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A Smarter Way To Learn JQuery: Learn It Faster. Remember It Longer. (Volume 3)

You’re going to get the hang of jQuery in less time than you might expect. And the knowledge will stick. Why? Because this isn’t just a book. It’s a book plus 1,500 free interactive online exercises. It’s the exercises that are going to turn you into a real jQuery coder. Cognitive research shows that reading alone doesn’t buy you much long-term retention. But if you read less and do more—if you read a short passage and then immediately put it into practice—everything changes. Washington University researchers say that being asked to retrieve information increases long-term retention by four hundred percent. Practice also makes learning more interesting. Ten minutes of reading followed by twenty minutes of practice keeps you awake and spurs you on. And it keeps you honest. If you only read, it’s easy to kid yourself that you’re learning more than you are. But when you’re challenged to produce the goods, there’s a moment of truth. You know that you know—or that you don’t. If you find you’re a little shaky on this point or that, you can review the material, then re-do the exercise. That’s all it takes to master this book from beginning to end.

Series: A Smarter Way to Learn

Paperback: 264 pages

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (February 20, 2016)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1523986468

ISBN-13: 978-1523986460

Product Dimensions: 7 x 0.6 x 10 inches

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Absolutely the best way to hit the ground running for beginners in jQuery. As a matter of fact, one should acquire ALL of Mark's publications so he can continue writing new ones! I've written manuals and training aids for many years and applaud his approach - I've actually used much of it in years past but he's upped the bar using evolving online tech extremely well.Get all three books - you'll not regret it. And be sure to sign up for the online exercises - they're invaluable!

After getting halfway through the JavaScript book, I purchased and went through the HTML & CSS book enough to refresh my memory to continue.with the JavaScript book (will wrap up the HTML/CSS book later). I am now getting very close to the end of the JS book, and the small ad for the new jQuery book appeared a couple of days ago. I was hopping mark's next book continued in the web development vein, and was very glad to see that came true. I purchased it immediately so that I can go directly from JS to jQuery and continue my learning non-stop. I'll update this review after I get into the book, but I believe it is a great testament to the quality of the books that I purchased two more books while still on the first! I hope Mark is busy on yet another book so I can keep the learning streak going. Intermediate and advanced versions of the current books would be nice, as well as any further books of the same theme like possibly Ajax? PHP? At any rate, keep up the good work and keep the knowledge coming!

Mark Myers has done it again.My New Year's Resolution was to learn web design and I have since pored through hundreds of html, css, javascript, and jQuery resources. Mark's current trio of offerings is by-far the most helpful, practical one-stop resource for learning front-end web development I have found. This latest work is no exception, and has in fact improved upon what was an already-great process.I now recommend these books to everyone who asks me the best way to learn html/css, javascript, and jQuery. The reason is that they use proven and concise methods of teaching followed-by a streamlined and enjoyable process for testing. These (free) online "tests" are great because they both improve learning by asking you to recall what Mark's book teaches you while efficiently showing areas where you need to review.I don't know Mark Myers personally, but it is obvious that he cares about his readers. This is communicated through his great learning design and the way he interacts with his readers. I'm a huge fan of his work and his process for engaging with learners. In summary, there is so much you can learn from his 3 great books, but probably even more you can learn by paying attention to what he's actually doing to share his knowledge with the world.

I honestly thought I knew jQuery before I bought this book, but I always had to look up syntax, and I knew I was doing things in dorky, inelegant ways. I love tech books that quiz me, and this one is all about the quizzes -- in fact, if you're not going to do the online exercises, there are probably better, more complete books out there. But if you're tired of learning something, and then feeling like you need to re-learn it a few months later, this is the one for you. For me, and for others who aren't rank beginners, it might be overkill -- initially I was having a lot of fun doing the exercises, but halfway through the book I'm certainly looking forward to the end (it's VERY repetitious) -- but it's not unpleasant and it's easy to set aside the amount of time it takes to do a lesson or two (or three) each night. And I finally feel like I KNOW it and won't need to look up the syntax each time (this book is all about nailing the syntax). When I get a little further I'm definitely buying the Javascript book -- and I'm trying to find out if there's a php one on the horizon! Anyone know?

I have bought all of Mark Myers "A Smarter Way..." books and they are all amazing! I have used many tutorial, books, websites, on-line courses and while I have learned something from each of them NONE are as quick and painless as Myers books. The exercises are smart, breaking down each portion of the code and testing your understanding but unlike some sites, doesn't leave you hanging if you get it wrong or spending lots of time on community sites looking for answers. He also does it in as few words as possible, just the perfect balance of simplicity and efficiency. I also really like the jfiddle exercises. I can see the code work without having to install applications onto my computer. Really goes to show what a difference a good teacher makes. I hope there is another book coming out soon - I'll buy it!

What I like about this book is that it works, has exercises, and is more up to date than others. Plus it is easier. I still find jQuery confusing because of the syntax (sometimes in quotes, sometimes not, sometimes use a space and sometimes a comma, etc.) but this seems to be the best of the books that I read.

WOW!I can't believe how much time Mr Myers put into perfecting this step by step teaching method. First and foremost achievement - all the exercises and examples actually work. I spent 35 years in IT starting with Autocoder (does anyone remember that language) and finally retired as the world’s oldest Java designer/programmer :).That odyssey required learning a new paradigm every few year exposing me to dozens of classes, courses and self-learning activities as both a student and a teacher. This is one of the best learning experiences I’ve ever encountered.This is the best I’ve ever encountered. Mr Myers, thank you!

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