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"Kick Ass" Home Security! Veteran Police Officer Reveals Simple Ways To Protect Yourself From Burglars, Thieves, And Other Scum-of-the-Earth!

If you are fed up with seeing crime on your nightly news that make you feel like you’re living in a war zone…Or if you’re sick and tired of living in fear in your own house or apartment…this may be the most important book you ever read!Here’s why…Most people have never thought about what they would do if confronted by a burglar. They don’t have a clue!Nor do they have any idea what they can do to reduce their chances of being singled out and chosen by a burglar in the first place.Others have not made even the slightest effort to avoid becoming a victim. But your chances of preventing a burglary to your home just got better than ever!I will show you exactly how the burglar selects his target.You will learn that "tough targets" don’t get selected and you’ll learn how to turn your house or apartment into a TOUGH TARGET! You will learn easy steps you can begin to take immediately, things you can do right now, today, to reduce your chances of being burglarized. You will learn that YOU ALONE are responsible for your safety. You will learn how to make a plan to keep yourself, your home, your family and your possessions safer and more secure from all the low-life scum bags that are just looking for an opportunity to make an easy score out of YOU!So imagine this…Instead of laying awake at night worrying that someone will break into your home, you’re confident you have taken specific steps to fortify your security. Think about how incredible you will feel.WOW—now that’s something you can really get excited about! Here are some of the tips, tricks and techniques you will discover:Why more people don't take steps to protect their homes against burglars -- and why that's good for you!Why you can't rely on the police, homebuilders, or locksmiths to keep you safe.Three things burglars don't like.How most burglaries occur.How burglars select their target.When most burglaries occur -- when you understand this you'll understand a key concept in burglary prevention.Physical security suggestions to beef up the strength of your doors.What to do with your hinges to prevent burglars.The best type of locks for your doors.How to select the best motion sensor light.How to secure your windows and patio doors.A $4.95 item to scare off burglars.How to determine if you need an alarm system and what every alarm system must have.How to install your own alarm system for around 300 bucks and get professional monitoring for half what the nationally advertised companies charge!The best type of fence from a crime prevention standpoint.How to trim your shrubs, bushes and hedges to prevent window peepers, prowlers and burglars.Free software to turn your webcam into a surveillance camera.Much more…According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation one burglary occurs every 14.3 seconds. The sad fact is many of these are preventable, had the victims only known what to do or taken some other action. Don't you become the next statistic!_______________________________________ABOUT THE AUTHOR Sergeant Mark Buschena has been a police officer for 36 years. During that time, he has worked on patrol, investigations, was a canine handler, and since 1992 he has been and continues to be the supervisor in his department’s Crime Prevention/Community Services section. He is a graduate of the National Crime Prevention Institute in Louisville, Kentucky. He is the author of five books on crime prevention and numerous crime prevention articles. He has appeared on many television and radio programs and newscasts as a guest discussing crime prevention and what people can do to protect themselves and their property. For 12 years he appeared weekly on the local CBS affiliate news, with a "Crime Prevention Tip of the Week." He speaks to thousands of people each year during training seminars on various crime prevention topics.

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You definitely have to take everything in this little book with a grain of salt. I'm pretty sure there are paid advertisements throughout the book. The language changes from that of a salt-of-the-earth cop to an all-knowing copywriter when he discusses certain products by name, for example, the 10-page spread about SimpliSafe home security system. I guarantee that SimpliSafe paid to have that info included in the book, which makes me nervous about trusting any endorsements the author makes.That said, if you ignore the web links and the ad copy about specific products, you're still left with a lot of useful information to consider. It's not a bad starting point if you're looking to research ways to improve your security. If they had a version of this book without the infomercial-type product placement, I would probably buy it for all my friends and family to help them protect their homes and families. It's a shame he sold out and included the ads.

If you're looking for a no nonsense, thorough book on home security, then "Kick Ass" Home Security! Veteran Police Officer Reveals Simple Ways to Protect Yourself from Burglars, Thieves, and Other Scum-of-the-Earth! is the book for you. The author is a reliable, knowledgeable source of information, and it shows. (At the time of publication, he had spent 19 years as the supervisor of his department's Crime Prevention/Community Services unit.)He very clearly and simply explains why, "The only person you can rely on to protect yourself is you." He also goes into detail about the "three things burglars don't like," when most burglaries occur, and how burglars work. Then, he gets to the information everyone wants to know - how to make your home less appealing to burglars! This portion takes up about 3/4 of the book and is very detailed. He includes multiple suggestions for which types of door locks, window locks, alarm systems, peep holes, and safes to purchase. There is something for every budget. In the Kindle edition, there are even links included that take you straight to the product page. Lastly, he includes information on programs that your local Crime Prevention unit may offer, i.e., the Operation I.D. program.Don't judge this book by it's cover. It is an excellent resource for anyone that wants to make their home more secure. I learned a lot from reading this book, and I think others will too!

As a certified geek and hardcore do-it-yourself fan (and author of How to Protect Your Home: A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Home Security Systems, I really liked Sgt. Buschena's no-nonsense approach that takes you right to the root of possible weaknesses in your home's defenses. He spends a LOT of time on hardening entry doors, because facts show that doors are where most burglars enter a home. The book covers areas you need to know about if you truly want to take the time to harden your home's defenses against intrusion. All in all, I thought that this excellent read from the view of an experienced police officer was well worth the cost. Being a techie, I had no worries about my own alarm system and my video surveillance, but this book helped me further beef up an entry door to better guard against a brute force attack.

Wonderfully well presented and easy to follow advice. I have put his tips to use already and feel safer for it. This book is comprehensive but not boring. The author touches on everything you need to know regarding security for your home. Great stuff.

This book was an easy read and had instructions that were useful. There are SO MANY books on home security and they seem to repeat general, vague tips that are common sense to me. This particular book stood out because it gave very specific product tips and advice from a veteran police officer that could believably explain why some tactics are better than others. I quickly put the knowledge into practice and passed along the info to my family as well. I highly recommend this one AND sharing it's advice with anyone you care about.

This book has very good suggestions in it. Real good practical knowledge. A lot of common sense stuff, too, that never crossed my mind. For example, the aggressive application of fake motion detector cameras where they can be clearly seen. Signs driven into the ground with fake security service logos on them. Ways to strengthen your doors, never have a door with windows built into it. A lot of good stuff here...

This is a very good book describing actionable items you can use to secure your house. The author goes into detail on door securing methods, window securing methods, and the mindset behind a bugler. This is a quick and easy ready, and I highly recommend it!

I have recently installed a alarm system and did several updates to door and window security, this after much research. I should have bought the book to start with, covered all I learned in months of online reading and research. Great up to date hot links to security items, worthwhile read..

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