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Perl Resource Kit Win32 Edition

The Perl Resource Kit -- Win32 Edition is an essential tool for Perl programmers who are expanding their platform expertise to include Win32, and for Win32 Webmasters and system administrators who have discovered the power and flexibility of Perl. The Kit contains some of the latest commercial Win32 Perl software from Dick Hardt's ActiveState Tool Corp., along with a collection of Perl modules that run on Win32, and a definitive documentation set from O'Reilly.The Perl Resource Kit -- Win32 Edition provides: Over 1800 pages of in-depth documentation covering hundreds of Perl modules and detailed instructions on the new Win32 Perl software. The books in the Kit are not available elsewhere and include:Programming with Perl Modules, by Erik OlsonPerl Module Reference, two volumes compiled and edited by David Futato A CD-ROM containing the complete Perl for Win32 5.005 distribution, plus new commercial Win32 Perl software, including:Perl debugger (enables easy location of bugs and swift verification of your scripts)Visual Package Manager (enhances installation of hundreds of certain Perl modules that run on Win32)PerlCOM (enables access to Perl scripts as COM objects)PerlCtrl (turns a Perl script into an ActiveX control)Network Install (enables installation on a network)Win32 Perl Help from O'Reilly and other tools for Perl developersThe Perl Resource Kit, Win32 Edition, is brought to you by the premier publisher of Perl and Windows books and documentation, O'Reilly & Associates. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.


ISBN-10: 1565924096

ASIN: B0000667GI

Product Dimensions: 9.5 x 7.3 x 5 inches

Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (14 customer reviews)

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This is basicly just a software package. The books are not so special. There are a couple of average Perl books (with a selection of inacuracies in them), and a large amount of stuff availble free on the web already. The CPAN snapshot will date surprisingly fast, and really, which would you rather use, nice hypertext searchable web based module documentation or 3 inches of paper. This could only be useful if you don't have an internet connection. (Note you can get a modem for a lot less than the cost of this set.) If you want perl books, buy the Camel Book, or Advanced Perl Programming. However if you want to play (at a price) with Java Perl, buy this for that reason only.

The $120 bucks is money well-spent, especially if you program with perl modules. The collection of tools has made my life much easier, and the examples have opened my mind to things that I had no idea that perl could do. A good deal of space is dedicated to CGI programming (including Lincoln Stein's invaluable module) and Active Server Pages (perlScript). If you are serious about web programming, you will find these resources very useful. There is also a good deal of information about perl/Tk. Don't buy this if you have never looked at perl before: It is not intended for beginners. However, I strongly recommend it for intermediate to advanced perl users.

I have bought many books from , but I have never come back to write a review. I found this purchase to be my best resource, yet. Lots of perl resources in one location and a terrific debugger too. The debugger has an interface that is similar to Visual C++ Developer. If you don't want to spend all your time looking up information on intermediate to advance perl subjects, get this resource kit. The books alone will save you a lot of time.

I must be honest, I'm writing this review mostly to netralize the bad reviews thus far.That this book is on a CD only begins to demonstrate the effectiveness of it's contents, but this IS indeed an important feature.I only wish this came out sooner (or I bought it sooner), when I was web-designing free-lance a couple of years ago.

All the stuff you need in one box.OK ... the documentation is not so great, but the ease of installing Perl and all those Modules is well worth the price.The update feature is great ... especially if you have a higher than 28k connection.The module install is fabulous for the NON-UNIX GURU TYPE WHO SPENDS ALL DAY PLAYING WITH SEMANTICS. In other words it is for those who do not want or need to figure out how to install modules and make them work.I found the installation easy and straight forward.Yes, you could spend your lifetime searching and downloading modules and figuring out how to set them up ---- OR ---- you could buy this and get productive real quick.I give it a 4 star rating. Not bad for a first cut.

This isn't a good set of books if you are just trying to learn Perl, but if you want to have documentation to most (if not all) of the CPAN libraries and how to use them, then this is for you. I found it very useful in that there are many routines already written that I had been writing myself. This is also useful if you don't have a fast internet connection and don't want to spend your life trying to download the latest stuff from CPAN. The only thing that I didn't have use for was the debugger that comes with the windows version, the debugger DDD that is freely available on the internet is a much better tool and works with virtually all languages.

This is an excellent resource once you reach intermediate status. The PRK covers subjects that no other book does, such as, using PerlScript in ASP. Other areas covered: Perl and COM, writing extensions for Perl, module reference for win32 Perl, and programming Perl modules. The free debugger alone is worth the cost of the package.

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