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Paint Contractor's Manual

How to start and run a profitable paint contracting company: getting set up and organized to handle volume work, avoiding mistakes, squeezing top production from your crews and the most value from your advertising dollar. Shows how to estimate all prep and painting. Loaded with manhour estimates, sample forms, contracts, charts, tables and examples you can use. The authors emphasize ways to maximize profits by anticipating the problems that can quickly turn into expensive mistakes. THe book has extensive step-by-step instructions for planning a painting job and doing the work, whether by brush, spray, or roller. You'll find practical tips, sample forms, examples, and suggestions that can help you set up a painting company, and prevent mistakes in your painting jobs.

Paperback: 224 pages

Publisher: Craftsman Book Co; Reprint edition (January 23, 1985)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0910460469

ISBN-13: 978-0910460460

Product Dimensions: 8.3 x 0.6 x 11 inches

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Average Customer Review: 4.2 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (20 customer reviews)

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I'm a small painting contractor, been around several years, and I'll put my work up against anybody's. This book gave me some new ways of looking at things. This is the third book I've bought on paint contracting and it is by far the most common sense type book I've read. No, it isn't highly sophisticated. I wasn't looking for sophistication.I wanted to read something written by someone with experience like my own, and this author has just that. Over the years I've developed several forms I use daily in my business. I remade two of mine using a lot of what he put into his examples.Simple costing techniques, tips on how to survive up against the competition, the big companies with several crews and foremen employed. I don't ever aspire to be that kind of contractor. This is a fresh viewpoint and it gave me so much I am no longer looking for a painter's contracting manual. I found a lot of his times for painting different items to closely match my own.There is a certain comfort in seeing that someone else is doing it like you are. But the tips and techniques he shares are great. Ever hear the term "too close to the forest to see the trees"?If you are a small company, even a one person painter, you will definitely benefit from this book. The first tip you see will be well worth the price of this book.

If you don't know how to paint, but want to make money at it, don't buy this book. If you already know how to paint, but need help with business savvy, buy this book. Is it out of date? Yes, but it doesn't take a genius to read the 1985 imprint in the publishing info. We all know its out of date. However, what you'll get from this book isn't time sensitive.What this book has that's timeless is an introduction into business for painters in a way we can understand it. It includes necessary forms that only need to be updated to your needs, semi-reliable man-hour tables, and info on marketing and costing. Just that much is well worth the purchase price.If you want to start making money and building a business, buy this book. If you want to whine about not having enough work, and losing money on jobs, I can't stop you.Just like any other book, this one isn't a silver bullet. I haven't seen any cost data book, or construction related book yet that I didn't have to update to my region, crews, special circumstances. You have to use your savvy with what this book gives you. Tanstaafl.Big thumbs up for this book. Lots of info that's cleanly presented in clear language.

I started my business with this book way back in the 80's. I had no business experience whatsoever. I STILL use this book more than 30 years later as an occasional reference tool. It took me from a college kid making part time money painting houses in the summer and gave me the courage to become a full fledged painting contractor who has grossed almost $2mil a year in sales. This is a FANTASTIC read for anyone looking for the basics on how to start a painting company. It worked for me. I've outgrown it bigtime and gone way beyond the information contained in this book. But many of the lessons in the book still ring true today. I wouldn't even consider starting a painting business without this book.

This is a great book for the begining painter/contractor..

I found this book useful for learning how to organize my business affairs as a contractor. It was also helpful in terms of marketing my services and to get serious about growing as a professional business.The authors could have focused a little more on the nuts and bolts of estimating jobs - such as offering price per square and linear footage for various tasks, as well as how long specific tasks generally take. Since this book was written in the 80s and their prices reflected the Los Angeles economy at the time ($20/hr. professional wages), you have to do some digging to figure out how that might translate to your area 30 years later. Regardless, it was worth the low price I paid for it.

After skimming through the book I found that it was hardly sophisticated as it was originally described. In fact what I read and saw was highly remedial and just plain common sense content. The book did not go beyond the very very basics of painting. I really don't know who I could recommend this book to. If you are seriously considering being a painting contractor this book would hardly prepare you.

This book would be helpful for an absolute beginner. I bought it as an aid for the contractors exams and didn't find much useful information in it from an exam perspective. It does have some good tips about general painting though. It is a very dated text though

Very thorough, full of facts, suggestions and stories from experience. From hiring to taxes, estimating and advertising. Focuses mainly on interior work but does touch on exterior enough to make the reader feel confident. The book was written pre-Internet so there is room for a second edition. Even with little experience in the field this book will point you in the right direction. For a one man company or for handling a large crew. A lot of helpful templates to use if so desired. This book is a key component for a great start to owning a successful painting company.

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