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Weight Loss (Subliminal Persuasion Self-Hypnosis)

Losing weight through the power of your mind, truly your unlimited potential. Originally written and recorded by Barrie Konicov during the inception of Potentials Unlimited, hypnosis for Weight Loss has continued to be the #1 bestseller of all time. This Weight loss program will assist you to lose weight with hypnosis like few other programs can. Barrie's unique style and relaxing voice make his subliminal products the proven leader in the field of Weight Loss hypnotherapy. By strengthening your desire, determination and will-power through the use of hypnotherapy Weight Loss programs, you will improve more than just your weight. Your use of Barrie's Weight Loss program will improve your peace of mind, anxiety level and overall well being too. Listen to the Weight Loss recording as you are guided by Barrie to discover a new you. Be ready for a spectacular change now!

Audio CD

Publisher: I.M.P.A.C.T. Publishing Inc.; unabridged edition (April 1, 2003)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 087082953X

ISBN-13: 978-0870829536

Product Dimensions: 0.5 x 4.8 x 5.5 inches

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Average Customer Review: 4.2 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (22 customer reviews)

Best Sellers Rank: #112,934 in Books (See Top 100 in Books) #3 in Books > Health, Fitness & Dieting > Diets & Weight Loss > Hypnosis for Diets #19 in Books > Books on CD > Health, Mind & Body > Fitness #56 in Books > Books on CD > Health, Mind & Body > General

On the positive side, I think Konicov has a good voice and maintains a good vocal pitch for the audio. He's good at including the kind of key reminders one expects from hyponosis: breathing deeply, positive thinking, etc. On the negative, Konicov veers too far from the issue at hand and indulges in extended visualizations that do not guide the listener to eat less and exercise more. Instead, there is a naive and distracting focus on the possible thoughts and reactions of some "other" third party.While there is a plethora of serious scientific research that supports the idea of a mind-body connection, Konicov does not draw on this, instead he dips into the worst kind of new age "hoo-ha" that has given the term "new age" (and genuine new age concepts) a bad reputation. Finally, his script has been poorly-edited: there are grammar mistakes and syntax errors, which after 30 consecutive days of listening I found particularly irritating. And the end result? No, I didn't lose any weight, my motivation did not improve, and my behaviors have not changed. If there had been no "hoo-ha" and if the text had focused more extensively on eating less and exercising more, I would have easily given this self-hypnosis audio 4 or 5 stars.

While going through a divorce, I tried this. When I took a nap or at night, I'd play it in my bedroom. Not only did I lose 35 pounds over a period of time, I slept better after listening to it. It gives very commonsense advice, but the repetition really helped me. I was so pleased with it, I bought others by Konicov for everything from improving my bowling, to decision making, to adjusting to the divorce.

I use it to relax after I do my back exercises. It is so soothing. I have the tape from Barrie which I have used for years and decided to get the CD. I was wonderfully surprised to hear new music. It's a real treasure. Many Thanks.

I used this program well over 10 years ago & it didn't do much. Fast forward to about a month ago, and I've lost 14 pounds in three weeks. I have been studying metaphysics, practicing positive thinking, visualization & that might be why I'm subconsciously able to receive the information this time around. With no effort, besides playing the CD - I've stopped eating carbs, choose fresh foods, lots of veggies, mostly foods I make - cut back on sweets 95%, going to the gym, no junk food at all. I simply don't desire it any longer - things I couldn't keep my hands off of it are no longer a temptation. It's rather amazing and well worth the money. Simply pay attention to the directions and listen to it as much as possible.

I had the cassette version of this years ago and I was looking to update it. The subliminal music has changed a bit, but is still enjoyable. The self hypnosis side is the same and is terrific. I recommend this for anyone trying to lose weight.

I owned this cassette and am thrilled to find it available as a CD. I admit I've never disciplined myself to use it in conjunction with a dieting plan so I'm not able to comment on weight loss results. It is, however, a miracle worker when it comes to relaxing me when I can't sleep. I always turn to it when insomnia hits and it never fails to put me to sleep and I awake well-rested. It's great to use when you have a miserable cold and need your sleep! I'd imagine the other hypnosis options with Barrie K's voice would be equally as effective for relaxation. Going to buy the CD as my cassette is missing and am going to use it with diet and exercise this time :)

I enjoyed the relaxation and help to lose weight. It also gives you confedense in yourself and to eat slower and less to feel full.

I feel like it's working but not sure. It puts me to sleep 95% of the time (which is what I want) However by the end it wakes me back up again when I want to stay asleep. I ordered a different weightless self hypnosis cd to compare.

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