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Version Control With Subversion

Written by members of the development team that maintains Subversion, this is the official guide and reference manual for the popular open source revision control technology. The new edition covers Subversion 1.5 with a complete introduction and guided tour of its capabilities, along with best practice recommendations.Version Control with Subversion is useful for people from a wide variety of backgrounds, from those with no previous version control experience to experienced system administrators.Subversion is the perfect tool to track individual changes when several people collaborate on documentation or, particularly, software development projects. As a more powerful and flexible successor to the CVS revision control system, Subversion makes life so much simpler, allowing each team member to work separately and then merge source code changes into a single repository that keeps a record of each separate version.Inside the updated edition Version Control with Subversion, you'll find:An introduction to Subversion and basic concepts behind version controlA guided tour of the capabilities and structure of Subversion 1.5Guidelines for installing and configuring Subversion to manage programming, documentation, or any other team-based projectDetailed coverage of complex topics such as branching and repository administrationAdvanced features such as properties, externals, and access controlA guide to best practicesComplete Subversion reference and troubleshooting guideIf you've never used version control, you'll find everything you need to get started. And if you're a seasoned CVS pro, this book will help you make a painless leap into Subversion.

Paperback: 432 pages

Publisher: O'Reilly Media; 2 edition (October 3, 2008)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0596510330

ISBN-13: 978-0596510336

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This first edition has numerous code errors in examples, and basic command listings. It is a total waste of time and money trudging through misprints. This book is 1month old and is already useless. For example if you followed the instructions in Chapter 2 as to how to create a repository, then followed the instructions on how to checkout you would Fail right away because the example command is missing a "/".... Small but high impact misprint!If you're serious about stepping up to subversion, this book is licensed under GPL and as such can be downloaded for free from only regret with subversion so far is spending $25 to find out I could have gotten a much more error free version for nothing!

If you are a CVS user, you need to immediately move to Subversion. CVS is damaged goods (no atomic commits, broken tags/branches, broken client/server, etc..). Subversion fixes all of this and takes it a generation further (WebDAV access, sensible branching, excellent diff'ing, etc).This book does an excellent job of teaching the reader exactly how to effectively use Subversion. Whether new to revision control, coming from CVS or from some other RC system, the Subversion Book provides a very clear and often humorous guide to effectively deploying, administrating and using Subversion.An excellent book.

This book is an excellent resource for novice and experienced Subversion users alike. The first two chapters provide background on why subversion came into existence and general version control concepts. Anybody new to Subversion should carefully read chapter 3. The 'Basic Work Cycle' section explains the day-to-day use of Subversion well.Chapters 5 and 6 have been invaluable in setting up our repositories. I particularly recommend people read the section on choosing a repository layout prior to setting up their repository. Setting up a Subversion repository to be served through Apache is more complicated than a local repository, but the 'httpd' section of chapter 6 clearly covers what to do. We now have a Subversion repository served through Apache that authenticates users with client-side certificates and encrypts communications over SSL.Chapter 7 provided the information I needed to really get Subversion working exactly as I wanted it to. I have modified my config file to set what files Subversion should ignore and also what properties to set automatically. In addition, we have set up our projects so that they all have transparent access to the company's reusable code library using the svn:externals property (covered in the externals definitions section).Appendix A is the place to start if you are an experienced CVS user making the transition to Subversion. There are a few significant changes that you need to be aware of.The examples in the book use the command-line client, but Appendix D (Third Party Tools) provides URLs for the many GUI clients available, if that's your preference.

If you want to understand subversion, this book will take you through all aspects and it will give you the knowledge you need to plan your own implementation.The online version is good and for things you would like to have a better solution than what the book describes, looking them up in the current online book may show that the feature you wanted has already been implemented. However, the value of having your own paperback version cannot be overstated if you need to know the product well or you're responsible for planning an implementation of it.

If you develop software of any type you quickly learn the importance of a good revision control system. Sometimes a minor change that fixes a bug at one point causes other portions of the program to have problems. Revision control systems allow you keep various versions of your program and go back to a prior version easily. If there are multiple people working on the project then the ability to commit changes and see what happens but easily get back to where you were becomes even more important. If you are writing a modular program then as each person or group changes their module you may need to get a current version of the project with a prior version of a module. A revision control system handles all these problems easily. Subversion is an open source version control system that can be used on any operating system that supports the Apache httpd server including Windows, Linux, and NetWare.Version Control with Subversion is a highly useful book written with a slant toward the Linux OS. It is easy to read and understand if you are at least familiar with version control software at a theoretical level and is highly recommended. One really nice feature is an appendix covering the differences between Subversion and the popular CVS software. If you are used to CVS then this appendix makes the switch to Subversion much easier.

I've been using Subversion for years, having migrated (like everybody else) from CVS. Since the Subversion interface is similar to CVS, I was able to make do, for quite a while, with the online documentation. However, when I found myself in a position of administering a Subversion server, I decided to pick up this book.I'm glad I did. The book assumes you have no background in source code control systems and walks you first through the concepts of source control in general and then carefully maps them into the Subversion tool. Although this is probably an essential handbook for anybody who is going to administer a Subversion repository - and includes a ton of information specific to repository administration - I think it would be useful for the general Subversion user as well, even somebody with a good background in another source control tool like CVS or ClearCase. Subversion has its own, unique, means of managing branches and tags and I must admit that before I read this book, I wasn't that clear on how Subversion's branching and tagging facilities differed from the other tools I'd used.I've been disappointed in the past by technical books written by the people who maintain the software, but in this case, the authors do a good job of setting aside the product cheerleading and explaining how to use the tool for your day to day work. Definitely recommended for anybody working with Subversion and a must-have for a Subversion administrator.

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