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Weddings:Wedding Etiquette Guide: An Essential Guide Book Tor The Most Memorable Wedding Celebration

When you're organizing a wedding, there are many points of etiquette that should be considered. Even if you're not usually the type of person to follow etiquette and guidelines, it's important that, for your wedding, you bear in mind that it is not just you who needs to be happy with the event - you want your family and other guests to enjoy the day too. By conforming to etiquette, you can ensure that everyone has an assigned role and knows what they are doing on your big day so that the event goes as smoothly as possible. Wedding Etiquette Guide: An Essential Guide Book For The Most Memorable Wedding Celebration will look at the different points of etiquette that you should follow, beginning from the time that you get engaged, right through to sending out thank-you notes after you return from your honeymoon. It will provide a breakdown of who should be responsible for which duties in the planning stages of the wedding, as well as on the big day itself. It will also look at what happens in the unlikely event that you need to call off your wedding at the last minute because your relationship does not work out. Once you have read this book, you will have a much better idea of what you should and shouldn't be doing in the preparations for your wedding. Of course, that doesn't mean that you don't have any control over the way that your wedding is held, but it does give you a foundation on which you can base your wedding planning and will ensure that all your guests are left with fond memories of a happy day spent with loved ones. Use this book as a checklist at each stage of your wedding planning and, before long, you will be looking forward to your wedding day knowing that you have done everything you can to make it the best day of your life.

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Publisher: Sam Siv Release Date: November 3, 2014

Language: English


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As someone who is planning a wedding this book has really helped me. I have learned both what is expected of me as well as what is expected of my guests. The book is well written and thorough- whether you are getting married, in the wedding party, or more generally just a guest you will have a very clear idea of precisely what is expected of you after reading this book.I wish that I had this book about a year ago when I was part of a wedding party, as I learned about several (fortunately minor) mistakes that I had made. The final chapter, about what to do should you call the wedding off just before the event, would have served my cousin well as he and his ex-fiance had made the mistake of opening and using shower gifts before the wedding (this is a no-no, and the author does a good job of advising against it).The section on the invitations has been particularly valuable to me. This is the stage we are in now, and the author has made it crystal clear to me exactly how I should go about the process of doing the invites. I am also glad that I read the section about tipping, as I was unaware of exactly what the conventions are for tipping professionals involved in your wedding (photographers, the DJ or band, etc.)Highly recommended for those involved in a wedding, whether as a participant in any capacity or just as a guest.

I've been thinking about the speeches my family has prepared for my brother's upcoming wedding lately that I almost forgot the other things to do like making sure that the wedding is celebrated with happiness and in peace & order. I'm glad I got this guide book to help me and the rest of my family members. This book contains lots of helpful info, like the arrangements in the ceremony, the traditional walk on the aisle and the proper etiquette and manners every one present should remember. Glad to know even wedding shower info was also listed here. I was actually surprised about the collecting of ribbons from gifts received during the bridal shower in order to form a bouquet. That was a unique and creative touch. Not only that, Sam Siv also included valuable guidelines when tipping at a wedding, something that must also be considered to show gratitude to those who helped served at the wedding. This book is a gem!

Siv does an excellent job of covering all aspects of a wedding right from how to conduct a wedding shower, how to hold a wedding reception, tips on having a wedding registry online and even etiquette guidelines on holding a destination wedding.The author has thought of everything possible in a wedding ceremony- traditional or not. It always pays to be aware of the right etiquette even if one necessarily may not follow all of them. I had no clue there is even an order for giving speeches/toast post wedding, which is supposed to be the highlight of any wedding.Appreciate including the last chapter as 'calling it All Off' since all kinds of scenarios have to be kept in mind with regards to a wedding.I had bought this book since my best friend is planning her wedding and to help her out in conducting the same. She was really thankful when I presented her this book and we feel more confident now, in going ahead with the ceremony with less glitches.

I am so thankful to have come across this book. Someone very near to sister is getting married in less than a year's time and I am privileged to have the role of maid of honor. I have never been part of a wedding party, much less a maid of honor, and none of my siblings have been married before so this is all new territory for all of us. My knowledge of what the responsibilities were for the maid of honor was very scant, but thanks to this book I now know what an important role I play in the pre, during, and post wedding stages. I was so impressed with the content I recommended it to my sister the bride to be and she equally loved the book because it gave her a clear understanding of the intricate details that surround all aspects of wedding planning and how to make her big day go off as smoothly and memorably as possible!

This book is the perfect guide to a stress free wedding. It discusses all the areas that often times makes planning a wedding very difficult. Very recently I had the nerve racking, hair pulling experience of assisting my two sisters in planning their weddings 6 months apart.I also had the honor to pacify the various relatives and friends who felt slighted for one reason or another. Thus saying this is a very good tool to own for that very special day. It outlines how to deal with all parties involved in the process. It tells how to handle the invitation, shower, reception, thank you cards everything. (It brings to mind the saying from a pin to an anchor). So if you are planning your wedding or you are helping someone to this is the book to assist you in getting it done with a minimum amount of stress.

After reading the book on wedding toasts and speeches by this author, I got this one to help me and my fiancé prep for our spring wedding. While not difficult, there are a ton of things to consider when planning a wedding and this book does a great job of helping you avoid the pitfalls. The author includes everything you can think of including who is responsible for what actions or events as well as invitations, gifts and even a tipping guide. Who thinks about tipping a photographer or florist? I especially enjoyed the section on etiquette for a destination wedding as that is exactly what we are planning. Thanks Sam!

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