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Cold Antler Farm: A Memoir Of Growing Food And Celebrating Life On A Scrappy Six-Acre Homestead

Farm City meets The Omnivore's Dilemma in Cold Antler Farm, a collection of essays on raising food on a small homestead , while honoring the natural cycle of the "lost" holidays of the agricultural calendar.Author Jenna Woginrich is mistress of her one-woman farm and is well known for her essays on the mud and mess, the beautiful and tragic, the grime and passion that accompany homesteading. In Cold Antler Farm, her fifth book, she draws our attention to the flow and cycle not of the calendar year, but of the ancient agricultural year: holidays,  celebrations, seasonal touchstones, and astronomical events that mark sacred turning points in the seasons.      Amidst the "lost" holidays of the equinoxes, May Day, Hallowmas, and Yule, we learn the life stories of her beloved animals and crops--chicken, pig, lamb, apples, basil, tomatoes. May apple blossoms are sweet fruit for rambunctious sheep in June. And come September, the harvest draws together neighbors for cider making under the waning summer sun. The living beings she is tending fuel one another--and the community--day to day, season by season.     By examining what eating seasonally really means, the "ancient" reclaimed calendar becomes a source of wisdom. How do we set down roots and break new ground in spring? How to best nourish body and soul in the heat of deep summer? And what can we learn by simply paying more attention to weather patterns than to our social network feeds? Cold Antler Farm encourages us to eat and live well with respect to for the natural rhythm of the seasons. In turn we learn what it means to be truly connected, not super-networked.

Paperback: 192 pages

Publisher: Roost Books (June 10, 2014)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1611801036

ISBN-13: 978-1611801033

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I am really cross with myself for buying this book without having done any research first. I was going through a phase of reading "back to the land" books and bought this based on the reviews. The writer is not nearly as enamoured with farm life as she is with herself. I might have forgiven her utter lack of humility and the grating, supercilious way that she takes herself so seriously if this were actually a well-written book, but it's not! It's full of useless repetition and cliches. Worse still, it is utterly disorganised (where was the editor?). Did they just cobble together some blog posts? Very weird and utterly disappointing.For someone trying so desperately hard to live an "authentic" life this book seems strangely inauthentic. Or perhaps she is just young and I, being a bit north of forty, have little tolerance for the smug, self-righteous tone of a twenty-something? Evidently I am in the minority in not liking this book... But if back to the land stories are what you are after... There's are far far better ones out there. Start with, for example: A Handmade Wilderness. Then try Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. I could name at least a dozen more that are worth reading. This one is getting donated to our local library straight away!

I love Woginrich's books, and this one is excellent. It focuses on the wheel of the year, and includes essays on both the seasonal responsibilities and their rewards. Very grounded!My husband and I hope to retire to a small holding like this, though we are not up for being as ambitious as Woginrich is! Still, it's very inspirational, and her writing is helping me to maybe find some joy in gardening (I'm more a critter person) than merely the harvest.I also love the way she connects the wheel of the year with social commentary. That context is vital to sustainable lifestyles, however they might be achieved.Highly recommended, especially to people who long for a small-holding of their own- however realistic that might be.

I own all of Jenna's books, but this one is hands down my very favorite!! I love the way she writes about living life on her small homestead through the Wheel of the Year, and her thoughts, feelings, and experiences as each season passes. I've been a fan of hers for a long time, and this is one book I'll definitely be enjoying more than once.

I so wanted to like this book! Some chapters are boring, as if she needed to write something, whether it was interesting or not. Then other chapters were delightful. The consistency was sporadic and often felt a waste of time. It also revolved around some sort of pagan beliefs the author tried to base her book on, creepy and depressing.

Wow what can I say, the girl can write.. mad skills in regards to that part of the book..and all downhill from there, If you are wanting to read about homesteading-Small Farming then this is not going to help you..If her books take you to her blog, you come to understand that she is not doing any of what she is writing, the books are the dream, her living it, is the faint shadow in real crisis after another, asking for help, begging for money sent. when I pay money to read about someone that has done it, it is very disappointing when her very own blog shows and tells you that its her pipe dream

Don't bother. If you've read one of her books, you've read them all. Boring as hell, just a blog post on repeat.

Authentic, wordy though! So much so, that my wife and I couldn't take it, a 1/4 of the way through, we had enough. She is beyond pompous with her choice of prose! We wanted to hear about the nitty gritty from a real, down-to-earth perspective. I don't want to hear about farm life from someone who clearly still thinks she's in NY writing to superficial readers.

Have enjoyed this author since her first book which I loved! The new book was not a disappointment. Jenna is concise, witty and insightful. I feel as if I traverse her farm with her. There is great warmth and clarity as she outlines her life on the farm...with it's joys, struggles, sadness and delights. Highly recommend it to anyone with a "barnheart".

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