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The Case Against Fluoride: How Hazardous Waste Ended Up In Our Drinking Water And The Bad Science And Powerful Politics That Keep It There

When the U.S. Public Health Service endorsed water fluoridation in 1950, there was little evidence of its safety. Now, six decades later and after most countries have rejected the practice, more than 70 percent of Americans, as well as 200 million people worldwide, are drinking fluoridated water. The Center for Disease Control and the American Dental Association continue to promote it--and even mandatory statewide water fluoridation--despite increasing evidence that it is not only unnecessary, but potentially hazardous to human health. In this timely and important book, Dr. Paul Connett, Dr. James Beck, and Dr. H. Spedding Micklem take a new look at the science behind water fluoridation and argue that just because the dental and medical establishments endorse a public health measure doesn't mean it's safe. In the case of water fluoridation, the chemicals that go into the drinking water that more than 180 million people drink each day are not even pharmaceutical grade, but rather a hazardous waste product of the phosphate fertilizer industry. It is illegal to dump this waste into the sea or local surface water, and yet it is allowed in our drinking water. To make matters worse, this program receives no oversight from the Food and Drug Administration, and the Environmental Protection Agency takes no responsibility for the practice. And from an ethical standpoint, say the authors, water fluoridation is a bad medical practice: individuals are being forced to take medication without their informed consent, there is no control over the dose, and no monitoring of possible side effects. At once painstakingly documented and also highly readable, The Case Against Fluoride brings new research to light, including links between fluoride and harm to the brain, bones, and endocrine system, and argues that the evidence that fluoridation reduces tooth decay is surprisingly weak.

Paperback: 392 pages

Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing; 1 edition (October 7, 2010)

Language: English

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ISBN-13: 978-1603582872

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Here it is; the book that took retired Professor Paul Connett and an army of researchers and activists fourteen years to compile and write. This is the one that rips the cover off the cover up conceived by the U. S. Public Health Service and maintained by corporate industrial giants after World War II to protect one of the most flawed public policies ever conceived in the United States. It reveals one of the saddest mass public deceptions in our history.For more than 60 years the idea of fluoridation has been supported, promoted, advertised and force fed to an unsuspecting public until the very mention of adverse health effects seemed like an affront to the very integrity and expertise of the practice of dentistry and public health itself. Yet, during its entire run as a public policy, fluoridation has continually attracted the thoughtful challenge of intelligent and respected scientists and researchers who did not take blindly accepted dogma at face value. Rather, their sense of ethics and professional responsibility compelled them to read with deep understanding the few well-planned scientific reports that were allowed to slip through the veil of contradictory and skewed tests that were accepted without opposition by an entire medical discipline. Those who came to the conclusion that "fluoridation must stop" were ignored, threatened, and given a very cold shoulder by the very officials whose job it was, and is, to protect the public health.Connett and his co-authors remind us that dentistry is not the enemy here. The enemy, instead, is a system that is geared to perpetuate a belief in fluoridation by using professional peer pressure, tremendous amounts of promotional money, and the subtle threat of ostracism.

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