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Wheat Free: How I Lost 90 Pounds In 6 Months By Eliminating Wheat From My Diet & How You Can Do It Too

Would you believe me if I told you that by simply eliminating wheat from your diet you could prevent fat buildup, shrink stubborn belly bulges, and lose a crazy amount of weight? Believe it! Freeing my diet of this one simple (yet health-damaging) ingredient was the sole reason for my dramatic, unthinkable weight loss – all 90 pounds of it. If eliminating wheat sounds like a challenge, rely on this book’s step-by-step action plan to walk you through the transition, which is much easier than you think. It will help you say goodbye to wheat for good and say hello to a slimmer new body for life.

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So many diet plans have disappointed me that I began to do a bit of research on foods that had been genetically modified. I heard that the American Indian, once fit and slim, had begun gaining weight when corn, that had been genetically modified. was introduced to their diet. The amount of corn consumption had not changed, but the weight gained by the people who ate it increased tremendously.I decided to take a look at what my food consumption was. For a general American diet, I was really doing well. I ate mostly fruits and vegetables, with an occasional piece of beef or chicken, supplemented by fish. I ate whole wheat bread, not the white stuff, and thought I was doing really well with my eating habits.After reading this book I discovered that all I had been doing to lose weight was being compromised by breads that used GMO grains. I had given up so much, soda, fried foods, sugar (and all that goes with that tasty spread!) and now I was on the hunt for non GMO grains and foods that were gluten free.I happily gave up the whole wheat products, along with any flower products and a week later I was seven pounds lighter. Now I love the way I eat and still lose weight! This is great book with a whole chapter dedicated to question and answers!

Too short, too basic. Was worth .99, not 2.99 Nothing new here. Just a gal who figured out , via insensitive remarks from a rotten boyfriend, that she was too heavy. She cut wheat out of her diet and lost weight. There, end of story. Nothing insightful, nothing that hasn't been written about a gazillion times. Has the typical typos and editing problems most self published reads do. If you want a review of why eating gluten free is a good idea and you have a half hour and nothing else to drop 3 bucks on, might be worth a read.

Review for wheat free diet. Jessica Haven's wheat free diet enabled her to lose 90lbs in 6 months. She explains how this effected her health. Loss of vision, in more than just sight,too.She shares her younger days, which gives a nice background when reading. Of course a grandma with a house of goodies! College days, Jesse.Later, abusive comments, a downward spiral, decisions, moving in a better direction. Not without consequence. Better choices, restored vision.A new her. This book was actually eye opening. I have read many weight loss books, the effects of this to the degree of losing ones eye sight, and personal struggles, really saddened me.Now, it has it's successful ending, but I think its important for those struggling to see they are not alone if in deep as Jessica was or just a constant few pound struggle it's frustrating. Get this book, get ideas. A good inspriring story. 5*****

After reading "Wheat Free Diet How I Lost 90 Pounds in 6 Months by Eliminating Wheat from My Diet & How You Can Do It Too" by Jessica Haven, I'm truly intrigued by the possibility of losing weight and keeping it off. The author gives the reasoning behind why wheat can keep a person from losing weight and doesn't sugar-coat things by saying it will be easy to stop consuming them. But she does give alternatives to wheat products often with the promise that while it will be hard to give them up at first, it will be well worth it in the end. The very fact that her motives were not solely based on vanity but were rooted in health issues makes this a plan that I would seriously consider for myself.

Wheat free diet written by Jessica Haven is a uniquely told story about a young woman who became obese. She wasn’t happy with the way she looked so she cut out all grains and wheat’s from her diet making her lose 90 pounds in just six months. She finds herself in trouble and has health problems not normal for someone her own age. She said that it is important to forgive yourself when you mess up; and pat yourself back when you succeed. That is exactly what I intend to do as I am obese as well and have health conditions not common for my age. I related with how Jessica felt in her heavy body. I recommend this book if you need a little extra boost losing weight.

‘The Wheat Free Diet’ gave me some good insight to the struggles of eating “gluten-free.” The author was very candid in her weight issues, struggling since early adulthood. She grew up living on breads, pastries, cookies and the like. This book was interesting for me because several members of my family also have celiac disease. Having learning that this is hereditary, I am thinking I need to look further into eating a wheat free life and begin transitioning to a gluten-free lifestyle. I applaud the author for taking matters into her own hands in an effort to lose the weight and avoiding pills and medications.

Who could ever have imagined that wheat could possible be bad for our bodies. I always thought wheat was good for your body. The author was very open with her weight issues and the struggles that came with being overweight. This was a real eye opener for me because like the author I grew up on the same types of foods. I never knew how much gluten could effect weight loss. I always though wheat was good for digestion but this book made me take a different look at my consumption of wheat that I eat and feed my family.

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