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All Corvettes Are Red (Inside The Rebirth Of An American Legend)

No other American car carries the mystique of the Corvette, and early in 1997, General Motors unveiled the stunning fifth-generation Corvette to universal acclaim. But GM's triumph was hard-won -- the legendary sports car had nearly fallen victim to internal company politics and a squeeze on profits. In this candid and compelling book, journalist James Schefter reveals the inside story of the people who saved and reinvented the Corvette, from the drawing board to the assembly line. For eight years, Schefter enjoyed unprecedented access to every part of GM, including areas off-limits to many company vice presidents. A true insider, he observed the new Corvette's odyssey from sketch to clay model to prototype to production vehicle. He accompanied test drivers across scorching deserts and snow-packed mountains. And he came to know the fiercely dedicated team of designers, engineers, and executives who fought and achieved their dream: a new Corvette that is better conceived, better built, and less expensive than its predecessors. The Corvette's odyssey to reclaim its glory is a thrilling testament to the endurance of American spirit.

Series: Inside the Rebirth of an American Legend

Paperback: 384 pages

Publisher: Gallery Books (January 1, 1998)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0671685015

ISBN-13: 978-0671685010

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Let me start this by saying that I'm something of a car enthusiast, but I've never really understood the Corvette. So on the emotional side, to some degree, I had to take the author's word for things.That said, the book is a compelling, interesting, enlightening read. Others may see it differently, but to me it was a fascinating view of the dysfunction that was, and surely is General Motors, and almost certainly many other large corporations as well. As challenging as the technical obstacles were, the biggest challenge the Corvette development team faced was GM management. Budgets were doubled, halved, eliminated, and reinstated, sometimes within months. Programs went from high-priority to cancelled overnight. Much of the most creative and innovative work was done sub-rosa, off-budget, or completely outside of management visibility. What was originally conceived as a 1993 design didn't ship until 1997.One can't help but wonder how (and when) the car might have turned out had GM management been facilitating rather than hindering the development effort. It would have made a much duller book, but the car might have come out four years sooner and captured more market share. And if the same strategy had been applied across all models, possibly GM might not be in hock to the American taxpayers for billions of dollars. And SAAB, Saturn, and Pontiac might all still be around.You can't read this book without becoming angry about the impediments arbitrarily placed in front of a savvy, skilled, dedicated team. At the time the story was being told, GM was offering large number of professional workers early requirement packages in an effort to reduce staff.

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