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Mindful And Mindless Eating: Guided Meditations To Become Lighter With Food

This CD has seven tracks to support listeners in their desire to eat more consciously, diminish self-judgment, and treat themselves with loving respect. Included is an introduction to the Aware Eating approach and 3 key questions to ask yourself before you eat. Next is a grounding meditation for deep relaxation. A mindful eating process leads you to becoming fully present in savoring the delicious flavors and textures of your food. For those times when you feel out of control with food, a guided process channels the panic frenzy of a binge and leads you towards self discovery. There is a special track for when you eat in your car plus positive statements to set your intention towards health and vitality. With original background music.

Audio CD

Publisher: Aware Eating; 1st edition (February 24, 2006)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1605308919

ISBN-13: 978-1605308913

Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 4.9 x 0.4 inches

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This is a beautifully done CD and well worth getting if you struggle with food issues on any level. Robin's voice is deeply soothing and grounding and she helps you learn to relate to food in a much more healthy way throughout the different tracks on the CD. Robin guides you through various segments aimed at increasing awareness of your relationship with food and moving from mindless (and sometimes frenetic or compulsive) eating to more relaxed, conscious, and nurturing eating. If you feel a drive to eat when stressed or emotionally stirred up, listening to Robin's voice alone can help to center you and reduce the liklihood of needing to turn to food for comfort. She is clearly an expert in understanding food issues and helping people to heal their relationship with food. Several years ago I did some coaching with Robin and she helped me tremendously with my food issues, and other issues that sometimes spilled over into stress-related eating. She is a great coach and has done a wonderful job with this CD. I highly recommend Robin and her work - she is a very genuine, nurturing, and skilled coach and guide!

Eating can become an obsession or a mine field for the failed dieter. With three simple questions, this CD can lead you to come back home to yourself. There are no gimmicks in this CD, just a gentle-loving approach to trusting your body's cues, and deciding what you really want. Robin's gentle guidance comes from years of professional training. That's obvious in the professional level of this CD, both in the choice of music as well as in the superb writing. When I listened for the first time, all my fears, that someone would be telling me to stop eating or to eat only approved foods, began to surface. Each of those fears slowly melted using the many guided meditations on this CD. Together they built greater respect and trust in my own inner wisdom. On one track, Robin covers food obsessions, and the urgency to have food NOW to handle emotional stress. She does this from a place that is relaxing and non-threatening, encouraging the release of pent-up emotions. Each track is its own gift, which can be played over and over as the need arises. I heartily recommend this CD.

i bought this cd recently and i love it!!!! i personally own several cds on hypnotherapy and weight loss but they are very average.what attracted me to this cd was the help with binging before and during a binge.also love the mindful eating exercise.eating slowly is so difficult for so many people and this guides you through it.the affirmations at the end of the cd are also wonderful.i especially like "i am enough,i have enough,i do enough".this was great for me because i am so hard on myself for not being thin or getting enough done everyday.i recommend this cd for anyone who struggles with food as i do. LORI aka daisygirl

Robin's ideas and thoughts are very empowering. They make me feel like I am in control of my disease. (or least I can be).Robin provides a lot of good tools and a good variety in case something doesn't stick, there are others to explore.Robin has a very soothing voice which calms me and again, makes me feel like I can conquer this demon.Robin defines my feelings (like how eating grounds our energy. I never heard that explanation before).Robin helps me think through all my options and really how me see the decision is mine (eg. If you are full, you may choose to continue eating.... My choice.)

Over years of struggling with binge eating/bulimia, I've collected many books, videos, CDs, etc. related to these issues. This one is at the top of the list! Finally, a CD that walks the listener through soothing practices aimed specifically at compulsive eating (one of the tracks is even meant to be played during a binge; another is for eating in the car, etc.).This is one of the most helpful, practical, soothing tools of healing I have come across on my search for help. I am touched by Robin's compassion, flexibility, and her understanding of the complexity of eating issues. The CD is refreshingly affective and gets to the depth of the problem. Of course, healing is a process and not a static destination, so I don't mean to imply that this is a "magic pill" -- however, it HAS given me a kind of hope and understanding that was missing before.After only a few weeks, I am grateful to have taken in so many positive, helpful expressions and meditations by listening to this CD. Robin's voice and choice of words are clear and soothing. Unlike many authors on eating issues, she is not overly spiritual or overly autobiographical; her words seem purely focused on the listener's healing. Also, I appreciate that the tracks are a reasonable length (there are 8 total, each between 4 and 15 minutes). The background music is soothing and appropriate. Since getting this CD, I've also checked out her web site [..], where I am thrilled to find her other offerings and resources.

This cd addresses the real issues around weight gain and loss. Instead of counting calories this tape instead addresses the underlying issues. The first of my favorite tracks is a guided meditation which keeps me from eating out of anxiety by lowering my anxiety level. The other favorite track helps me identify if I am truly hungry or do I need something else to nurture myself. This is an extraordinary tape that deals with the reasons underlying women's weight issues. It has worked for me!.

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