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The VB6 Cookbook: More Than 350 Recipes For Healthy Vegan Meals All Day And Delicious Flexitarian Dinners At Night

Following up on his bestselling diet plan, VB6, the incomparable Mark Bittman delivers a full cookbook of recipes designed to help you eat vegan every day before 6:00 p.m.--and deliciously all of the time. Whether you call it flexitarian, part-time veganism, or vegetable-centric, the plant-based, real-food approach to eating introduced in Bittman's New York Times bestselling book VB6 has helped countless people regain their good health, control their weight, and forge a smarter, more ethical relationship with food. VB6 does away with the hard and fast rules, the calorie-counting, and the portion control of conventional diets; it's a regimen that is designed to be easy toa dopt and stick to for a lifetime.  When Bittman committed to a vegan before 6:00 pm diet, he quickly realized that everything about it became easier if he cooked his own meals at home. In The VB6 Cookbook he makes this proposition more convenient than you could imagine. Drawing on a varied and enticing pantry of vegan staples strategically punctuated with "treat" foods (including meat and other animal products), he has created a versatile repertoire of recipes that makes following his plan simple, satisfying, and sustainable.  Breakfasts, the most challenging meal of the day for some vegans, are well represented here, with a full range of hot cereals, whirl-and-go-dairy free smoothies, toast toppers, and brunch-worthy entrees. Lunches include hearty soupls, sandwiches, beans, grains, and pastas to pack along wherever the day takes you, and more than a dozen snack recipes provide the perfect afternoon pick-me-up to banish the vending-machine cravings that can undo a day of eating well. Dinners are flexitarian, focusing on vegetable-forward meals that are augmented by a range of animal products for fullest flavor, satisfaction, and nutrient density. A chapter devoted entirely to "building blocks"--make-ahead components you mix and match--ensures that a flavorful and healthy meal is never more than a few minutes away. If you've thought of trying a vegan diet but worry it's too monotonous or unfamiliar, or simply don't want to give up foods you love to eat, Bittman's vegan and flexitarian recipes will help you cook your way to a new, varied and quite simply better way of eating you can really commit to...for life.  

Hardcover: 272 pages

Publisher: Clarkson Potter (May 6, 2014)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0385344821

ISBN-13: 978-0385344821

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This book adds a number of recipes to Bittman's 2013 book that argued we should basically be vegans during the day, eating high quality (i.e., not a lot of processing) plant based food, and then consider adding moderate amounts of meat, poultry, fish and dairy to our meals at dinner (dessert included). This approach derive's from Bittman's own experience (told here and in his earlier books) of being a rather unhealthy middle age man who was given the choice of eating better or going on a lifetime drug regime.The approach of eating more of a plant-based diet makes good sense, both for health reasons and also the environmental/animal welfare issues presented well in Bittman's "Food Matters" book. This book recaps the VB6 book and then presents a good set of recipes to help implement this way of eating (I prefer not to use the word "diet," given its connotation of short-run approaches to weight loss). Like all of Bittman's cookbooks, the recipes are very clearly written, with lists of (usually not hard to find) ingredients and then necessary steps to prepare a dish, along with estimates of preparation time. There are perhaps 100 basic recipes here (organized around breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, and dessert) with 2 or 3 variations presented for each one. Bittman is a wonderful writer, and each recipe is introduced with a short paragraph that usually makes it quite appealing.Bittman here and elsewhere (including pages of the New York Times) argues for (mostly) plant-based eating with minimally processed food. I suppose my only issue with this book is that it puts a particular structure on when you are vegan and when you are not. Someone might, for example, like to have eggs at breakfast and not wait until 6 to have some cheese.

Mark Bittman's cookbooks have yet to disappoint and this companion of his earlier edition of The VB6 Cookbook is no exception. If not familiar with the concept, the idea is to eat vegan during the day and dishes using a small quantity of meat, cheese or eggs for the evening meal. Whether to head off possible health problems or make diet adjustments for current issues, this book offers clear suggestions/solutions in a user friendly, and of course, delicious way. The concept is stated, but I take a more flexible approach as to which meal I consume meat - or whether I consume any on a day-by-day basis.The book contains over 350 recipes (115 basic recipes with variations) divided through chapters organized by meal - Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, Dinner and Dessert. There is also an essential chapter called VB6 Building Blocks that contains 15 make ahead recipes for use during the week like Big Batch Brown Rice and Grains, All-Purpose Tomato Sauce, Everyday Salad Bowl, Your Own Salad Dressing, Big Batch Cooked Vegetables, etc. Utilizing some or all of these preparatory recipes is yet another tool smartly included to help the user work efficiently so cooking meals is less time consuming. Also within the book are information and ingredients recommended to have a pantry ready for action organized in three ways - Unlimited, Flexible and Treat.Specifics for the book construction - this is a hardback book made with quality paper that when a page is splashed, remains undamaged if the spill is wiped up promptly. The binding is tight and it will take some time for it to relax so for the time being the book is not willingly laying open on the counter top, so a cookbook holder is in use.

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