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One Nation, Under Surveillance -- Privacy From The Watchful Eye

12 years in the making, this is the long-awaited sequel to and replacement of the popular 1997 Bulletproof Privacy. Three times the size, it thoroughly covers:* healthy privacy vs. paranoia* private travel in the 21st Century* modern communications and privacy* the coming National I.D. Card* private money -- debit cards, digital gold* can your home still be your castle?* guns & privacy* securing your computer* ghosting the Internet* use encrypted VoIP for free* create robust passphrases* Windows: a surveillance virus masquerading as an OS?* get a new Puppy . . . Linux!* dealing with the intrusive Census and ACS questions* earning a discreet living* how to buy and sell privately* answering the old If you have nothing to hide, then . . .Look for this soon on Kindle!

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Publisher: Javelin Press (September 22, 2014)

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"One Nation Under Surveillance: Privacy From The Watchful Eye" by Boston T. Party is an interesting and eye opening book full of strategies and techniques to keep you, your belongings, and your activities private. It's obvious that the author is sick and tired of Big Brother's ever increasing invasion into every aspect of our lives. You don't have to agree with him on everything, nor do you have to take all the measures outlined in this text, to gain some valuable information regarding privacy and to have your eyes opened to things you probably didn't know were going on.I'm not personally looking to drop off the grid right now, nor do I plan to implement a lot of the privacy strategies outlined in this book. However, I am still very glad I read it. It opened my eyes to things, and there are things in the book that I'll be using personally.Right at the beginning, the author discusses why a person might want more privacy, and his number one reason is oppressive government, high taxes, and war. Like I said, the author is not too fond of the government, but then who is these days? Learning about how information is collected on us, and by whom, is a good wake up call. There's some Interesting and scary stuff here. He then does a good job of describing privacy vs. paranoia, though some may think the line is not quite where the author draws it.There are chapters on a variety of topics ranging from interesting, to a bit complex, to things that were beyond my personal lifestyle goals, but interesting to read nonetheless. I found the chapter on people, and who you trust to be very interesting, and did not expect to find a segment on sociopaths when I first got the book. Chapters on I.D.

Boston says this may be his last book under that pen name. I am going to miss him, but this book is a nice way for him to put that persona to bed. This book is a greatly expanded and updated version of his original 'Bulletproof Privacy' book I reviewed way back when.The book is worth double its price just for the expanded and updated sections entitled 'Telecommunications/Passphrases/Computer Data and Internet Privacy. (That's really all your getting - much of Bulletproof Privacy is repeated in this book ) There is also a chapter on the Linux system. I have gotten too old and too busy to sit down and learn about new technology from conventional sources and I really have come to despise new technologies but I must still be somewhat familiar with them.This is where Boston really really shines for someone like me. He distills internet protocol, encryption, and the current state and availability of governmnet and civilian technology into several chapters so that you will have good familiarity with the spectrum of information and equipment in little time.You will learn "how secure is 'secure' - when implemented security is 'enough' - How many characters should your passphrase be? - Are there surveillance backdoors into the Windows operation system? - Can data be mined off computer hard disks that have been 'wiped'? What do government agencies do with old computer hard-drives - (they don't wipe 'em) - How is data recorded on hard drives? - What about the new electronic surveillance warrants and keystroke monitoring software? You mean they can put that into your mainframe box itself AS hardware??

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