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The Road To Cheerful: The Story Of The New Cure For Dyslexics / Spectrum Learners

The Road to Cheerful traces the journey of the author's work in curing her daughter's dyslexia. It retraces all of the painful experiences families live through in the struggle leading up to a diagnosis in the best of cases, and otherwise into some kind of realization that something is 'wrong'. The author explains how she came to create her MyWindow™ system and to describe her own complete initial disbelief at how easily and quickly it functioned. Finally, she has the very stressful burden of responsibility placed on her when she realizes that she needs to share this system; everyone she tries it on improves--all ages, levels, etc. The book therefore is for the layman and speaks in layman's terms. After years of her own research reading every book available on the subjects of ADHD, dyslexia, autism, the (twice!) gifted child, etc. she realizes her method and thinking in fact are completely at the other end of the spectrum from the literature and thought currently out there. This is the anti-intellectual and anti-medical take. This is a real solution for people looking for one. This obvious point must be stated and stressed because this is now a big industry. A lot of people make a healthy income from these diagnoses. They are perfectly content to continue to charge for methods that sound very fancy and produce books with neurological scans, etc. to convince people this is how it must be dealt with. This is no longer true. If you wish to continue to 'label' your child and to run around taking them to torturous classes, or homeschooling or whatever method you've chosen, then this book is not for you. If you want your child reading, cheerful and back on track and at level with no real need for any 'label' then your answer is here in this book. And please note : it also works for adults. The steps are outlined clearly and many have managed to fix themselves or their children on their own. For those children old enough to google you might want to take things out of your parents on occasion unwilling hands; remember family dynamics are very difficult to change, but you can change yourselves with this book. Happy reading is here.

Paperback: 146 pages

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (October 3, 2014)

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ISBN-13: 978-1502464033

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Full disclosure here: I am Gordana's brother, Altiana's uncle. Because of circumstances, I didn't get to see much of my niece during the first 12 years of her life. We never lived on the same continent till recently. We only got to see each other during a few Christmas visits. While I had heard she was dyslexic, I had never witnessed her struggle with reading first-hand. In recent months, I have gotten to know my niece much better. And the 13 year old girl I know loves to read. She loves her uncle's old comics (X-Men in particular). In short, her dyslexia seems to be a thing of the past.Then I read The road to cheerful and got the whole story. While the topic of learning disabilities is a serious one this book teems with frankness and humour. The story is very personal but the lessons learned can help many others in similar situations. As the title suggests, the book is not only about learning disabilities but the psychological damage such disabilities can have on people. Spoiler alert: it has a happy ending!I want to share someone else's experience with the book and the reading technique in it. I tutor ESL privately and one day recently I got a unique request. A young man emailed me telling me he has dyslexia. He had only recently been diagnosed after struggling with the problem on his own for 20-plus years. He was at his wit's end and tried contacting me for help. Having never dealt with such a request, and of course being familiar with the book, I arranged a meeting with my sister and him.When I met the young man, he seemed as normal and articulate as anyone. When the topic of dyslexia was discussed, he did a good job of putting on a brave face but the stress inside was evident.

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