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Knock Knock Bathroom Guest Book (50012)

It's cute, cheap, and a funny conversation starter. I received the Couch Guestbook as a housewarming gift and I absolutely love it, and now I get one for each of my friends when they move into new places. It's great quality and even nicer in person than in the pictures. The front and back covers are thick (have a layer of foam between the velvet fabric and the cardboard), and have a raised but subtle floral design with gold detail. The pages are thick paper and there's a gold ribbon placeholder.Each book has 112 pages, so unless you're particularly social, one guestbook should last you awhile. It's fun to look back and see who visited when and what they were thinking while sitting on your couch. It's great for verifying alibis, as well as discerning your frequent flyers from those that have been avoiding you lately.The only thing I would change is I wish there was a spot to hold a pen along the spine or something, especially since the thickness of the front and back covers make it difficult to clip one on. Not a deal breaker, though! Highly recommend

What can I say about this little gem, I purchased this because I needed to spend a few more dollars to get free shipping and oh the enjoyment that it has brought my household. People can not wait to come over and use my bathroom again so they can add another entry to the guest book. The drawings have been nothing short of hilarious, I am going to be buying this as a housewarming gift for everyone I know. Well worth the money!

Only get this book for you or someone who is witty. Boring people will unfriend you. You might get the "stink" eye from the cranky 'ol mother-in-law if she has no sense of humor.

I love this! It seems to make guests feel less awkward in the bathroom, plus you get lots of entertainment reading it! I can honestly say it is one of my favorite bathroom purchases! (Also, if you have to poop and don't want to be embarrassed about coming out followed by stinch because you are meeting your in-laws for the first time; you just stay in there longer and tell everyone you were just filling out the book. Just actually do fill it out or you are caught red handed and people will actually know you poop!) *gasp*

So funny ... will be a hit. cover is very elegant, soft and great color. Inside is super pages with a lot of ideas for people to write things down. Will buy more as gifts!!

This book is the greatest thing for that joker in your life. Many questions asked about your bathroom experience, with a fun twist to make you laugh. You can pick a song to go with your bathroom experience and there is a spot to draw a picture and rate the bathroom. We always know when someone comes upon our book because we can hear them laugh in the bathroom. Perfect prank gift or for a housewarming gift for that funny person in your life!

It's been a few months since I bought this, and looking through it is hilarious. Guests sign in periodically, and more so when you tell them about it before a party, and then it gets really raunchy, all the better to laugh at later.I am tempted to get the couch guest book to go with it.

I am not a huge fan of bathroom humor, but this book is clever to the point that people are laughing out loud in the loo.I will buy more to give away as gifts for the holidays. Better than a bottle of wine when you show up to a party.

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