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PHP: Learn PHP In A DAY! - The Ultimate Crash Course To Learning The Basics Of The PHP In No Time (PHP, PHP Programming, PHP Course, PHP Development, PHP Books)

PHP Programming LanguageAre You Ready To Learn PHP?Welcome and have fun with PHP! Do you want to learn PHP? In that case, you've come to the right place! Learning PHP is not an easy work if you don't have the RIGHT system. Learning a programming language is not an easy work. It requires time, money and desire. You must search an academy or a teacher, achieve coordination with them, or worse, adapt your own time to their class times. You also have to pay the high fees, month to month, and what is even more annoying is this: you will probably have to go to a special place in order to practice the new programming language! You see, when it comes to learning a new programming language we are ALL in the same game, and yet most poeple don't realize it. I made this crash course for a reason… I made this course to give YOU a solution, to give you the RIGHT system. This crash course about PHP programming is not only going to teach you the basics of PHP in a didactic way, furthermore, you will learn PHP language WHEN you want, and more important, WHERE you want (It could even be at your home!). I made this crash course to show you HOW you can learn PHP FASTER than you ever thought possible. I will teach YOU step by step the PHP Language extremely quickly. I will TAKE you through a step by step guide where you simply can't get lost! This course-book will allow you to practice, learn and deepen your knowledge of PHP as a new programming language in an entertaining, interactive, autonomous and flexible course.End-of-Chapter Exercises "Tell me and i'll forget. Show me and i may remember. Involve me and i learn". Because we know that: each PHP chapter comes with an end-of-chapter exercise where you get to practice the different PHP properties covered in the chapter. If you are determined to learn no one can stop you. Stop procrastinating and start NOW! Learning the PHP Language is something that is a really worth investing time. The PHP . This is a no-brainer!Crash it!Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn When You Download You Copy Today:Introduction to PHPIntroduction to VariablesRulesVariable Types and TypecastingIntroduction to Expressions and OperatorsControl StructuresFunctionsDatabasesWhat is an API?PHPMyAdmin and getting familiar with MySQLForm DataSessions and CookiesFile HandlingObject Oriented ProgrammingAnswers to ExercisesMuch, much more!Download your copy today!This book has found you because you are at the brink of everything fantastic!To order your copy, click the BUY button and download it right now! Why now? Because tomorrow isn't soon enough. The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you will go.Acodemy.© 2015 All Rights ReservedPHP: Learn PHP In A DAY! - The Ultimate Crash Course to Learning the Basics of PHP In No TimeRemember: Investing in yourself is the most important thing to do!-------Tags: PHP, PHP course, PHP book, PHP programming language, PHP book-course, PHP Programming.

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In its favor this book is well organzied and easy to follow. I've had a couple of challenges with the examples, which based on the particular topic of study, presume knowledge of SQL and other basic codes. If you are familiar with HTML and have a good handle of how forms work, it's great. I'm learning a lot and the practical examples are excellent. I would even suggest adding more. My only complaint is that the writer often introduces topics outside of the scope of the book to demonstrate examples. In particular, I'm surprised that no one has noted that the Exercise 3 example does not run. There is a problem with properly defining the index 'month', which throws and error every time. A little fiddling got me as far as getting the script for the month of February to run; but that same script ran for all the months chooses. Could the reader verify why the codes not working and perhaps suggest alternatives or explanations that take into account that a person may not be up on forms and such. The code needs to be overhauled. It's probably a minor thing, but I'm still scratching my head hours later. It's all about the fact that the $_POST call for 'months' returns nothing and therefore does not allow the control statements to work after the user chooses a month. An explanation would be helpful. Otherwise, I give it a solid 4 for ease of understand and good(not great) practice examples.

Kindle Version -- can't say if this applies to a print version. The screen grabs of blocks of code are squished, cropping the last letter off of some words. I assume this is a fault of exporting images from your code editor, but it's definitely problematic. Why use images anyway? Why not use text so we can cut and paste your examples and experiment with these? Also, if I change the text size/color of the Kindle display, the images are still colored text on white and don't scale. I recommend updating the images with live text. See attached image, "echo", "elseif", etc. -- they read as ech, elsei. How do I know other characters aren't hidden in that crop? Please fix this. Can't recommend this book because of this flaw.

The book is the same writer and publisher of a book I read and reviewed a few days ago; SEO. My business is writing and social media so it is crucial to have the tools and knowledge to be able to carry on intelligent conversations with my coders and designers since the writing and social media our my specialties where as coding is not.Comprehensive overview, kind of like what an Intro to PHP college class might coverwith each chapter-end providing a few exercises. Completing this is good practice in learning PHP a language that has many data purposes. At the end of the book are the answer key, so you can compare your code to the author's.Professionally written, no major grammar or wording issues, and this PHP does have the history of what the programming language does and how to make it useful in your coding projects. I found a few minor formatting issues but that could be due to the Kindle tablet sizing versus reading the book on PC or hardcover. Code example boxes need to be larger on 10" tab they are hard to see. Particularly, I like how it compares variables to storage lockers, really helps a new coder understand the concept. The book jumps through the concepts pretty quickly, but serves as a good, but basic introduction to those coding concepts crucial to grasp the material without too much difficulty. I hope I provided enough information to start you on your PHP coding career. LOL.

I'm studying computer science and programming is really hard, I already have several books from Acodemy. This book has probably helped me more than my textbook. It really gets into the basics and it's laid out so someone (like me) without a clue can understand it. I'm so grateful for this guide, I might actually pass now. It really gets you in at the ground-level for information and works if you have no programming background. The author is very straight forwards in his explanations and the examples are fairly easy to follow, I especially liked the way that you're eased gently into the topic rather than simply being heaped with examples of script that you don't understand . There wasn't much to improve on this book, it was a good beginner guide and works well alongside my textbooks. I'd recommend buying the other books they have as well.

I have never written a PHP program before and had no idea how to go about it. After weeks of searching the internet for a “self help” book, I was told about this book by a client.The author wastes no time and gets right to the point teaching the “nitty gritty” right of the bat! It’s simple, concise, easy to understand, and almost reads like a manual.I was very intimidated going into this project and seemed overwhelmed as I am not a computer tech. By the end of the first chapter I had felt as though I was getting a basic knowledge of the task at hand, gaining the confidence I needed to get the job done.I highly recommend this book! I was able to write my first PHP program and used this book as reference throughout my challenge. Most self help computer books leave me more confused with the long over detailed writing. This was quick, informative, and easy to understand.Almost makes me want to pursue a career in PHP! LOL

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