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How To Be A Money Magnet: Easy To Follow Feng Shui And Law Of Attraction Tips And Advise To Attract Wealth

Learn how to: Feng Shui your home for wealth Feng Shui is not only about creating beauty and a good-feeling environment. It can also be used to simplify your life and help create wealth. We do this by looking at your environment to see what you may be putting in, or around, your environment that might be keeping you from the prosperity you desire. Habits that are keeping you from achieving your goals Did you know that all of your thoughts and actions are sending a signal to the universe that says exactly what you expect to receive financially? Most of your thoughts and actions are habits that you have been taught by your parents and society. We can only begin to change our finances when we become aware of how our wealth can be blocked by the things that we do. Beliefs that you may have that are blocking your wealth from manifesting p>What you believe about money has a huge effect on how money can come to you. Changing your beliefs about money will help you to change your finances. Affirmation to help reprogram your negative thoughts Affirmations help to reprogram your mind to be open to the limitless prosperity you deserve. In this short guide Julie gives you simple, easy-to-follow tips to change these things to help you to manifest your desires. This audiobook is packed full of priceless information.

Audible Audio Edition

Listening Length: 50 minutes

Program Type: Audiobook

Version: Unabridged

Publisher: Angel Kisses Publishing Release Date: June 18, 2013

Language: English


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Was a quick and easy read. I am already fAmiliar with the law of attraction and how your thoughts and actions effect the flow of money to you but this is a good into for a newbie. I liked the intro info into feng shui, I definitely am interested in learning more about it.

Great read; main points are rethinking what "prosperity" means for yourself, and finding ways to (1) build confidence, (2) reprogram your perspective on wealth, (3) redefining wealth/prosperity, (4) clearing clutter from all aspects of your life, (5) instilling a belief that you deserve it and it'll come. It's hard to take every point literally, but after falling in love with and adopting the overall gist of the book, I've had some small but still significant opportunities fall into my lap. Though I may not have believed it until a few months ago, I'm opening up to the idea that perhaps it was feng shui's positive energy flow, responding to my wishes and actions, that allowed for these opportunities to grow - the universe is all connected, after all! ;)

A quick and helpful guide to get you on the right path to attracting prosperity into your life. An easy and informational read that will be sure and spark positive change if one only applies the simple yet effective life lessons.

This little book is a must read, I promise you will enjoy each page and hope that Julie Nichol writes another soon enough. I have my crystal hanging in the center of my house projecting energy all the right ways. I look forward to many other great books from this author!

This book is easy to read with simple ideas to follow with great results. The positive results will surprise you! I would highly recommend that you read & try just one idea in it, the results will amaze you!

I really liked the principles in the book and even though I am not an believer in Eastern spiritual principles I identified many Biblical principle parallels so I read with God rather than the universe in mind

I highly recommend this book. It is packed full of great ideas and thoughts on how to create abundance in your life. It points out things that we do every day to keep that abundance from coming into our lives. This book has the ability to change your life.

Nice book useful tips. Can apply to everyday life. Ennjoyed it easy read. I noticed some errors in book but overall ok. Should have been proof read better.

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