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Using Natural Finishes: Lime And Earth Based Plasters, Renders & Paints (Sustainable Building)

With the increasing awareness of eco-building techniques alongside the desire to make our homes healthier, the historical benefits of using natural renders and paints are being rediscovered. Using Natural Finishes is an in-depth guide to the selection, mixing and application of lime and clay based plasters, renders, paints and washes. Providing step-by-step instructions with detailed illustrations to show the practical elements of working with lime and clay-based finishes, the authors demonstrate how these natural breathable plasters and paints can be used on a wide variety of wall surfaces, including traditional and eco-build materials like cob, strawbale and stone, as well as modern plasterboard and concrete surfaces, with stunning results. Easy to follow DIY projects guide the reader through all aspects of using these natural finishes, with beautiful photographs of techniques and examples from the UK and abroad. Key words: cob, eco-building, natural building, strawbale, earthen plasters, earth plasters, clay plasters, natural paints, sustainable building, lime plasters, lime paints, lime wash, alis, casein, clay paints, eco paints, green paints.

Series: Sustainable Building

Paperback: 264 pages

Publisher: UIT Cambridge Ltd. (May 1, 2008)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1900322161

ISBN-13: 978-1900322164

Product Dimensions: 8 x 0.7 x 10 inches

Shipping Weight: 2.1 pounds

Average Customer Review: 4.6 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (30 customer reviews)

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This book is a must for everyone's library! Not only does it apply to vernacular architecture such as adobe and reed mat, but modern architecture such as concrete and brick as well. While the focus of the book is finishes, it begins with information on wall systems and preparation and ends with samples of international finishes. The chapters on plasters, renders and paints are packed with recipes for making your own finishes, sidebars containing interviews with hands-on professionals, even laboratory and on-site test data--everything to make your project rewarding and enjoyable. "Using Natural Finishes" truly is step by step, using both illustrations and clear, well written text to enable the reader to discover the wonder of natural ingredients. You definitely cannot go wrong with this purchase!

Buy this book, and use it to the point where the pages are smudged with clay, pigment, and lime. Adam Weismann and Katy Bryce are at the forefront of a new generation of builders that are continuing and perpetuating vernacular practices and crafts, while innovating by bringing together natural methods, materials, and techniques from a range of traditions. Using Natural Finishes, Lime- & Earth-based Plasters, Renders & Paints: A Step by Step Guide follows on their earlier book, Building with Cob: A Step by Step Guide. These books are unique in that they capture and convey both the art and the science of natural plasters and wall construction in such a way that the novice and the professional will find inspiration and technical advice. Using Natural Plasters will find its way onto the bookshelves of owner-builders, architectural historians/restoration specialists, and professional contractors. It begins with a basic discussion of wall substrates and the dynamics one needs to be aware of when planning to apply a plaster on these surfaces. A general discussion of tools, preparation, and application techniques is followed by detailed chapters outlining how lime- and earth-based plasters, renders, and paints work, how to prepare them, and how they should be applied. The final chapter highlights traditional finishes and practitioners from regions around the globe. In addition to all of the well-written text are several hundred gorgeous photographs. I recommend this book to all of my students and colleagues. Buy this book!

I have just received my copy of "Using Natural Finishes" and I have not put it down since opening it. It is a stunning book. Filled to the brim with easy to follow "how to" instructions and great ideas for beautiful natural finishes. It's hard to believe, when seeing the photos of what others are doing with all natual products, i.e., the gorgeous pigments from nature and the soft organic curves created by natural plasters, AND very importantly, the health and economic benefits of using natural finishes, that more home builders in the U.S. are not building truly "green". Adam's and Katy's first book, " Building with Cob", and now their latest, "Using Natural Finishes", are great resources for the natural building revolution in this country.

It is unreasonable and negligent of the authors to believe the techniques and skills covered in this book can be accurately conveyed through print.This book set me back 5 months in me renovation, and in the end, I scrapped everything. Do you wonder why sheetrock is the standard in building? Because it is AMAZING! It works. It looks even and stays on the walls.Environmentalist? I thought I was too. After my experience with this book, I would be willing to paint the walls with baby seal blood and seal it with taiji dolphin blubber if it was guaranteed to stay on the walls.So why not 1 star? Because the book does contain information and nice pictures. For a retiree with all the time in the world with experience building and renovating, this book may be useful. If you can take a live workshop then need a reference, here's your book. However, for anyone working, raising a family, with any other obligations, or anyone who enjoys their sanity, remaining hair, and harmonious marriage, my heartfelt advice is to not attempt anything in this book.P.S., Thanks for the tennis elbow

As a new home owner, that wants my inner-space to reflect my values of nature and beauty, this book is my bible. I am planning on putting up clay paint in the bedroom, a first step to mastering the materials before attempting to do the more difficult clay plastering in the living and dining rooms.This book covers everything from traditional (and in one case waterproof) lime plaster finish from Italy, to the most organic finish of clay over either adobe or straw. It has enough of the structural science to make an engineer wag happily, while not making the non-engineer's eyes glaze over. The reader is told how, what and why for a variety of surface treatments, extensive resources, and very clear photography.All in all, this is a must have book for any home owner wondering if there is more to life than egg-shell finish latex paint!

This beautiful, practical book, filled with inspiring pictures and helpful instructions, encourages all of us to reclaim building practices that have been sustainable across many cultures for millennia. In first "Building with Cob" and now this book--both tributes to those who have gone before them perfecting natural building and finishing--Adam Weismann and Katy Bryce draw ancient wisdom into the 21st century, making it accessible for us all.

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