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What Is Biodynamics?: A Way To Heal And Revitalize The Earth

In 1924―in response to questions about the depletion of soils and a general deterioration of crops and livestock―Rudolf Steiner gave eight lectures on “the spiritual foundations for a renewal of agriculture.” Based on his suggestions and spiritual science, generations of farmers, gardeners, viticulturist, and researchers developed biodynamics as a healing, nurturing, holistic, ecological, organic, and spiritual approach to a sustainable care of the Earth. Biodynamic methods consider the farm or garden to be a self-contained organism, embedded in the living landscape of the Earth, which is in turn part of a living, dynamic cosmos of vital, spiritual energies. The aim is to increase the health and vitality of the whole, including the farmer or gardener. The biodynamic practitioner follows an alchemical, transformative path of working with the Earth through the nine “homeopathic” preparations created by Steiner. What Is Biodynamics? collects seven seminal lectures―four on developing a spiritual perception of nature and three from his Agriculture Course, dealing with the preparations. Hugh Courtney of the Josephine Porter Institute for Applied Biodynamics contributes an informative, passionate, and visionary introduction. Whether you are concerned with the quality of agriculture and gardening in particular or have a broader interest in the ecological crises facing us today, this book offers a transformative approach that can truly change the way we live together on Earth.

Paperback: 200 pages

Publisher: SteinerBooks (November 1, 2004)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0880105402

ISBN-13: 978-0880105408

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This book tells the whole truth about the basis of biodynamics. I am very grateful nothing was held back in order to appeal to people who are not comfortable with something other than a materialistic approach to the reality of the earth and its processes.

I ordered this book to begin with because of the foresight of Rudolph Steiner. He realized many years ago that we would begin destroying the land, air and water. His methods of holistically rejuvenating our land masses and treating them with care is a concept which he is known for. Putting this into practice should be a personal responsibility that each of us carries. Instead of depleting our resources, let us protect them so they are available for our children's children.

The forward itself is worth reading - offers us the future of farming and the ability to transform our lives. Definitely the future for a sustainable world and the gift of a towering genius and one of the great leaders and prophets for our time. Biodynamics has only started to really grow in the last 50 years, science is only starting to catch up with the deep knowledge contained here. An untouchable brilliant and generous gift of knowledge to the earth.

Glad to get to read the book. Almost finished. I will try out the methods and then give a better analysis of the situation. Hope it really does work. I once did see the large garden of a man who used the method and also rock fertilizers and was astonished at his results on clay "soil".

This book came on time, and the content was exactly what I thought it was. I enjoyed it thoroughly. It was in great condition too.

Excellent exposure to the thought and teachings of Rudolf Steiner. I was the student of one of his pupils named Alan Chadwick, so I appreciate this insight into Steiner's spoken words.

Heard about this type of gardening but had never tried it before...last 2 yards were small but now have big fenced in back yard and am ready to plant a good sized vegetable garden and figured this was the time to try Biodynamic gardening...

What is Biodynamics? If you are asking this question like me, then you probably haven't the foggiest what Biodynamic farming entails. Now, after purchasing this fine book, I'm a piggin biodynamic guru! Yes at first I thought this was a load of hogwash, but how I was wrong. My wife Anne and myself have just successfully engineered our first biodynamic garden and are growing mainly peas. (My wife likes mushy peas, it's all she eats really). By using the biodynamic process we have created our own strain of pea, it's slightly bigger than a petit pois but not quite as big as a marrow fat. We have named the plant after the good Dr Steiner himself. Sales of 'Mushy Rudolf' will begin early next year. My wife's arms are still bad.

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