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The Cooking Of Vienna's Empire (Foods Of The World)

Hardcover no dust jacket. 1968 206p. 11.00x8.50x0.75 Many beautiful color pictures. Austrian cooking today; IN AUSTRIA'S PROVINCES; THE FOOD HUNGARY; THE INFLUNCE OF CZECHOSLOVAKIA; THE COOKING OF YUGOSLAVIA; THE PASTRY PARADISE

Hardcover: 206 pages

Publisher: Time Life Books (1968)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0705402118

ISBN-13: 978-0705402118


Product Dimensions: 10.8 x 8.4 x 0.6 inches

Shipping Weight: 1.7 pounds

Average Customer Review: 4.9 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (24 customer reviews)

Best Sellers Rank: #1,514,546 in Books (See Top 100 in Books) #60 in Books > Cookbooks, Food & Wine > Regional & International > European > Hungarian #67 in Books > Cookbooks, Food & Wine > Regional & International > European > Polish

It is nearly impossible to imagine a more complete reference book on the often over-looked and easily misunderstood subject of Regional Italian Cuisine and Culture (the two seem to go hand in hand). With two indexes (one for food references and another "general" for names and places) make this book indispensible for anyone who has an interest in anything Italian. This book, coupled with "The Food of Southern Italy" by Carlo Middione, and "Italian Food" by Elizebeth David, creates an complete library on the subject with nearly every stone tured.

The Foods of the World series is the best series I think that Time/Life has ever put out. Each book covers one country by region, and provides a general survey of food of the country and of each region. The recipes are good and the overview of each region interesting. The books can be used as travel guides and cookbooks and are without exception very well written.The Cooking of Italy is no exception. Reading it is like taking a virtual tour of that country. Everything from basic way of life to cheesemaking is discussed. Of course wines and cheeses are discussed in detail as are other regional variations (pasta shapes, use of butter vs olive oil as primary cooking oil, etc). You can learn a lot about Italy from this book.But more to the point, you can also learn a lot about making Italian food. This book taught me how to make pasta by hand (fettuccine, tortellini etc), and the section on pizza (Neapolitan, not American) is extremely good too. Indeed everything in this book is of very high quality.I'd highly recommend this book.

From the famous Time-Life series, includes dishes from soup to dessert. Some of the recipes are: Cold sour cherry soup, liver dumplings, fish Dalmation style, Anchovy butter sauce, Hunter's stew, Transylvanian goulash (Okay, where's my copy of Dracula?), Lemon and sour cream salad dressing, and of course desserts like Emperor's pancake, Chocolate cream slices, and Spanish Wind cake.With spiral binding, to lay perfectly flat. Yum.

The Foods of the World series from Time-Life is hands-down my favorite cooking series. Unfortunately I don't have the room to keep the entire series, so I've had to cull it down to my favorites. This one, The Cooking of Scandinavia, is one of the ones that I will keep forever. It's a classic overview of Scandinavian cooking, including Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and even Finland. While the latter is technically not a Scandinavian country, the point of the inclusion is that the foods available to Finns are much the same as those available to the other three peoples of the area. That, and the fact that Finland has been as heavily influenced by Scandinavian cooking as it has by Russian cooking is reason enough to include it in this volume.You'll learn how to pickle herring and make gravlax, two of the gems of Scandinavian cooking, and you'll learn how to toast with aquavit, a liquor that's definitely an acquired taste. There are sections about Danish pastries, Scandinavian Christmas celebrations, and the classic Smorgasbord. The recipes are pretty authentic, and they bear little resemblance to the nouveau Scandinavian cuisine that's been gaining so much popularity in the past few years. This book is about good, classic Scandinavian cuisine. I don't think you could find a better starting point for your entry into the art of Scandinavian cooking.Since these volumes are only available used, be certain you are getting the two-book set, which includes a beautiful hardcover, and a spiral bound recipe book.

Got my first copy decades ago. It originally came with a smaller, condensed copy--recipes minus all the history, photos, and demonstrations. I'm so glad to still be able to get the hard cover edition, to replace my original that is falling apart. From the original, I was inspired to try the egg noodles recipe first. The photos, step by step, help me have have success on first try. Whatever your interest, raviolis, noodles, pizza, and much more, this book, through recipe, instructions and photos will will provide confidence and success! There's a lot of reading too. Traditional food regions of Italy that gives me a better understanding of some of my Italian family culinary traditions and where they originated.

These Time-Life books are almost more travelogue than foodie books. Lavish color photos, nice recipes, & colorful descriptions of the countries & people as well as the foods. Highly recommend just for the entertainment value if nothing else. Wish they were longer & there were more of them.

Fabulous collection of classic recipes of the area. Nothing too difficult to make. I honestly have focused on the Czech section. always trying to duplicate my Babi's incredible cooking.The Potato Soup,Veal and Knedliky (fruit dumplings) are my favorites.

The photography was beautiful, just as I remembered it from my early married days. I plan to go back to the cannelloni recipe and see if I can make it once again. I still own my pasta maker but not the original book...must have gotten dripped on and thrown away in a mess!

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