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Win32 Perl Programming: The Standard Extensions (2nd Edition)

This book is a guide to Perl¿s most common Win32 extensions, grouped by their functionality. The new edition updates coverage from Perl 5.05 to current Perl version 5.6. It also includes new chapters offering critical, badly-needed information regarding security for Win32Perl, the topic most highly requested by reviewers. The appendices have descriptions and syntax of each function in the extensions covered. Each chapter makes extensive use of code segments to illustrate the use of specific functions and real world scenarios in which these functions can be used.

Paperback: 752 pages

Publisher: Sams Publishing; 2 edition (September 20, 2001)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 157870216X

ISBN-13: 978-1578702169

Product Dimensions: 6 x 1.6 x 8.9 inches

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Average Customer Review: 4.3 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (23 customer reviews)

Best Sellers Rank: #2,361,376 in Books (See Top 100 in Books) #19 in Books > Computers & Technology > Programming > APIs & Operating Environments > Win32 API #172 in Books > Computers & Technology > Programming > Languages & Tools > Perl #1545 in Books > Computers & Technology > Programming > Web Programming > JavaScript

While other readers point out some errors in the book, I base my 5 star rating on this simple fact-- If you are programming Perl on Win32, you need this book.You will find information in this book that does not exist anywhere else. After reading this book, you will find yourself using Perl to do things on your NT box you wouldn't have considered possible with a scripting language.Mr. Roth provides many code samples, and sufficient background in the text. The information on ODBC, Pipes, and Sockets is worth the price of admission alone.While not without flaws, an invaluable resource for the serious Win32 Perl programmer.

I found only a few books dealing with the WIN32 extensions of PERL and after reading only parts of the book I am already impressed since this is not some theoretical book like many others but also deals with an overview about perl and how it's extensions in general work. He explains and lists the most common tasks like network administration, OLE, data access and so on. I didn't know PERL was able to accomplish so many goals when used with Windows NT. Looks better than O'REILLYs "Learning PERL on WIN32 systems" to me ... So: Forget ASP - Go PERL !

This book does one thing and does it well: It documents and thoroughly explains the Win32 API available in Perl 5.005. Anyone contemplating using Perl for administrative tasks in the Windows environment would do well to add a copy of this book to his or her Perl bookshelf.

I bought this book simply because no other book addresses the use of Automation(OLE) from within Perl in as much detail. The O'Reilly "Learning Perl on Win32" has a small chapter but doesn't give as much detail or examples as this book does. Much to my delight after I was finished with this section, the other sections that deal with processes and writing your own extensions were immensely helpful. The custom extension section contains detailed explanation and coverage of many pitfalls that the author has obviously painfully discovered over time. This is definitely worth having on your shelf if you're using Perl on Win32!

This book has cleared up a lot of mysteries about Win32 specific topics. Made using Win32 extensions easy. Great examples. Just be aware that this cannot be your only PERL book on the shelf. This is about interfacing with the Win32 platform, not really about how to program in PERL. You'll also need a more general PERL programming book such as "PERL by Example", if you're just starting out. I've got both and am constantly bouncing between them.

Mixed feelings about this book. Some chapters are fine - others leave a lot to be desired. Overall it is worth having as it does clear up some issues and the chapters on writing your own extensions, file management, data access and processes are very good. There are some errors and typos that would stump a novice Win32 perl programmer however.I got the impression that the author concentrated on the extensions he developed very well but only gave the the other (more useful?) extensions a decent explanation if he was interested in them.The book starts off well detailing error handling and system administration for Perl on the Win32 platform. It started to dissapoint here as, in places, much more detail is included on the authors own web pages. There is a lot of detail on the more esetoric details of Win32 Perl such as Com & OLE, consoles and sound. This stuff is interesting but not as important as the more common and useful extensions dealing in, say, system administration.The author (not surprisingly!) treats the extensions he has written himself in most detail - ODBC in particular. This is fine but glaring omissions are even here. For example the chapter on communication mentions the win32::pipe and win32::message extentions but nowhere does it explain that these are additional extentions that need to be downloaded and installed first (in most cases at least). I know from first hand experience that this would fox a newcomer to Win32 Perl builds.

Win32 Perl Programming: The Standard Extensions is, without question, the best scripting book I have ever owned. It has a partner book, "Win32 Perl Scripting: The Administrators Handbook" and between the 2 of them I can pretty well complete any task I need to using Perl. Some of the modules have been slightly updated since the 2nd edition, but a quick look at cpan will solve any of those rare situations. I cannot recommend this book enough if your a Windows Administrator and have ever wondered if Perl could be benifical to your evironment.

All I can say about this book, is that when I teach Perl courses for Learning Tree, I always take out about five minutes from the course to thoroughly recommend this book to all of our NT administrators, other users of Win32 Perl and anyone else who happens to be in the vicinity. I've found it absolutely essential in the last year or so, on many occasions, and carry it with me on every assigment, come rain, snow or shine, along with "Advanced Perl", "The Perl Cookbook" and "Programming Perl". I use it as more of a reference, than as a tutorial, but basically it's a lifesaver. Recommendation: Buy.

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