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7 Worst Mistakes People Make With Celiac Disease And Gluten: (and Stay Sick Forever)

Hundreds of millions of people are suffering from thousands of medical issues and there are thousands of symptoms overlapping each other. It's a busy world. Where to start?! Who has time (or wants to) read thousands of pages on digestive problems, autoimmune diseases, and this very vague thing called Celiac / Coeliac Disease? Forget "50 Shades", it's more like 500 shades. But if you have a hint of an issue and are beginning your research - here's an easy read kept especially short so you can do it quickly, and know where to look out for where people generally go wrong. It's like talking to a contractor BEFORE you start shopping for houses, this way you know what to look out for.How can we possibly read thousands of in-depth books to figure out what's going with us?! (yes, doctors used to do that for us... but that was when there were hundreds of diseases, not thousands, and our food supply wasn't a science fiction nightmare yet).Illness resulting from gluten, whether it is actual Celiac / Coeliac Disease or Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity, is probably the topic with the most misinformation out there right now.The problem is, who has time to read everything about every possible disease and in the case of a gluten allergy it is not as simple to identify as a dairy allergy would be. It is also a lot harder to understand and maintain a gluten free diet because it is not as clear cut as maintaining a dairy free diet. Gluten is hidden everywhere and its symptoms (over 300 of them medically linked by Celiac Disease Research Centers worldwide) are so varied, ranging from the obvious digestive disorders and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) symptoms to the not so obvious issues like depression, brain fog (known as grain brain), and chronic fatigue syndrome. Grain brain, wheat belly, call it what you want - the bottom line is that gluten is toxic and causing millions of people to be sick.This short report is meant to help you if you looked at gluten as a problem before but ruled it out (happens often with this much misinformation!). The actual statistic is that people with Celiac Disease suffer for an average of eleven years before being diagnosed (and that's just counting when symptoms began to appear! ELEVEN YEARS!). Caught earlier and tested properly, not only is the pain avoidable but so might be triggering Celiac / Coeliac in the first place!This report is not an in depth biology lesson - that won't help you right now. I felt the need to create a short report for no other reason than to show people where their research probably went wrong and if they are still having symptoms then it might be time to take a better look at gluten. Understanding the misinformation is the only way to avoid them.It is written in short summary form so that you can read it in one sitting. It is to help you see where the world is going wrong on this issue of gluten intolerance, how easy it is for that to happen and why you might want to take a closer look with a more credible source.This report is to help you avoid the near death experience I almost had from gluten and had I known then what I know now, I could have completely avoided triggering Celiac Disease in the first place. It's a good thing to do since it is an auto-immune disorder that is irreversible and has no cure. Do not suffer in silence. Do not let the web throw you off track. Take control of your health. You owe it to yourself. Life is too short to suffer from things that can easily be avoided.

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I have found longer and more helpful information other places for free. It talked about how the lists of gluten free foods that you can find on the internet are wrong, but did not explain why. I also didn't learn anything I didn't already know. I am also really annoyed that I paid 3 dollars for a pamphlet (it is only 25 short pages) that is selling a more expensive ($97) program. In the pamphlet, she talks about how people are taking advantage of the fad diet. I don't care if she has Celiac herself, she is also taking advantage of the fad diet by marketing what seemed like a summary of the first three hits on google when you type in "Celiac disease", which puts people like me who actually have Celiac and are looking for more information at a disservice. It was the biggest waste of 3 dollars I have ever spent. Don't waste your time or your money. To be fair though, I should have looked at the preview of the book and noticed that it was just promotional material and not actual information. Don't do what I did.

Sorry....but this was nothing more than the author complaining about doctors not diagnosing people correctly a nutshell she tells you to get genetic testing to confirm if you Celiacs.......waste of 99 cents.

I do not think that I paid too much for this booklet. I agree with all seven points. I would add, as a person diagnosed 3 years ago, that you should not go to the store and load up on gluten free mixes. Most of the mixes are for stuff that is sweet and if you just replace bread with sugar you are not going to like the results. I shop at Kroger most of the time and they are nice enough to put a "Gluten Free" box on the shelf tags for their gluten free items. Do not trust them. The majority of the items will be gluten free but not all. I always read the specific item information provided on the packaging before I buy an item. I do not take the shelf tag's word for it.

Would have liked to have seen more details of how to avoid.gluten accidents. I have been diagnosed celiac 3 months ago. I found green smoothies that seemed gluten free but.not and I do not for the life of me understand the need for gluten in a veggie smoothie. Thinking seriously about not consuming anything that was not prepared by my husband or myself. Way too risky

This book does exactly what it promises to do. It delivers a brief overview of the symptoms and treatment of celiac disease and gluten sensitivity, and tells you why these conditions are poorly diagnosed. From here you can go on and do additional research on your own.

This is the first book I read after finding out that I had Celiac Disease and it has provided me with a wealth of information as well as giving me a heads up about the Misinformation that exists in the medical arena and social media about gluten allergies. Great place to start. Thank you Ms. Karr! Definitely going to look into your other books.

Very good information if you are dealing with celiac disease. The writer is passionate and for good reason! This is. Serious problem. Thanks for the resources. My Mother has celiac and now has early on set Alzheimer's. I wonder if there is a connection?Also read Gut and Psychology by Campbell McBrideLori Sherman

New to the whole concept of gluten sensitivity. Stopped eating gluten three weeks ago and cannot believe the difference in my life. Been feeling horrible for the last 2 years. Blamed it on my mother being sick and eventually passing in September. My daughter and family moving far away. And other stressful events in my life. Tried to eat healthier and just kept gaining weight and feeling sick and depressed. Had an aha moment and went online. And I have to say this is the first book that I have read that truly made me understand , in a short amount of time, that I feel more confident dealing with this new information and look forward to learning more with your newsletter and your other books. Thank you!

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