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How To Train Your Cat... And Stop Biting, Scratching And Problem Behavior

Are you wanting to change your cat's unsociable behavior, but not sure where to start?Is your cat biting or scratching you for no apparent reason?Wouldn't it be wonderful, for you and your furniture, if you could modify your cat's behavior?This book contains sound techniques and will be a guide to correct problem behavior in your cat or kitten, whether it is scratching furniture and carpet, or biting you and your friends. "How to Train Your Cat...and Stop Biting, Scratching and Problem Behavior" will show you how toprevent and redirect scratchingredirect and encourage new behaviorcorrect annoyance biting and fear aggressionsuccessfully clicker train your catchoose a clickertrain your cat to use a litter boxchoose a harnesstrain your cat to walk on a leashprepare your cat for the great outdoorsThe different triggers that make cats act in an aggressive manner are explained and how to correct this behavior.You will also learn the reasons for scratching walls, furniture and carpet and ways to change this.When you buy this book, you will be impressed to find that it is full of proven methods for changing your cat's behavior and creating a loving bond between you and your feline friend.

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I have a new kitten who is turning into a behavior problem. I got this hoping for new techniques from a cat expert or information on cat behavior from an animal behaviorist? But, there is nothing in this book that can't be learned with common sense or found online in a simple search.

Dogs. Now dogs are nice animals. They come in and lie down at your feet and are just happy to be next to you.I don't own any dogs. My wife has cats.To be fair, our cats are well behaved, but I bought this book to share with our cat-loving children. THEIR cats are demon-possessed, four-legged machines of destruction. My wife looked at this book and agreed that it is all sound and she used many of the same techniques on our relatively well-behaved sinister beasts (that's really not fair; they aren't left-handed).The techniques are sound. If you need to train your cat to eliminate problem behavior this is the book for you. Get it now, while you still have furniture and curtains. My daughters wish they had this book when their cats were young, but they are starting now.After all, you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but an old cat can learn forever...

My boyfriend is a dog person , and I am a cat person. As we've spent more time together, he's been frustrated with my cats, particularly their nocturnal behavior. I picked this book up to see if there was anything I could do to smooth things over. It was full of great information! It was reassuring to know that I'm doing some things right but there's still more I can do to make my cats' lives (and my life with them) great. The information is provided in a straightforward, easy to understand manner. The writer seems friendly, never chiding or condescending. It is a good purchase.

This is an easy to read and understand book for training your "companion" cat.The book opens with a section on cat psychology. It covers the importance of not using punishment in the form of slapping, hitting or yelling at your cat. Instead, it is suggested to leave the cat alone for a period of time or to distract it with something else.There are also sections covering litter box training, stopping biting and scratching training, staying close to home when outdoors training, walking on a leash training and clicker training. There is even a list of plants that your cat will love. Who knew cats love Mint and Valerian?Clicker training is something I had never heard of being used for training cats. Essentially, this is teaching your cat to associate a food reward with a clicking sound and then transferring the clicking sound to good behavior and the reward.There are photo illustrations throughout the book.This book is useful for helping the first time cat owner train their "little buddy."

It's Stonewalker's fault! He made me buy it!This is actually my second time to write a review. I wrote one 5 days ago and it's just...G O N E! Sigh.What I'd said was that this little book is great! It's short, sweet, and right to the point. There's no filler here, just a list of common behavioral problems, each with a few paragraphs describing why a cat may behave that particular way and what you can do about it. The last few pages go into how to actually train your cat to do certain behaviors of your choosing.It's pretty cool and I learned a lot in a short period of time!I'd definitely recommend it to a friend with a problem cat!

I am a big cat lover. My cat Lucy is my BFF, but sometimes doesn't always behave. I picked up some great tips and learned a lot about cat psychology, which will make me a better pet owner, and Lucy a happier pet. Highly recommended!

I was not impressed with this book, and would not recommend it to anyone hoping to read for any reason other than to take up some time. I hope that this will never be the only book that someone reads about cats or training.I would love to see this author do some true research on this subject and put out another edition of this book. It is clear that she loves cats, and her advice seems based in personal experience, but just not well-researched.Some examples of things I find questionable:*The author recommends abstaining from punishment, then suggests squirting your cat with a water bottle.*As a way to keep unwanted cats from your yard, the author recommends purchasing a dog. This dog is to somehow, perhaps magically, get along with your cat but not any others.*Most frustratingly, the author suggests, near the end, that negative reinforcement and punishment are the same thing. This is simply a lack of understanding of psychological terms and the author should honestly be embarrassed of this mistake.

This is a very well written book on cat behavior. It's thorough and covers all of the major issues that any cat owner will face, plus a couple more - I'd never heard of clicker training.I now have a clear understanding of cat behavior and why they act like they do, as well as having a simple resource to find the best approach to correct bad behavior. I'm looking forward to using the easy advice for asserting dominance the next time my two cats misbehave.I'd definitely recommend this book to anyone getting a kitten, but there's still plenty of advice directed specifically at older cats too.

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