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Help! Someone Just Gave Me A Bonsai Tree! The 7 Simple Steps To Keeping Your New Bonsai Tree Alive & Well (Bonsai For Beginners Book 1)

#1 BestsellerHere's What Readers Are Saying..."...Very thorough book with all the info one needs to get started". -- Kaye T."...A well-written, fluff-free book for people who want to know the basics about the care and feeding of their new Bonsai tree". "I think this book would also make a great addition to the gift of a Bonsai tree (just sayin'!)". -- Cheryl Antier."...As a raw beginner, when I look at some of the bigger books, it all looks a little too daunting. Not only is the information in this book just what any bonsai beginner with enthusiasm, a tree and little to no actual knowledge needs, it is laid out in a really simple to follow step by step plan". "An excellent, easy to read guide that delivers on the promise of its title". -- Glenn TurnerFinally, A Bonsai Book For Beginners That Tells You Only What You NEED To Know To Keep Your Bonsai Tree Alive And Well...Without Needing To Read An Encyclopedia On Bonsai Gardening, And Become An Expert, To Do It!If you have a new bonsai tree and want to know how to care for it, without having to be an expert and sift your way through pages and pages of knowledge that you don't yet want or need, then this is the bonsai book you've been looking for!Help! Someone Just Gave Me A Bonsai Tree! you the facts you need to keep your bonsai tree alive and well...and that's it! Broken down into seven simple steps, the book, (written by Christine Taylor), discusses the important basics of care including...The Environment needed for your bonsai tree - types of trees and the best place to keep themWatering your tree - when to water, how much water (and what to do if you use too much) and the type of waterFeeding your bonsai - the types of fertilizer and how much is needed, plus bonsai soil and the need for domancy in winterThe Grooming of your bonsai - potting, pruning and pinching the treeHealth Care - common insects and diseases your tree may suffer with and how to prevent and treat any problemsTraining your tree to keep it's shape and size - wiring and how to do itAnd the Constant TLC needed to ensure the continued good health of your bonsai treeAlso included...     Is a bonus chapter that discusses the, hotly debated, topic of Indoor Bonsai Gardening! Chris discusses the pro's and con's and what is needed to successfully care for a bonsai tree indoors.Easy to follow and understand, this affordable, 'bonsai for beginners book', is exactly what you need to get started with bonsai gardening and keep your new bonsai tree alive and well.Purchase Help! Someone Just Gave Me A Bonsai Tree! Now                 v

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