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Mountain Dew: Hillbilly Bottles

This book is the definitive encyclopedia of every known Mountain Dew Hillbilly bottle. From 1954 to the late 1960's Mountain Dew produced over 900 different Hillbilly bottles. These bottles have different names of owner, bottlers, family and even dogs. For the first time you get a complete list of every "Named Hillbilly Bottle", every "No Name Hillbilly Bottle", every "Returnable" and every "Non Returnable Hillbilly Bottle". But the list is really just the start. Within these 550+ pages are at least three pictures of all 976 Hillbilly bottles (over 3,000 pictures). The book also contains a detailed description of each and every bottle. A simple catalog system will help you identify your own bottles by a single unique number. When you tell another collector that you have bottle number #551, both of you will know the Name, Prefix and every single detail about that bottle. Additionally this book lists the price and rarity of every bottle. There is no list, no book, no set of pictures more complete than MOUNTAIN DEW: HILLBILLY BOTTLES.

Paperback: 594 pages

Publisher: BookSurge Publishing (May 18, 2008)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1419660861

ISBN-13: 978-1419660863

Product Dimensions: 7 x 1.3 x 10 inches

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Average Customer Review: 4.9 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (18 customer reviews)

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I can't believe this book is finally out!!! I have been waiting for years for an accurate list of the old named hillbilly bottles and this is beyond my expectations. This book contains everything I every wanted and even things I didn't know I wanted but I did:1) AN ALPHABETIC LIST of every single hillbilly bottle. The entire list is by name which makes it easy to tell that there are five different CLEM AND GERT bottles (four different FILLED BY and one PUT UP BY). The list has a place for me to check off if I have the bottle or don't.2) A DETAILED PICTURE of every single bottle (a close-up picture of the name, a picture of the front, back and basemark).3) A COMPLETE DESCRIPTION of every bottle.4) THE REAL PEOPLE: When the author was able to find out who the real GERT or JOHN or PETE was, they tell us more about that bottle and what area of the country it comes from. I always wondered why there are seven different variations of the MAW AND PAW bottle - now I know.5) A CLASSIFICATION SYSTEM so that with 3 characters "M-01" you can communicate every single detail about a bottle to another collector.6) A UNIQUE NUMBER so that you can tell another collector that you have #807.5 and you know instantly that you have the 5th of the 6 different WEST JEFFERSON bottles. That other collector will know that #807.5 is the one with the small font, doesn't have "WATER" in the frame description, etc.7) THE RARITY AND PRICE are listed for each bottle.8) AN INDEX BY NAME will point you to every bottle that contains any name. By looking for DON we know that there are 11 different bottles that say DON and one that says DONALD. How many Maryland bottles are there? How many North Carolina bottles? Now I know.This book is awesome .... the third in a series ..... THE TRILOGY IS COMPLETE. Long live the DEW !!!!

I bought this for my wife who is an avid Mt. Dew fan and now a Mt. Dew bottle collector. She did not know there were so many different bottles and found this book that would help her in building her collection. She uses it to keep track of which ones she has and to help her keep an eye out for the rare ones. One day she hopes she will get a bottle cheap at a yard sale or flea market and then look in the book to find out it was one of the bottles worth a lot of money.

Really Clear and Concise Information and Pic's for the Bottles and it has Great periphery information and history inserts. I would recommend this for any mt.Dew Collector as a Must have.the only semi-eh for it is that the Pics could be Better :)

The guys that put this book together has done a heck of alot of research and tons of time was spent on getting it published. However, it is the most comprehensive in deptth book on the market today for a Mt.Dew bottle collector.

WOW ... this book is GREAT!!! I know I speak for all the Mountain Dewcollectors when I say we have been looking for a complete list of theHillbilly bottles for years and now I have it in my hot little hands.Having this book to reference as I go on eBay or to a flea market isinvaluable.I kept having questions about this bottle or that bottle. A fellowcollector told me that there was a FILLED BY DUDE AND ZAYDA but saidthere was no BOTTLE BY DUDE AND ZAYDA. Now I can look it up and actually see a picture of the bottle - and yes there is a BOTTLE BY DUDE AND ZAYDA. I heard that there were two FULMER BOTTLING bottles but no one could really explain the difference to me. Now I know. I have a FILLED BY GUMPY AND DENSEL and one of the lists on the web says there is also a FILLED BY GUMPY & DENSEL. Not so, it is simply GUMPY & DENSEL. This book has it all.If you collect Mountain Dew hillbilly bottles and don't have this book,then you don't really collect Mountain Dew bottles.

I have collected Mt Dew bottles for over 40 years. This is the finest effort yet, to document all known variations. Unbelievable! Over 900 named bottles listed (with individual photos) plus many other non-name variations. The attempt to document the history (including personal photos) of each person listed on the bottles is amazing, and a great bonus to any reader or historian. Without Dick's efforts, the identity of these individuals would be lost forever. This book is a great follow-up to his two earlier books on Mt Dew and is required for any Mt Dew collector's library.

I acquired a bunch of Mountain Dew bottles, and I know the hillbilly ones are coveted more than any other pop bottles nationally. So I got this book, and, wow! Can you spell c o m p r e h e n s i v e? It lists every hillibilly Mountain Dew bottle with mutliple image shots, and it includes knockoffs like Kickapoo Joy Juice, with six primary pricing levels based on scarcity. Plus, there are numerous stories behind the "Filled By" names. I keep it in my car's glove compartment when I'm out "hunky junkin'".

I never realized there was so much to the bottling of my all time favorite soft drink. Not only did I learn but it took me back to my youth when pop in bottles "meant" something. Very interesting, I just love it.

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