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The Meaning Of Trees: Botany, History, Healing, Lore

The tree is beloved as Mother Nature's visible symbol of power and grace. The Meaning of Trees is a beautiful celebration of their lore and spirit, botany and history. Genera from aspen to willow are captured in 70 dramatic photographs that illustrate their brilliant seasonal transformations. Featuring 50 different types of tree, this informative compendium describes each by way of botanical qualities; medicinal uses for their leaves, bark, and wood; cultural symbolism; magical associations; and so much more. Fascinating facts abound: the Druids believed that only the wood of the yew tree was fit to make wands; a Ukrainian tonic of birch leaves contains the same healing properties as aspirin. A visually stunning and engaging guide, The Meaning of Trees is a fitting tribute to this most majestic of natural wonders.

Paperback: 224 pages

Publisher: Chronicle Books; F First Paperback Edition Used edition (August 18, 2005)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 081184823X

ISBN-13: 978-0811848237

Product Dimensions: 8.6 x 0.8 x 11.1 inches

Shipping Weight: 2.1 pounds

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"The Meaning of Trees" is a truely beautiful and interesting work, especially for nature-loving folks like myself. The presentation of information is visually very appealing, as well as mentally stimulating. The book discusses and shares breath-taking photos of almost 60 different species of trees, and dispenses information on each from general characteristics, information and history, to practical uses, natural healing, culture/myth/symbolism, and more. A valuable and attractive addition to anyone's library!

This book was more than I had hoped for. The photographs arewonderful and the folklore and history of the trees is fascinating. I also liked the fact that there was a diverserepresentation of trees from the common to the exotic.

Excellent and beautiful book overall - great photos, well-written and the organization is really nice. A must for any tree and nature lovers!

This is a wonderful tree book.Yet,the purpose of a large coffee table book,is to show off the pictures.The photos are dull and grainy.The subjects of the photos are prime objects of interest.But,the poor lighting and fuzziness of the photos hinders the book.Maybe it was a publishing defect,that was not detected during the first press-run.The information about global and pinery trees is worth getting the book anyway.Anyone who enjoys reading about trees and perhaps becoming an arborist,would be pleased with this woodland book.Regardless of the shadowy obscurant photos within.I can only recommend reading it for the wealth of dendritic information.

I was dismayed from the get-go since the first tree I decided to read about was maple, where I discovered that this author apparently thinks sycamores are also maples. Sycamore leaf shape is similar to some maples, but they are not even in the same family.In the chapter on almonds, he uses the discarded taxonomic term Amygdalus for the genus, which has been Prunus for as long as I have studied horticulture, 30 years and counting now. He does switch to Prunus when discussing the commercially important nut species, but calls them cultivars, demonstrating that he does not understand the term cultivar, another blunder that any first year hort student could explain to him. In fact he lumps three species together as "a cultivar" which seems to me poor understanding of language as well.His understanding of fig pollination is ruefully flawed and full of nomenclature error, far too complicated to go into in this forum, but if you like more information here is a good link to an accurate accounting of fig pollination. (...)While ginkgo is more closely related to the conifers, which are gymnosperms, than it is to the angiosperms, it is certainly NOT classifed as a conifer. It is thought to be more closely related to cycads, in fact.Many of the other trees described were natives of other continents and while his information about them may be accurate, I had much less interest in them than those of North America. Besides, I was discouraged by then and put the book down. I had little faith in the other information offered about the natural lore since I could not depend on accurate horticultural information.

I love trees and this book is my favorite on the subject. The photos are excellent and the information is broad with not too much detail while covering a wide variety of trees. I use this book often in my writing where medicinal, symbolic, or mythological information is appropriate. "The Meaning of Trees" sits on my desk where it is a ready reference. Sometimes I just like to reflect on the embiance of a particular tree. My only complaint is that the trees aren't alphabetically arranged, which slows down a quick reference. However, the table of contents is clear and easy to read.

Nice photos and good discriptions of trees. The accompaning mythological lore is quite interesting also. A substantial, weighty and high quality book in terms of print and paper quality also. A very nice coffee table volume. Recommended for tree lovers and mythology fans.

As a landscape architect and contractor, I pruchased this book to add to my collection on my favorite topic. We also own a tree farm in Geneva, FL and growing trees is my passion. Our older trees have character and a sprituality found in few other forms of nature. I continue to enjoy reading and look at pictures in this book. Thanks so much!

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