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Autism And Me

Only people with autism truly know what it's like to be autistic - and even then, every autistic individual is unique! This award-winning short film by Rory Hoy, an 18-year-old filmmaker with autism, provides a privileged glimpse into his autistic world, letting us take a journey through his everyday experience and see it through his eyes. In easy, accessible terms, Rory explains what having autism means for everyday functioning: what it's like, for instance, not to have the natural inclination to respond to someone who calls you by your name, or someone who waves at you; what it's like to take someone literally when actually they have used a figure of speech. He describes the confusion caused by high noise levels, crowded environments and even by his own emotions and physical sensations, as well as the security and comfort found in routines, forward planning and having thoughtful, calm and loving people around him. This engaging, insightful and light-hearted film will be invaluable to people with autism, their friends and family, and to professionals working with them. A booklet explaining the film, also compiled by the author, accompanies the DVD.


Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Pub; 1 DVD edition (2007)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1843105462

ISBN-13: 978-1843105466

Product Dimensions: 5.3 x 0.6 x 7.5 inches

Shipping Weight: 5 ounces

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Rory Hoy gives a glimpse inside the thoughts and emotions of someone with autism. He resides in the UK and has made many short films prior to this one. My 12 year old son who is high functioning also was impressed and wants to learn how to make a movie too, although his would be on cats and not himself.Rory compares normal people as those with divided attention while autistic peoople have 'single attention'. Rory also covered how he had to be taught to wave back to someone when they wave at you and shared how distracting it can be when trying to cross a street with the loud noises.He suggests that people say things the way they really mean them. Rory assumes it must have been hard for his parents, but noted they always understood him. In the random thoughts section Rory tells of being scared of dogs, likes to smell things and likes to listen to music to block out odd thoughts.A good book that showcases someone on the spectrum dealing with life the best way they can and sharing those experiences so others can learn a little bit about autism.

This is a great resource for individuals working with people living with autism. I find it very useful in teaching the unique symptoms of ASD. It is also a valuable resource for friends and family members of a person living with autism.I must have watched it over 15 times since I bought it. I have also loaned it to other professionals who reported finding it very useful in understanding various aspects of real life autistic symptoms

I first saw this video, while my family and I were attending a family camp for children on 'the spectrum'.The main expert, a PHd with mega experience in children on the spectrum showed this video to the group.I have 2 sons, 14 and 11, both on the spectrum.This is an excellent video to help average people, and those with interact with people on the specturm learn to understand many thngs about an average to higher functioning individual on the spectrum.The video is very much like my 14 y/o.My 11y/o is on a very different part of the spectrunm than his older brother, and it's not so much like him.Again, an excellent video- very informative, very unique, form the viewpoints of a child with Autism.

The child narrating was Brittish and he had a strange sense of humor. It could have had more fact rather than dancing around,

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