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Zero Waste Home: The Ultimate Guide To Simplifying Your Life

Zero Waste Home is the ultimate guide to simplified, sustainable living from Bea Johnson, author of the popular blog sustainably should not mean forfeiting either comfort or style. In this book Bea Johnson shows, by inspiring example, what green living looks like and offers a practical, step-by-step guide to diminishing our environmental footprints and improving our lives.It all comes down to the 5 Rs: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot (and only in that order!). Zero Waste Home shows how these key principles can be applied to every area of your house from the kitchen to the kids' room, and it's packed with easy tips for all of us: from refusing freebies to using your plants as air fresheners.More than a manual, this is the inspiring story of how Bea Johnson transformed her family's health, finances, and relationships for the better by reducing their waste to an astonishing one litre per year.Could you do the same?A French-born artist with a hugely popular blog on zero waste living, Bea Johnson has appeared on The Today Show, NBC and CBS news, and been featured in the New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, People and Lianhe Zaobao (Singapore) and online publications, including Huffington Post and USA Today.

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I must admit, I bought this book having never read the blog, or hearing a word about the author. My husband randomly asked me the other day how we have so much trash, and recommended the book to me based on browsing history, which I took as a sign and ordered it. It is a very informative book, and as quick a read as you choose for it to be. The sections are laid out very well so you can pick and choose what you'd like to read. I read all of the book except for the section on children which I skimmed quickly. I was actually pleasantly surprised by how many things mentioned in the book we already do, considering the comment on our trash situation. I know that our biggest waste is paper towels and this was very lightly addressed, but she did give some options for homemade reusable options which I fully intend to look into. I loved how open she was on their previous lifestyle and made it abundantly clear that the past doesn't matter, you shouldn't dwell on that, just do anything you can do to reduce your carbon footprint for the future which I appreciated. The author is very humble and open about their both good and bad experiences being "green." Not living in California or another super progressive city does have its limitations on ability to do some of the options mentioned. For example, I regularly purchase bulk items whenever possible, but in our area the only bulk items offered are nuts/flours/snacks/grains. Not soap, shampoo, or cooking oils or coffee. I completely agree with the philosophy that recycling should not be our best option. The most helpful part of the book is the resources information, compiled for ease of access.

Bea Johnson had been living the type of life that we're all supposed to envy: huge house, fancy parties, "Barbie-like platinum blonde hair," botox injections... She was Looking Good.But she realized that a lot of the zest was gone from her life. The author was uniquely positioned to conduct an experiment. She had the luxury of choice. She chose to change her environment, by putting household items into storage and renting an apartment while she searched for her pared-down dream home, going back to the simplicity of her frugal childhood on a farm. Judge her if you wish, but the author has done all the research and experimentation to point the way for the rest of us who wish to live more sustainably.Ms. Johnson doesn't just recycle - she avoids even having to recycle. We have all heard the slogan, reduce, reuse, recycle. But the author does it one better. She adds: refuse. Yes, we are to refuse anything that comes with a big disposal burden. Extreme? Probably. But at times I have found myself deciding not to buy something because of the packaging itself, so maybe I'm not so very different after all.Ms. Johnson admits to foraging for moss to use in place of toilet paper, but then decided that it was best to buy the kind of toilet paper that comes with individual rolls wrapped in paper - instead of plastic. When she had a couple of broken drinking glasses, she actually took the time to research online and called her local recycler, to be sure that the broken shards could be accepted at the recycling plant.She not only brings her own shopping bags, she brings her own containers (BYOC) for bulk items and even bakery and deli items.

I'm a 26 year old single mother of a four year old. I live in VA. I work full time and go to school.I am enjoying reading the reviews people are posting either posting a wealth of excuses or poking holes in every single thing that isn't eco friendly: "LOOK THEY HAVE VINYL FLOORING!!!" There is always going to be someone critiquing what they themselves aren't even doing. Heck our entire nation does it during American Idol.Read it with an open mind and don't try to do everything at once. I started reading her blog in 2011. Yes, I still bought the book (e-reader version) because instead of like a blog where the entries are written when inspiration strikes this book is more organized and does offer more info.When I tried this stuff I did not hold myself to all of her standards and I knew that these ideas would never take over in my home. When I got rid of all my excess in 2011 I made 2,500$ by selling it off on and got a notable tax deduction for all the donations. I also felt like I could breath.When I bought flour sack clothes I did with the intention of saving "some money" but I "knew" we'd always need paper towels. The joke was on me since it just struck me a few months back that the last paper towels I bought was in 2011. That was not a conscious change it just happened because we haven't needed them. Any time someone uses them they demand to know where I got them from because they really do work that well. Our utilities have not increased at all due to washing and drying them.Our utilities actually decreased because I had our city come pick up our second garbage can that we no longer needed.I'm using a double edged razor for shaving and now instead of spending 17$ for 5 cartridge heads I spent .

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