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The Everything Learning German Book: Speak, Write, And Understand Basic German In No Time

Order das beste Bier at Oktoberfest! Hitch a ride on der Autobahn! Say "Wilkommen" to your neuen deutschen Freunde!Learning to sprechen Sie Deutsches is fun--and far easier than you might think. German and English are closely related--you already know viele Phrasen! With this guide, you will make sense of this fascinating language in no time.This practical, hands-on Buch comes with easy-to-understand lessons, useful exercises, and a CD for pronunciation help. Building on the German language's close relation to English, this all-new edition covers everything from basic introductions to verb conversions. You will learn to:Ich möchte ein Berliner, bitte. Order food with ease.Wie viel kostet der Käse? Ask how much items cost.Der Vater kaufte seinem Sohn ein Fahrrad. Understand direct and indirect objects.viel / mehr / am meisten. Use superlatives to communicate more effectively.Der Ball wird von dem Mann geschlagen. Know when to use passive voice. Whether you want to sample das stoutest Lager or converse with your grandparents in their native tongue, you'll soon discover just how easy it is to learn German!This edition includes completely new material on:Rules of spelling and punctuationAppropriate language for correspondence in German, including e-mailUpdated exercises

Series: Everything®

Paperback: 304 pages

Publisher: Adams Media; 2 edition (November 18, 2009)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 159869989X

ISBN-13: 978-1598699890

Product Dimensions: 8 x 0.9 x 9.2 inches

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This book is superb! I am married to a native German speaker and need all the help I can get. I am writing as a self taught German student that is trying to learn all as fast as possible. This book starts off slow with very useful vocabulary. There is an excellent pronunciation section which is very necessary with German. I very much like how new vocabulary and workbook pages are mixed together. Everything is index so perfectly so it is easy to find help within the book. All new vocabulary have translation so there is no need for an extra dictionary with this book. The presentation is very well done. It is a basic level book (as the title mentions) so it is great for new students or self taught students. The book can be used again and again for practice. There are so many words to learn and exercises to do making this book well worth the money. I am very sorry this book was not available when I began my studies! The author is very talented. Thanks to him for such a useful book and hopefully there will be more advanced books with audio programs in the future.

I really like this book. It's easy to use and understand. But if you buy the kindle version, be aware that it doesn't come with the audio CD. I thought I would be able to download the audio CD when I bought the Kindle version, but that isn't an option. The Kindle version is for the book only.

I am a native English speaker, and I find myself living in Germany for the forseeable future. I wanted to learn completely by immersion, but my progress stalled. I bought this book to assist me and I love it. I sat down and read it through, and before I even did the exercises I understood so much more about German. I had several "Oh yeah! I get it now!" moments. I find the explanations helpful and the grammar sections to be pretty straightforward. And of course, the random facts are interesting and break up the reading nicely. Having said all that, German is my fourth foreign language. I can't really remember the problems I had studying my first foreign language, but this book seems to be on a level helpful to anyone. I'm currently on my third time through it, and as yet have found no faults according to my own learning needs. For the price, I say it's a good gamble; incredibly helpful at best and a useful reference (to augment other texts) at worst. To those just learning a second language, don't give up. The hardest part about learning a language is learning how you personally learn another language best. Once you get the knack (and the appropriate learning aids), they're cake.

I recommend this book to anyone interested in learning the German Language. It is full of all the little questions and answers that other books lack.Last year I decided to start teaching myself German and for someone who has language based learning disabilities this was going to be a challenge. Since I started teaching myself German I have mostly used audio CD's, some of which come with books to aid you. I found all of these CD books to be unhelpful since they all usually moved to fast and did not explain or answer the small questions that someone would naturally develop as they started learning. Because of the lack of information in these CD books I ended up only focused on the CD's themselves. After nine months I was feeling confident enough and had enough questions to start learning the rules of the German language so I began hunting for a good book to help me. When I found this book I immediately knew this was the one. It starts off with the very basics by explaining the origins of the German/English languages and how they broke apart and differ from each other. As the book moves forward the author adds notes and explanations to many of the questions that one might ask. I am still reading this book and will probably re-read it many times using it as my German language text book but I am confident that between this book, a vocabulary book and some audio CD's I will eventually teach myself this language. I give this book a big thumbs up!

This book is phenomenal. It is written with concise common sense and humor. I am a student who just began learning German professionally 20 hours/week. I use this book as my self-selected textbook; I refer to it every day. Edward Swick wrote it for Americans and it has all the grammar rules and the short cuts to remember them. The best feature is the pronunciation guides after German words: particularly helpful with sounds we don't have in American English, such as the guttural "ch" and the three umlaut letters.This book also includes cultural information, the new spelling rules, common German usage, and appendices with basic German-English and English-German dictionaries. Combine this book with some CD's such as Learn in Your Car German and you will be learning German in no time!

As a holder of a masters degree in German who has used the language professionaly throughout a liftime, I am well aware of the pitfalls that accompany its learning. They are frequently the reason for aban doning the pursuit of its mastery as unending challenges stifle enthusiasim..This book simplifies the bugaboos of sentence, declension, and case to a remarkable degree and in the process provides comprehensibility to the extent of putting the seeminglunattainable within ones immediate grasp.As is ever the case,A time commitment is needed,but rapid progress shold be possible for any student who is willing to spend a relitivly small amount of time when compared to other systems.For the college student fullfilling requirements, the basic knowledge in this book will save much time and effort and encourage further painless pursuit...Just add vocabulary and GO!!!!! A fine and useful book to anyone with an interest in the German language.

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