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Right From The Start: Behavioral Intervention For Young Children With Autism (Topics In Autism)

Written in an accessible and friendly style, Right from the Start explains how the teaching method known as intensive behavioral intervention (IBI) can benefit young children with autism and related disorders. This includes all children whose diagnosis falls within the broad specturm of Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD), especially those five and younger. This guide begins by discussing applied behavioral analysis (ABA), the central component of intensive behavioral intervention. Readers learn how ABA can be used to teach speech and language, social, motor, and adaptive skills through a system of repetition, reward, and goal adjustment. The descriptions of a real-life family going through the process of understanding their young child's diagnosis and choosing an intensive behavioral intervention program bolster the confidence of other parents in making their own evaluations. And "parent statements" included in each chapter offer important empathy. The authors also discuss what families should consider before choosing any treatment method for their child with autism, and specifically what key elements an IBI program should have. Curriculum, professional roles, parent involvement, inclusion, and the pros and cons of a home-based versus center-based program are all covered. A glossary of terms commonly used in autism research and education helps to demystify what at first seems like an intimidating subject. All in all, this practical and authoritative guide will save parents much time and worry in their search to help their young child with autism.

Series: Topics in Autism

Paperback: 138 pages

Publisher: Woodbine House; 1 edition (January 1998)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 189062702X

ISBN-13: 978-1890627027

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BUT, if you know about ABA and have read "The Me Book" from Lovaas or "Let me hear your voice" from Maurice - this book is not for you.So let me talk to you if you are a newbie to autism. This book is GREAT because it explains in ENGLISH the basics on ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) treatment for autism. It reviews case studies on choices, how to get started, funding, and other extremely important topics for newbies.It is a great book that I give to new parents with children affected with autism ALL THE TIME.But remember: if you are an advanced person been doing the autism and ABA journey for awhile, this book is NOT for you....

This is an excellent book! One of the best I've read(and that covers quite a few!).Excellent advice for Parents just starting out in the maze of Autism treatments and also wonderful for professionals.Lots of practical advice"If someone promises you huge gains,run fast in the other direction"."Be a questioning critical consumer".Lots of excellent advice on choosing a program and fabulous comments from parents which capture the whole essence of dealing with Autism.This book tells us what we all know that the best thing for our children is to 'get in their faces' with early intensive behavioural intervention.Good luck fellow Parents!

I would have to agree that this book is not what its title presents itself as. I was expecting a little more on how "exactly" to help my son Steven who is just recently 3 and has been diagnosed with moderate Autism Disorder. It did give me the positive boost and the push I needed to go out and get the early Intense intervention that I feel "my son" will really benefit from. It helped me to focus on the problem at hand and gave me a starting place to start my search for improving Stevens future. A good read for people new to this life change, however definately not for people looking for answers on how to actively facilitate learning. I also agree that it was a big push by the authors to use their method, and it worked on me, but I wouldn't discount other possibilities.

I wish I'd had this book so much earlier. I cried as I read the parents' stories and experiences--they sound just like the talks my husband and I have and our worries, hopes, and dreams for our son. This is a wonderful book of insight and advice for getting started receiving services and assuring you that you can make progress in reaching your child! Strongly recommended.

This book looks to me just as an advertisement for the school run by the authors. If you want a really good and useful book on Applied Behavioral Analysis, read "Behavioral Intervention for Young Children with Autism" by Catherine Maurice, G. Green and C. Luce. However, before reading it, read the wonderful book "Let me hear your voice", by C. Maurice. Those two books gave me enough knowledge of ABA, so that I was able myself to do the therapy and recover my 3 year-old son from PDD in less than a year.

If you are seeking intervention for a child who has been diagnosed in the Autism Spectrum, you should do as much research as possible into all interventions. This book describes in ordinary English what an Applied Behavioral Analysis program should look like, and what the parent or guardian of a child afflicted with Autism should be looking for in an ABA program. This book was a tremendous help to my husband and me when we evaluated our school district's ABA program and other ABA programs in our region. I highly recommend it to anyone learning about ABA. Prof. Harris has been a great help to me and is highly respected in the Autism community.

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