation with Kirk Martin. His insight into our son and our family life was pretty amazing. I got the book and it provided such practical and innovative tips that I've ordered multiple signed copies for several families and teachers.Kirk has insight that I've never heard anywhere. He really gets kids with ADHD, knows what makes them tick, and I guess that's why his strategies are so successful.If you have a child with ADHD, get "Celebrate!ADHD."

I am sufferer of ADHD (in my day they called it being "hyperactive") and having a 3 year old son with the same, it is so nice to get a positive and helpful perspective on myself and my son. So many teachers and other parents love to criticize my son without seeing the positive attributes associated with this condition. Although dealing with my son can be challenging, I would not change him. He is very musical and creative. Most entreprenuers have these same traits.

I meant to write this review a few weeks ago, but was just reminded after my son read Kirk Martin's novel, GIFTED, about a teenager with ADHD.I agree with the previous reviewer. If your child has been diagnosed with ADHD or any learning difference, get this book or the E-Courses at CelebrateADHD. There is so much insight that really works and makes a difference. Their perspective is soooo unique and refreshing.And we just found out today that the Martins are bringing their Camps on the road to Raleigh this summer. I wish we would have learned about CelebrateADHD sooner--this is good stuff!

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