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The Shady Lady's Guide To Northeast Shade Gardening

Finally, a guide to shade gardening that offers a simple and proven method for bringing those sunlight-deprived areas of your garden to life! Ziffer condenses her considerable experience and her expertise in shade gardening for New England and environs into a unique and easily digestible approach to creating an ornamental landscape in the shade. Tired of using only a few pages of your gardening books? The Shady Lady identifies best practices, best plants, and best information, specifically designed for the zones of the greater Northeast—and leaves out all the rest. Ziffer gives the reader a crash course in the essentials, demystifying shade gardening and providing a large yet highly selective illustrated plant gallery that includes all the indispensable perennials, ferns, and bulbs. Rather than merely listing and describing shade plants, she categorizes them according to the functional roles they can play in the landscape and explains to readers exactly how to cultivate them with a high likelihood of success and a minimum of failure and frustration. She introduces the concept of “backbone plants” and shows why these plants should make up 75 to 80 percent of a shade garden. She also discusses plants that are resistant to deer (and other interlopers). In clear and concise language she tells readers what they need to do; just as important, she shares with them what not to do. The emphasis at all times is on enjoying success by simplifying the approach and avoiding common mistakes.The Shady Lady's Guide to Northeast Shade Gardening will become the definitive guide for all sun-challenged regional gardeners.

Paperback: 240 pages

Publisher: UPNE (May 6, 2014)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1611685257

ISBN-13: 978-1611685251

Product Dimensions: 7 x 0.5 x 9.8 inches

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Average Customer Review: 4.7 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (12 customer reviews)

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This is a very comprehensive book providing all the information needed to create a successful New England garden in difficult shade areas. This 240 page book covers everything from mulching, ph. of soils, various plants and bushes that will do well, mixing and matching the plants, moss, and more. I couldn't think of one question I had about my garden after reading this book.The focus of the book is, of course, shade gardens. As such, the plant section is divided by deep shade and light shade. And then from there broken down in order: backbone plants, accent plants, spring ephemerals, bulbs, ferns for border use, and ferns best for naturalizing. This is very different from so many books that just list the plants alphabetically by latin name.Although there are little to no pictures for most of the description areas, each of the plants in the plant section has a picture for easier identification. Each entry has zone info, latin name, common name, and thorough information that a gardener needs to know about the plant (tips, tricks, problems, benefits, etc.).The last 20 pages include resource info such as plants that are native to North America, plants by USDA zone, plants that grow well in both shade and sun, moist area plants, plants for rock gardens, groundcovers, and places to go for more information.This is definitely a 5 star book. And yet, I hope in future editions there will be shade garden examples for inspiration. The book is sorely lacking in images that show the plants together, garden plan examples, and the artistic side of gardening.Reviewed from an ARC.

This book came out at the perfect time for me while embarking on a major landscape project in my shady backyard. The earlier review sums up the order of this book well. What made it so likeable to me was that it was very 'readable'. Not all books that teach are a pleasant read. This one is different: it reads more like you found a very experienced gardener's personal notebook. The author gives her opinion based on personal experience and I particularly liked that for each shrub or plant noted, she includes it's benefits and its considerations, which is very important before making an investment. I found some real gems in here that I wasn't previously familiar and I like that she separated degrees of shade. I do agree with the previous reviewer, that including some pictures of gardens where you could see some plants working together would have been a very nice addition, but she does make many suggestions on pairings and groupings. Very informative and I know I will refer to this book for years.

I wish this book was written 25 years ago, I would have saved a lot of money on plants. This is the type of book I want to buy for other people. I like that she encourages planting native plants but also mentions non natives the most people like. The pictures are very good. She does a great job explaining the nature of plants in the northeast.

An excellent, intelligent, no-nonsense guide to the pleasures and challenges of shade gardening. Not for the dreamy-eyed newbie who fantasizes about a fluffy, colorful English garden but for those who delight in the many possibilities and variations of shady plant life. Realistic guidance is offered about soil preparation, plant selection and a reality check about the diligence and dedication actually required in order to be rewarded by a beautiful garden for years to come. Readers will be surprised and gratified by the many plants available these days for the shade garden, and armed with the Shady Lady's solid advice about how to achieve a wonderful place in the shade.

This is a wonderful book, especially the "Gallery" that describes many shade tolerant and shade loving plants. It also has many useful tips about gardening with these plants. The reason it didn't quite meet my expectations is that the review I read of it said that it was written with a lot of wit and humor, but I did not find this to be the case. I found it to be a basically sober presentation, albeit a very fine one.

The Shady Lady gives very practical information on what to plant in the Northeast, how, when and where, regarding shady conditions. The photo gallery of plants is very helpful. It was not high-goals-rare plants-good luck trying to duplicate - information, but stuff that I felt I could accomplish if only the rabbits will keep away!

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