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The Slate Roof Bible

Published September 1, 1997, The Slate Roof Bible is the first comprehensive book on the topic of slate roofs since 1926. It contains 200 photos, some in color, and an additional 175 black and white drawings. This two-part book tells you why older slate roofs should be preserved, if they can (and how to determine that), and how to identify the various types of roof slate. It details the history of the slate roofing industry in the United States and in Wales (the Welsh started virtually all the slate quarries in the United States), and explains how the finished roof slates were made. The second half of the book is a detailed, step-by-step repair manual, indicating what tools to use, where to get them, and how to use them. It describes what goes wrong with older slate roofs and how to remedy the problems, and includes chapters on how to safely work on slate roofs, plus complete flashing details, chimney repair and rebuilding, how to install and recycle slate roofs, and more. Written in simple, easy to understand laypersons' terms, this is one book no slate roof owner, architect, historian or contractor should be without.

Paperback: 296 pages

Publisher: Joseph Jenkins, Inc. (June 1997)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0964425807

ISBN-13: 978-0964425804

Product Dimensions: 11.1 x 8.6 x 0.8 inches

Shipping Weight: 2 pounds

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A complete education about slate roofs is the only description that seems appropriate for this book. "The Slate Roof Bible" not only covers the various types of slate, installation techniques, and other items you would expect but also the history of slate roofing, slate quarrying, and other information. With photographs or illustrations on almost every page it is easy to understand the techniques as well as everything else discussed. With the knowledge in this book you can easily create the impression of being an authority on slate and slate roofs. "The Slate Roof Bible" is a highly recommended purchase for anyone who wants to gain a thorough education on slate and slate roofs.

During the 1990's, I purchased an old house in Pittsburgh Pa. It has the original slate roof from the 1920's. I was new to slate roof ownership but knew that they were of higher quality and much more durable than the common asphalt roofs preferred by most roofing contractors. For the most part, my roof was in good condition and had been maintained over the years. It was now up to me to maintain this beautiful old roof. But slate roof maintenance isn't a do-it-yourself type job. I talked to a couple of contractors and they all had different opinions on what I should do with this old roof. At that point, I decided that I needed to do some research on slate roofs. I went online and read all about slate. It was here that I stumbled on Joe's book. I ordered a copy and read it cover to cover in a couple of days. After reading the book, I had a couple of questions. I emailed them to Joe and he provided a quick reply. The book is now a valuable title in my home reference library. After reading the book, I was much better prepared to evaluate the recommendations of my local roofing contractors and have found a roofer who has the skills to maintain this exceptional old roof. You really need to be able to "talk slate" with a contractor if you want the maintenance done right. Were it not for Joe's book, I would have probably torn the slate off and installed a 10 yr asphalt roof. I am also in the process of building a new house. I hope to put a slate roof on the new house using the guidelines from the "Slate Roof Bible".

This book by Joe Jenkins is one of a kind. It's a comprehensive, kalidoscopic, multi-faceted tome that everyone interested in architecture, construction, or design must read. One is duly impressed by the encyclopedic knowledge and obvious love and care Mr. Jenkins has brought to his subject. The photos are outstanding and lead you to the conclusion that slate roofs are truely a work of art. This book not only explains the history of slate (as if that weren't enough), but it also devotes the last half to giving practical instructions on how to preserve slate roofs. It argues convincingly that the loss of slate roofs in favor of inferior materials reflects a lowering of aesthetic (and economic) values. After reading this book, you'll want one yourself, and if you already have one, you'll know how to preserve it. The writing is folksy, down home, and humorous, as if Jenkins were pontificating to you from the top of a cathedral as he's replacing a tile. As an example of Jenkins' elevated taste, he opens the book with a phenomenal poem that encapsulates in musical language the poetry of slate. Leaving no slate unturned, the poem artfully recreates the spiritual and aesthetic resonances that slate suggests. The poem is worth the price of the book itself, as is the creative cover by Tom Griffith. All in all, no house with a roof should be without it.

Who knew one could get so excited about slate roofing. After reading this book, I am so motivated to tackle the roof on my house. Everywhere I walk now my head is pointed upwards to look at the slate on roofs. My father always told me that slate lasts 100 years - but never did I imagine it could last up to 400! The most interesting thing about this book is the geology of slate. Mr Jenkins clearly shows his experience but also his passion for this type of roof - which is more than a roof- it's a piece of architectural history. The book appropriately enough starts with a poem - because slate can truly inspire poetry. My only criticism is that in his passion for slate, Mr. Jenkins occasionally slights terne roofing. Being in a barn, garage or gazebo under a terne / tin roof during the rain is just as poetic as slate. I remember looking for books on terne roofing, a skill which thankfully my father passed on to me, and found in some complete guide to roofing (sic) that 'metal is no longer an acceptable roofing material because of the noise it makes during rain'. My God - they just don't get it. Tthe poetry of rain on a tin (or slate) roof. Pity the people who have never heard that soothing, lulling sound.

This book is a tremendous resource on the benefits of slate and why it creates a beautiful roof. The color photographs alone make it clear why all hard slate roofs should be maintained as local/regional treasures. After reading "The Slate Roof Bible" the roof moves to the foreground whenever evaluating a building's appearance. Unfortunately too few understand the long-term asthetic and function of slate roofs, and many beautiful older homes have been downgraded with installation of asphalt roofs. This fine book not only covers all aspects of slate roof installation and maintenance, but also provides help on other projects (gutters, chimneys, etc) while you're up there :-) Read this book and discover the "secret" of slate...

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