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Coconut Flour Recipes: An Alternative To Wheat Flour Cookbook For Celiac, Paleo, And Gluten Free Diets (Quick And Easy Series)

Introducing Coconut Flour Recipes from Dogwood Apps!What's so special about coconut flour?Did you know that coconut flour high is high in fiber, low in digestible carbohydrates, gluten free, and it provides a natural sweetness to cookies, bread, cake, and other baked goods? It's a great substitute for other grain flours required for those people on paleo and gluten free diets. Even if you are not on a diet, try baking with coconut flour for an entirely different tasting experience!What are some of the health benefits of using coconut flour?First and foremost, it is gluten free. Gluten protein can have numerous negative effects on an individual’s health. This is especially applicable to people with celiac disease. According to the reports revealed by The National Institutes of Health, gluten, especially one which is present in wheat flour, can cause inflammation. This can further cause arthritis and organ damage. This is one of the main reasons why coconut flour is considered beneficial. Since it is gluten free, it does not cause any adverse affects. Thus, you can use it to cook and bake your favorite meals and desserts without worrying.Secondly, coconut flour has high fiber content. The fiber content present in coconut flour is almost double the amount present in wheat bran. There are a number of health benefits of fiber as well. For one thing it can control and lower cholesterol levels and reducing the level of sugar absorption in the blood stream. In short, using coconut flour in your food can help you considerably lower cholesterol levels.Third, due to its high protein levels, fiber, and fat it is incredibly filling. If you regularly consume coconut flour in your food you will feel hungry less often.What are some of the challenges of using coconut flour?You can't substitute coconut flour for other wheat based flours using a 1:1 ratio. Very little coconut flour is needed when reproducing a recipe.Coconut flour is clumpy - it must be combined or beaten with other ingredients when used in baking and cooking.Coconut flour is very absorbent. This means when substituting coconut flour for grain based flours you want to use anywhere from 1/4 or 1/3 a cup of coconut flour for every cup of grain based flour.Why should I buy your Coconut Flour Recipe Book?We take the guess work out of substituting coconut flour with other grain based flours and only offer you tested, credible, healthy, and delicious Coconut Flour Recipes! We offer many great recipes including:Creamy Chicken SoupCoconut Flour TortillaCoconut Fried ShrimpFragrant Lamb StewBaked ChickenPaprika Coconut ChickenBacon, Eggs and Cheese MuffinsCoconut Chicken FingerChicken CacciatoreCoconutty HalibutSmothered SteakCoconut Fried FishMeaty MeatloafSpiced Fish SticksSpinach SouffléBanana Coconut Flour MuffinsCoconut Cream-Cheese SquaresCoconut SmoothieBrowniesDrop BiscuitsCoconut Butter CookiesBest Ever Cornbread MuffinsLuscious Lemon Butter CakeAlmond Coconut BarsMexican Chocolate Coffee CakeScrumptious Strawberry Shortcake MedallionsPecan DelightHoney MuffinsCoconutty-Cheese BiscuitsGingerbread CookiesNow what are you waiting for? Scroll up to purchase and start cooking with Coconut Flour today!Also be sure check out some of our other titles from Dogwood Apps!

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I will admit I am somewhat disappointed - the preview is written very unprofessional. No information about what actually are the benefits of coconut flour, just writing about and around that it's beneficial. The only benefit it does actually mention is fiber, and that it's gluten-free. I'd think, this could have been written in a more professional manner. Also, I don't know whose error is this (Kindle or the author/s), but when I look at the book in my Kindle library, the title next to the picture (not on the picture of the cover itself, but next to it) - it spells "floWer". Not that I am the one to be nit-picking (I am a foreigner, and I do spelling/grammar errors ALL the time), but I would like to purchase books WITHOUT them - otherwise how would I learn a proper English?!The recipes use dairy products (butter, sour-cream, heavy cream, cream cheese, cheese), and sugar, so it's not exactly Paleo. Plus, there are some ready-made mixes that take place as well (such as lemon butter frosting etc).The bottom line is - the book contains some good ideas, but needs work on replacing ingredients that cannot really to be considered as healthy. I will use the recipes with necessary adjustments.

As an avid cook and self-proclaimed "foodie", I like to try any kind of food or recipe. My feelings are, if I don't like it, I don't have to make it again but at least I gave it a try. We host a lot of dinner parties and some of our guests have mentioned that they can't eat this food or that due to problems with the gluten content. I tried a few of the gluten-free products in the store and they were awful. I thought if I wanted it to taste good, I would have to make it from scratch which I why I found this book. Already, I have tried seven of the recipes in it this week and each and every one of them turned out perfectly. You can tell that there is a different ingredient in it due to the taste of the coconut flour but it is a good taste that everyone raves about. This book not only gives the reader recipes but it also gives some information behind the use of coconut flour and why it is important in a healthy diet. Coconut flour is much more difficult to use than regular wheat flour but the book also guides you through those challenges with ease. If you are looking for an alternative to wheat flour and a guide to help you make healthier food, look no further, you have just found it!

My first impression of this book was great. I noticed that this wasn't an ordinary recipe book, but one with recipes suitable for people who are on a gluten free diet - wonderful! I myself can eat gluten but I know many friends and family who are intolerant to it, are celiacs or just can't have too much because of inflammation problems. This book provides some great recipes so that I can cater to them when they come round or I want to bake them a treat. I also had no idea that coconut flour even existed so thank you to this book for introducing me to it, and thank you to this book for telling me what it is and its properties. I really appreciated the section which focused on telling the reader all about coconut flour as I'm a complete newbie to it. `Quick and Easy Coconut Recipes' has a variety of really great recipes for both the savory and the sweet lover; my personal favorite that I'm itching to try is the brownie. The recipes themselves are set out well with a picture, list of ingredients and a section of instructions. The instructions are well written in that unlike many recipes it is detailed enough so that you know exactly what to do and what to expect; you're not left hanging! The writing of the book is interesting and simple, which is what I look for in a recipe book, and I feel this book will appeal in particular to women in their food escapades, especially given that coconut flour seems to be so healthy. Overall, a really great book. I would truly and honestly recommend it to anyone who likes cooking/baking that needs a gluten free diet or who has close friends or family who do.

If the quantity in a recipe is a fraction of a unit, some of them do not display on the screen properly. (See the brownie recipe as an example. On that recipe, two items have a little box for the quantity instead of the fractional unit. This makes the recipe useless because we'd have to guess how much to add for those items!) Not sure how to fix the problem, but it makes my free cookbook not even worth having for free! I was hoping to make some nice dishes with my coconut flour - now I won't be able to do some of them! So sad!

As cookbooks go, this is not up there on the well-written list. I do appreciate the tortilla recipe, but for the most part the recipes are so-so and heavy on the sweeter side of things. There are a few adequate recipes, but as noted by other reviewers, the recipes are not completely derived from good-for-you ingredients. A recipe that calls for "Lemon Butter Frosting" without actually giving the recipe for same is sadly lacking. That being said, if your sole intention is to prepare food that does not contain gluten/wheat, you will be successful using this book. And it WAS free, so really, how can one complain a great deal?

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