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Scottish Fold Cat Book: Tips On The Care, Nutrition, Training, Grooming And Personality Of The Scottish Fold Breed

Are You a Scottish Fold cat owner?•Do you want to take care of your Scottish Fold, but don't know how?•Do you want to learn everything about this unique breed?•Do you want to provide the best nutrition to your fold, but you are unsure as to how?•Do you feel helpless, powerless, and out of control when your cat ignores your commands?This All-Around Book Will Help You:•Educate yourself on Scottish Folds•Learn how to provide care and good nutrition to them•Deal With non-obedient or stubborn kittens•Become a better Scottish Fold cat ownerTopics About Scottish Folds Addressed In My Guide:•Preparing for your Scottish Fold and Finding a Good Breeder•Buying or adopting a Scottish Fold Cat•Building and maintaining a good relationship with your Cat•General Care and Grooming Needs•Keeping your fold healthy and fit•Getting your cat spayed/neutered•Handing elder cats and ageing•Breeding and PregnancyA Personal Note From The Author:My name is Brian Stephenson and I am a cat lover and owner. I have enjoyed the company of many cats throughout my life, but the folds, oh! the folds... what a breed! They have everything a human could look for. They are playful, intelligent, loyal friends, they are even good company for other pets, such as dogs!Scottish Folds is a breed of cat which tends to bond strongly with their owners. They are good with adults and especially with children, making them suitable pets for families. Additionally, they are animals with great adaptability, thriving even at the most crowded places at ease.That’s why I’ve put together this step-by-step guide. It will help you become a great Scottish Fold owner!

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Pros: The book is nicely written with beautiful pictures here and there. I really liked the chapters of nutrition and pregnancy handling.Cons: I would like to see in the next edition a more detailed grooming chapter.I've acquired the book during the free offer. I've acquired the book after an email I received from the Scottish Fold Love Newsletter. First I skimmed through and spotted some interesting chapters. The author made it easy to skim through, it has lot's of titles and subtitles and a detailed table of contents. Since the book is not very big, In the end I've read it all.I absolutely love this breed and even though I don't own a Scottish fold cat I am thinking of adopting one. The book was of great help clarifying a few things in my mind. The book is NOT a Scottish fold advertisement and presents both the good and the bad aspects of the breed, which is something i really liked. I don't know if I want a Scottish fold yet since I don't know if I can provide the care a Scottish fold needs throughout its lifespan (according to the book).I believe that this book is a must read if you want a Scottish Fold. You will learn the ins and outs of the breed before you make the final decision and get one for yourself. You will also find information on how to spot good breeders and good kittens.I highly suggest the book for people not familiar with the breed who want to buy a Scottish fold cat.

Contains some good information about the Scottish Fold. A little repetitive, but overall a handy read if you are thinking of buying or rescuing a Fold. They are a very distinctive breed with some funny quirks, and the book does a good job of detailing them and explaining the health concerns to be aware of.

The book presents all the aspects of the Scottish fold breed in great detail. Aspects of health and genetic problems as well appearance and personality traits commonly found in Scottish fold.Overall, simply written and informative. Five stars from me.

Pros: Very informative, covers every aspect. Scottish fold owners will learn how to avoid very bad situation that can be result of restraining, bad breeder selection and/or bad nutrition practices.Cons: I would like a more detailed description of the Scottish fold cat, but that’s ok actually since you can find that at the breed profile of TICA if you want.I’ve acquired the book after an email I received for the free period of Scottish fold Cat book. It was a fast read (3 hours for me). I am totally satisfied and i believe the author covers everything, the beginners and experts, since he presents basic cat care concepts combined with the peculiarities of the Scottish fold.I got this book during my search to buy a Scottish fold and really helped me locate a reputable breeder. Thanks to the book I also believe i have a good grasp of the fundamentals of cat care and grooming. Only bad is that for some chapters, if you want to go deeper, you have to read the extra stuff provided in the end (usually articles around the net). Anyway…I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to buy or owns a Scottish fold cat.

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