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Your First Year With Diabetes: What To Do, Month By Month

A 12-month plan for surviving diabetesThe most frightening moment for most people with diabetes is when they are first diagnosed. They are filled with questions: What can I eat? What should I do? Is there a plan for me to follow? While some people get a plan from their doctor, most people do not. Your First Year with Diabetes is the plan for everyone. It walks you step-by-step through a first-30-days survival plan, then shows a month-by-month program for what comes next. Everything from a basic explanation of diabetes, what you can eat right away, and instructions on how to check glucose to a deeper knowledge about diabetes nutrition, avoiding complications, and better management. Your First Year with Diabetes also anticipates and explains problems such as depression, illnesses, and needing to lose weight.

Paperback: 316 pages

Publisher: American Diabetes Association; 1 edition (October 3, 2008)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1580403018

ISBN-13: 978-1580403016

Product Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 0.6 inches

Shipping Weight: 1 pounds

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Who would have thought that reading about Your First Year with Diabetes could be so Informative and yet fun. It answered questions we all want to know who have this Disease...and yet it is done with humor and honesty...easy reading and...goes through it thoughly... gives us guidance...and it is up to date on medicines,diet plans,and how exercise affects us and the forbidden sexual problems that most of us don't want to discuss...even with our Doctors.I have had Diabetes for 35 years and it is the best book to read because it lifted my spirits while I read it...and yet imparted so much new information that I needed to knowThank you Ms Garnero for writing such a wonderful book.

Just diagnosed with diabetes. Never really sick a day in my life, am active and don't smoke, drink, or eat fast food. So what the heck am I doing with diabetes?! For me this has been a wake up call to start living a healthier life style. Anyway this has been a very useful first book on diabetes for me. Also recommend Diabetes for Dummies and Cinnamon capsules which have been effective in keeping my sugar down.

The tone of Your First Year with Diabetes by T. Garnero is both compassionate and humorous. Two things that people living with diabetes need! There is a plethora of essential information. Things that your doctor didn't tell you or you can't remember learning! I love the way it is broken down into small, digestible (haha) bites of information. It is evident that this book is based on the experience of a person working in diabetes for over 20 years, working with thousands of different kinds of people. Any one can write a book but it takes talent to distill recommendations from the different diabetes groups, real-life experiences, and what people really need to know into one book. Thank you for making diabetes care seem manageable.

It transforms your problem into plan of actions, which are entirely doable. After reading it, 1) I promptly scheduled appointments to check eyes, skin and feet; 2) never skip metformin again (if I forget about it, I'll take it couple of hours later); 3) excluded such carbs as carrots and peas from my daily intake - I never realized that I used to overdose on these carbs. These days, I'm much better on brocolli slaw. Bottom line, it was a very helpful book.

This book lends a new look to the "how to" books on managing diabetes. By incorporating common sense and humor with the sometimes overlooked every day challenges associated with diabetes, Ms.Garnero has a winner. For me, the personal goal checklists at the end of each chapter are a great help. Also, a review at the end of each week helps me keep up with my progress. This book is a wonderful resource for anyone with diabetes!

In my opinion, anyone recently (or not recently) diagnosed with type II diabetes will find this book invaluable.It's a book to keep on the shelf and refer to over and over again. I found this book to be the most helpful since I was diagnosed with type II diabetes 7 months ago. I have tried reading other book but "hands down!" this book is my favorite. I found it to be practical, realistic and with an over-all commitment to "it's not your fault" and how everyone is individual and should approach this disease in an individual way. And I have found this to be so true--I would have fallen on my face in terms of controlling my blood sugar, if I had of followed one-size-fits-all approach that's rampant within books and on the Internet!I am still looking for a good cookbook or just overall ways to cook with the foods I can eat. Any suggestions?

Whether this is your first year with diabetes or your first year to get serious about diabetes, this is the book for you! Each page of this guide offers practical, sensible, understandable explanations of the complicated condition in a lighthearted style you will easily absorb. I learned something new on every page myself, and I've been a Diabetes Educator for 27 years! I wholeheartedly recommend this book for a fresh approach to support individualized goals and successful achievement of optimal health outcomes. Sandy Pieschel RN, BSW, CDE

When I left my doctors office after being diagnosed I was Stunned to say the least.This book helped answer questions I had not even thought of, and clarify things said in the meeting.

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