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Star Pupil (Show Jumping Dreams ~ Book 4)

She couldn’t stop the wedding. Emily Dickenson’s mom married scumbag Derek and now she has a new stepdad she doesn’t want and a new stepsister who is coming to stay but luckily Emily won’t be there. She won the Snowball Cup along with Becka Williamson and they will both be attending a three day clinic with renowned show jumping champion Miguel Rodriguez. But it turns out that money can buy you everything you want. Thanks to her father’s big fat donation, Jess now has a spot in the clinic too and she’s not about to let everyone forget that she has the best horses money can buy. She has a new mount to prove it, straight off the plane from Germany. So when the girls find out that Jess’s new horse looks exactly like a top show jumper who supposedly died the year before, they can’t help but try and figure out if it’s just a coincidence or if there is something more sinister going on. And with the best riders of the clinic getting a spot on Miguel’s new junior jumper team, they don’t exactly have time to do anything but focus on their riding. Someone is going to be crowned star pupil but does Emily really have what it takes?

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I came across these books more or less by accident and by reading the reviews. I was born horse crazy just as the main character in this book (and the author!) but didn't realize my horse dream until I was 35. These are terrific reads, really knows the horse world and how a teen age girl feels about horses. I highly recommend the whole series! It's best to start at book one, in my opinion. And, although these are young adult books, trust me, as an adult (age 62), they are still highly enjoyable. Really brought me back to my horse crazy days and begging my parents to move from the city to a farm so I could have a horse. Well, that didn't happen, but I sure love reading about horses and horse crazy girls.

Once again as with the first 3 books I recommend this book to anyone especially if they love horses. I was visiting friends out of town while reading this book. I enjoyed it so much that I went to bed early "because I was tired" so I could finish it and find out what happened. I was not disappointed. Another twist to the story line now I can't hardly wait for book 5. Claire Svendson, keep up the good work!

I'm enjoying this series, but I'd enjoy it a whole lot more if the author hired a copy editor. There are so many instances of incorrect dialogue tags, I almost gave up reading. For instance:"Welcome to Black Gate," Miguel spread his arms wide.Try this instead:"Welcome to Black Gate." Miguel spread his arms wide.(A period, not a comma, before the closing dialog quote is correct.)OR"Welcome to Black Gate," Miguel said, spreading his arms wide.OR evenMiguel spread his arms wide. "Welcome to Black Gate."The differences are subtle, but they mean a lot to people who care about grammar. I also feel they should mean a lot to the kids who are reading these books. If they see stuff like this, they will think it's correct. It's not. Here's another:"I said I don't clean stalls," she looked defiantly up at him.Again, the following are correct:She looked at him defiantly. "I said I don't clean stalls."OR"I said I don't clean stalls," she said, looking up at him defiantly.A good copy editor will catch errors like these and fix them.

Grateful that the wait from Book 3 to Book 4 was not too long, I dived enthusiastically into the next installment of the lives of Emily Dickenson, her pony Bluebird and their friends and as always I was not disappointed. Their adventures continue with new twists and turns around ever corner and I was once again drawn into their world by the vivid pictures painted by Claire Svendsen.In this book, even more than the first three I have got to know the equine characters as much as the human ones and I love the idea that Bluebird could have the pony equivalent of ADHD - this seems to fit him perfectly! Other examples of descriptions that developed the equine characters for me were: Bluebird running off with a carrot "sticking out of his mouth like a cigar" and Blue Midnight, having thrown his rider - "then he came back and stood with the rest of the horses, a smirk on his face like he new exactly what he had done and was proud of it".The book ends all too soon with not one, but two cliffhangers - one with respect to Emily's future as a professional horsewoman and the other about one of her friends .... again I am left waiting, not so patiently for the next thrilling episode ....

I think this was my favorite one so far. I enjoyed the slight mystery to it and hope the truth about the horse is revealed in a future book. What I don't get, though, is assuming the horse and rider on the cover are supposed to be Emily and Bluebird...the horse is not a coppery chestnut. It's hard to tell from the picture but he looks like a bay so it's not a very accurate depiction of Bluebird. Yes, I know it's only the cover of a book, but if you're going to have a real picture on the cover and it's supposed to resemble the main character and her pony, the pony on the cover should at least resemble the one in the story. I don't know that the author ever really gave a physical description of Emily so any young girl can be used on the cover.

I could hardly put this book down. I think I read it in just a few short hours. Claire Svendsen has an amazing way of working intrigue into each of her books. Just when you think you know an outcome, it all turns in a different direction.

This book is a tad more suspenseful than the first few books. The characters are developing, which causes me to get involved in their lives. Although, the protagonist is 13 years old, the story is targeted for a more mature reader. I am reading the series in order and I can't wait to get started on the next one.

More great stuff. Love the characters and there's always an excellent storyline. Next book is book 5 and now it's no longer free in the lending library for Prime members. I've had the rug pulled out from under me. Well that is another story. But LOVED Star Pupil and LOVE the Show Jumping Dreams series. I guess I'll be buying the remaining books in the series.

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