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Mental Toughness For Peak Performance, Leadership Development, And Success: How To Maximize Your Focus, Motivation, Confidence, Self-Discipline, Willpower, And Mind Power In Sports, Business Or Health

Want to Double Your Mental Toughness Within Weeks?Tired of working hard, training hard and still not achieving more success or more wins?What essential quality do all winners, champions, and high achievers possess? Simple. They possess the characteristic responsible for making talent and training applicable for real-world results—mental toughness.Regardless of your activity, position, or skill cannot achieve peak performance unless you have complete and consistent control of your mind. Mental toughness is often the sole difference between winning and losing in sports, business, and personal health.Learn The #1 Mental Toughness Method for Sports, Business, Leadership, and HealthBased on proven methods of mental masters--such as Michael Jordan, Bruce Lee, Bill Gates, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln, and other champion athletes, world-renowned leaders, and highly successful business people--Mental Toughness for Peak Performance, Leadership Development, and Success provides specific instructions and exercises to increase mind power for competition, career advancement, and personal achievement.The Mental Toughness LoopTM method...detailed in this the most simple, innovative, and effective process for developing superior mental toughness. The Mental Toughness Loop method is designed to isolate, transform, maximize, and integrate the seven skills of mental toughness for peak performance.Discover The 7 Keys to Superior Mental Toughness1.Motivation: The starting point for all significant success is motivation. Learn how to spark your motivation and overcome the mental barriers that are holding you back from taking action and achieving greater success.2.Willpower and Self-Control: Most people point to lack of willpower as the number one reason for being unable to make successful changes in their training, habits, and lifestyle. Learn a simple 3-step process for developing consistent willpower to resist negative influences and eliminate negative habits.3.Self-Discipline: Find out how to stop procrastinating. With self-discipline--you can more easily create new habits, achieve continuous improvements, and deliver better results.4.Focus and Concentration: The ability to focus instantly and intensely is a hallmark skill of champion athletes and successful leaders. Discover how to develop “hyper-focus” skills for improved concentration and competitive performance.5.Mental Stamina: Elite athletes and leaders can “lock in” on their focus during intense competition and crucial performances. Learn how to increase your mental endurance--so that you can maintain peak performance, outlast the competition, and finish strong!6.Self-Confidence: Belief in your skills is a basic requirement for mental toughness. Learn how to bolster your self-confidence, elevate your courage, and prevent fear from affecting your ability to take action and get results.7.Mental Strength: Learn how to acquire the mental toughness skills that allow champions and leaders to achieve outstanding results in the face of extreme pressures, obstacles, or pain.Get 2 Bonus ChaptersIn addition to a step-by-step guide on mental toughness training, you will receive a bonus chapter on developing advanced peak performance and leadership skills. Also, you will receive a 2nd bonus chapter featuring “mental toughness masters.” The mental training lessons shared by these legendary winners and champions will inspire you to maximize your skills, performance, and results.Learn MoreOder the print edition and get the kindle edition for FREE. Buy now and start improving your mental toughness today.

Paperback: 232 pages

Publisher: Personal Potential Books (November 28, 2014)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 097689985X

ISBN-13: 978-0976899853

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I absolutely LOVED this book! I have a very demanding job (I am a manager of 20+ people), and I feel like this book has really helped me move in a positive direction in my career, especially on days where I feel completely drained and demotivated. The tips and tricks in this book have come in handy so many times, and I've used the techniques mentioned time after time, with a lot of success. I highly recommend this book for anyone looking to really strengthen their leadership, work performance, and mental toughness.

The number of incredibly successful people that the author culled for his method in this book-- Get in the Loop! I've come to think of it: 'The Mental Toughness Loop Method' officially. But, it's an attention grabber, because these names are household terms, pretty much. Jordan, Lee, Gates, Ford, etc., it's known, I think most of us know this, that mental toughness: the will, heart, brains, what have you-- of a champion all comes from within our brain pan. Mind over matter, one can find any number of sayings --seemingly cliche' for this, but the cliche only sticks because it is all so true.Again, we know this, right? Not all mentally tough people are Champions, necessarily-- but all Champions are mentally tough. And They, Me & You have to be! I'm working my way through this for the second time, as I often do, just absorbing all the reminders and techniques, and it's paying off. Change your mental focus, outlook- many things in here you've heard before or recognize from some other source, but sometimes you just need them all kind of packaged together to make them really stick. and they do a good job of it in here, at least they have for me.Quite pleased with this & consider it a good, solid resource.

This is an excellent resource for anyone who is interested in self improvement. After reading, you will find ways to maximize your mental toughness--essential for any success in ANY field, not just athletics. As a college student who often has to balance many things at once (schoolwork, music, and writing, since I am an author), this book has helped me tremendously and allowed me to see the steps I can take to reach a new level of performance, whether it be motivation, self-discipline, or just confidence. Barnes offers some great tips and advice, and I will be sure to keep this handy for the future!

Mental toughness is about making who you are better all around. J Barnes gives you the secrets and motivation to accomplish greatness. It brings everything one finds difficult and wraps it into an easy to understand mental control guide. This read is golden. Its an inspirational work of art. Of course, its challenging, but anything worth your time will be challenging. The rules and advice laid out in this book are enough to set you up to meet any goal you desire. I've made the things I've learned from this book part of my day to day routine since the first day I picked it up. I feel as though I've always had trouble focusing on my goals. Procrastinating and missing opportunities used to be normal for me. Looking back on it now, I can say with confidence I am a changed person, and I know there is nothing I can't accomplish. This book gives you the key to harnessing from within and controlling how you perceive yourself, your goals, and over all attitude about life. I am able to focus on important things now, and for that I am grateful. 5 stars.

I am disappointed in this book. It is self-important, redundant, and robotic. I do not think that there is any "unique plan" presented here, but instead, this book is a panoply of basic classroom training techniques packaged to seem like a revelation. Wish I had not wasted time reading as much as I could tolerate.

Mental toughness can be hard, sometimes impossible for anyone to achieve. This doesn’t stop everyone wanting to achieve their best, but sometimes that’s easier said than done.This book is exactly what anyone who wants to succeed in any chosen field. Instead of being another book that claims to achieve the impossible, this is a well written and honest account of steps that will lead to success. The author has ensured readers will be fascinated and keep reading, and at the same time, provide the motivation needed. This book is full of useful tips that you can dip into when needed.Overall, this is a well written and informative book, providing much needed inspiration.

I really enjoyed this book, it’s a complete and great book for mental toughness as well as mental strength written by J.Barnes. Though I am not athlete but it helped me and taught me some specific instructions and methods to increase my mind power for better performance. This book also includes advance training methods which will be helpful guide for any athlete or persons wanting to increase and success their life in different situations. I am very much thankful that I read this book and have developed my mental strength. Must read!

This is an excellent book on achieving excellence. Check out the table of contents. The data offered is relevant, real and well organized. While Mr. Barns is an athlete/warrior and the book is written with a sports bias, he is also an accomplished business man (who also writes and sells books). His principles and methods can overlap into areas outside of sports. For those people who are hungry to achieve their goals and are looking for better ways and means, here it is. Read it, then study it, then streamline your goal path. It's a worthwhile buy.

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