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The Kikkuli Method Of Horse Training

***PLEASE NOTE. This was an official university trial, and Dr. Nyland replicated this ancient text with horses led off a vehicle and off other horses at times throughout the SEVEN months of the trial, safely, under the scrutiny of welfare bodies, both university-associated, and independent. Please do not buy this book if you will allege that cannot be done (-it HAS been done). This book is available mainly for its HISTORICAL interest, and for PRINCIPLES which can be followed. The author does NOT suggest anyone is to follow the 7 months in its entirety. A 3000 year old fitness program for horses offers modern trainers the opportunity to improve horses' fitness while keeping them sound and happy. The program was named after its creator, the Mitannian Master Horse Trainer Kikkuli, whose horse conditioning techniques helped establish a military empire in around 1345 BC.

Paperback: 144 pages

Publisher: Smith and Stirling; Revised edition (2008)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0980443075

ISBN-13: 978-0980443073

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My wife loves horses and I love the Bronze Age. This book is the oldest work on horses in human history. It goes back to Anatolia/Syria and the Indo-Aryan Kingdom of Mitanni. Kikkuli was the master of the king's chariotry. Although Mitanni were no match for the great Hittite kingdom in the end, they were a pivotal power in the Near East for quite some time, providing a balance of power to counter both the Hittites and the Egyptians. They were well noted for their chariotry. This book documents how to groom, exercise, feed and train horses to be superb athletes. It is fascinating as an historical document and as something that can be of great use to trainers even today. This was a good buy.

Not practical for common trainers. I am an extremely dedicated trainer and this is interesting for its scientific outcomes. It is interesting for its historical reproduction even though it is a bit flawed, it still introduces techniques we all need to study. The problem and challenges arrive when a modern person is faced with applying the principles in an every day setting. The author does nothing to very little to help us bridge the gap between her reproduction techniques and usable for the average trainer. Just think for a moment...imagine...leading your horse from a car...where are you going to be able to achieve this...and is this responsible and safe training in any way? Just this alone is a severe challenge to adjust. So I thought I must then use another horse that is in great endurance shape and trained to lead the horse in mind. That both horses must be trained to work this way is a whole other set of issues. The complaints for usability is truly staggering. This is only one point.

Bought the original of this book through the Author in 1994 or 5, and more recently the revised edition. In the nineties Christine and I were training Arabian horses for racing and endurance. This book is the definitive book on how to make a horse fit and keep it sound. The original copy is held together with bits of tape and tied together with string it has flags and book markers all the way through it, it was our bible and reference guide. We have applied this to our horses and it works.The original text this is translated from is truly ancient history, Once you understand how to make a horse fit, you realise people really have little excuse for causing severe impact injuries in training.. Yet so many trainers seem have lost this knowledge or do not apply it ... its no wonder so many horses breakdown or do not make it to racing. The ones that do make it with what is considered "conventional training" are not doing because of their training but despite it. ,This book is for everyone. Especially if you are considering buying a retired race horse, (READ THIS BOOK FIRST) it will give you a very good understanding of potential sub clinical problems that are not visible at first, and how to identify them so you are not buying someone else's damaged goods.

Better for a pro barn with a large number of yearlings s to sift thru before deciding who to go on with ,cull or change disciplines.Much better than the 'lets work him at speed then see if he's fast enough to train' in current vogue with QH and TB trainers.. Also proves not much new in the world as one would think

This was a gift for my daughter - she has read it twice and picks up more info from each read. Highly recommend this book.

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